Monday, 21 August 2017

Worg Fur Leathers (Isendir's Tale).

Isendir in his new Armour.

i've wandered into our Elven Brother B'eldur again, he was with Old Skull Lord Dwarf again, as well as with Half-Orc by name of Pugor.

He found new leathers, and offered me his old armour that was weighing him down, excellent for fighting, scouting & rogue-work.

i've given him all of my better potions for that (worth about 2200 - 2600 gold pieces when bought, when sold much less), he considered it a fair trade.

i hope it was so, as enchanting such armour costs 2200 - 3300 gold pieces, plus materials (worth 2000 - 3000 gold pieces in this case) - and there's life force drain associated & a failure's risk - because of which enchanters charge at least three times enchanting costs, usually much more - when they want to enchant for a price at all, which is quite rare as well.

Usually enchanter performs a rite to share the life force's drain with customer equally.

If i ordered such item it'd cost me 8 000 - 10 000 gold pieces i think, and i'd have to provide materials on top of that. if enchanter failed at enchanting would cost me materials, effort & time - he or she would cover the enchanting costs & we both would cope with the life force's drain. thankfully it happens rarely.

But indeed there's discount to be considered when goods weigh you down and you want to get rid of them quickly.

i don't really need these potions so much as this armour, as it won't get depleted by drinking and should last at least for a while before i'll find better one.

B'eldur spends a lot on potions however, he's talented & active warrior-archer-scout that can also fight in melee to a degree, he needs these more than i.

-- Isendir Nain, an adventurer & a mercenary in training.

Wolf Fur Leathers.


  1. (EN) life force drain is expressed in narfell as experience points loss. for this item it would be 6000 1e XP (less of 3e XP on character sheet) - still significiant amount & setback. One monster-hunting adventure usually yields about 1000-2000 1e XP; DM events yield usually 1000-4000 1e XP. there's risk of character's death & very large XP loss risk with adventures, either monster-hunting or DM events).

  2. (EN) at a moment of writing this, isendir needs 22 909 1e xp to level 9, which translates to 6 109 3e XP. at higher levels there's different conversion between 1-st edition experience points & 3rd-edition experience points. at higher levels more of 1e XP are needed to get 3e XP. in narfell all xp is given (and taken) in form of 1e XP, but it's stored in game engine in form of 3e xp, which is shown on character's sheet.

  3. (EN) Sharing life force drain means that both customer & enchanter loses half of xp-price during enchantment. Effort is also significiant, as enchanting process takes time, enchanter needs to be sought & favour-pulled, dm team contacted, enchanting-time wait (usually a month or more), and dm found & bothered again. then item can be given to customer once they find each other. if process is a failure, there's gold & XP lossess and whole bothersome process of contacting DM Team & waits can happen again - if enchanter still wants to continue, which is not obvious.