Monday, 28 September 2015


a Wait.

Dear Journal,

what Nade eats when i am not looking?

... hopefully something good ...

... this time she ate a rat of the swamps ... is this good enough?

we went a little deeper this time, encountered two of larger of lizards ... i've held them both, Nade finished.

soon after i realized she's recoiling a little from Stirge's poison, we went back.

sold gems at Hemrods', crossbow at Stargazers', then went Inn to meditate & sleep.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, an Adventuress with a Cat.

P.S. as we retreated from swamps we got a glimpse of a 'Swamp Wisp' there ... it did follow, but we were faster ... it seems.

Food for Nade.

a Lizard held.

a Win.




At Hemrods'

Selling gems.

Peltarch's Alleys.

a Rest.

Kobold Ambush.


Dear Journal,

during yet another swamps' patrol a trip,

i was ambushed by kobolds.

Nade was somewhere not so near,

i had to fight alone.

... thankfully i did win.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, Adventuress.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Nothing Unusual.


Dear Journal,

nothing very special was happening this evening,

... we went on a swamps patrol with Nade.

as usual we found nothing unusual,

we went a little deeper this time,

we found only meager of spoils.

... at least Nade is not hungry anymore.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, a Witch & a Seeker of Enlightened Energies.

On Way.

a Fight.

a Win.

With Nade.

Nade's a Win.

Crouching Panther.

Still a Win.

Meager Spoils.

a Return.



'Dancing Mermaid', an Inn.

a Rest.

Monday, 21 September 2015

After a Flu.

a chat with Gnarl.

Dear Journal,

it was a while since i wrote,

i had a flu, so i stayed in bed.

... now i have to catch up with news & reports, Cerulean & Selunite included.

i've chatted with Gnarl for a while, despite a Weather ...

... hope won't catch more of ill-moments again.

seems he's only Forsworn Knight in the area, for a while at least.

we discussed many things including scouting work for Cerulean Knights that both Shesarai, as well as i do for them.

-- Yours, Chea Allin.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Nicety (Frances' Tale).


i was sitting there in Peltarch, all alone.

Then Elvadriel appeared, all nice & eloquent.

She even gave me a gift, a 'Brooch of Shielding'.

We talked for quite a while on various topics, then other people joined.

Nice people appear here occasionally, but are an uncommon sight still.

i must think about a gift for her, or at least a token of such.

-- Frances, a Witch of Darkhavens.

a Brooch of Shielding.

Merry Meeting.

With a Ring in Combat (Frances' Tale).

to Oscura.

Went from Peltarch to Kuo-Toa caves in Oscuran territory.

Did some combat practice, curious of the Ring's effects.

Defeated many of Kuo-Toa, including their Priestess ... then had to retreat.

... with my fiery arrows & Shadow Conjuration a spell.

Met unusually large group of them, this time.

-- Frances, a Bow-wielding Witch of Darkhavens.

Tempus Shrine.

To the Depths.

a Fight.

After a Fight.


Shiny Coppers, an Inn.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Elvadriel (Frances' Tale).

A chat.

i've met & started to befriend Elvadriel, Elven Mage of a Well-Learnt kind.

She's Oscuran, was present when Arnath refugees discovered the Cave.

She mentioned something about looking to form a new guild of Arcanists, as Spellweaver Keep is mostly dysfunctional.

We've exchanged opinions, perhaps more of Arcanists will join.

-- Frances, a Witch of Darkhavens.


Ring of Nimble Shadows (Frances' Tale).

Enchanting ...

i've done it ...

... after a few of hours in laboratory, ring was enchanted with a success.

It'll enhance my courage & agility.

Should prove useful in combat situations & outside of these as well.

-- Frances, a Witch of Darkhavens.

P.S. Why this a name? Because 'dragon' is symbol of fear, 'shadow' is 'inner dragon'.

Ring of Nimble Shadows.

At 'Shiny Coppers Inn' in Oscura,

a Rest.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Purifying Energies (Frances' Tale).


i Meditate almost whole of days, doing small breaks for food & hygiene.

Part of my preparations for Enchantment Ritual is purifying mind, spirit & body.

This involves keeping my mind & body clean, but also purifying spiritual energies.

There are energies, inner & external ... magical & emotional included.

Of these two energy types, they affect each other.

They are purified similar way as well ... one observes energies as they arise, 'touching' them with mind ... then leaves them be, understanding their nature, allowing them dissipate ...

Process might need a few or more of attempts, ... if energy structures are complex, not simple.

This takes time as well.

-- Frances, a Witch of Darkhavens.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Evil in Oscura (Frances' Tale).


In Oscura, having a short break in Meditation ...

i wrote that things seem quiet here in Oscura, but there's more ...

... there's tyranny, slavery, tortures & narcotic drugs trade, among other acts considered criminal in other parts.

How one can think there's quiet here, then ?

Peace is enforced by guards under Tyranny of Council & Noble Lineages.

i am part of Darkhavens, one of Noble Families ... i was raised here.

With time one gets used to heinous acts.

i am not too moral, even if many think otherwise considering Oscura's standards in this regard.

i do not endorse tyranny, tortures & slavery, even if many slaves chose living that way on their own.

There were cases of slaves returning after being freed.

They know no other life, are clueless on how to survive ...

If i wanted to change things, how would i do this anyway ?

Alone i stand no chance against might of Oscura & their laws.

Tortures are tricky, that's how they treat traitors & similar even in other parts, including Peltarch i read.

Narcotic drugs are questionable as well ... many would find a way to buy them nevertheless.

i am returning to Meditation after a short break soon ...

-- Frances, a Witch of Darkhavens.

Slave Trade.

Freed Slaves.

The Purge,

Burning Traitors.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Preparations Resumed (Frances' Tale).


In Oscura again.

i've resumed preparations for a Ring Enchantment Ritual.

Meditating, Calming Mind, Purifying Energies ...

Things & people seem to move slowly, quietly & gracefully here in Oscura.

Noticing them, then leaving them be ...

As mind wanders, i notice, then resume focusing on my purpose again in peace, without too much of a disquiet.

That's how i sit & Meditate, how i prepare ...

Seems i still have a few days before a Ritual phase.

-- Frances, a Witch of Darkhavens.