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Isendir Nain (Character Description).


Character Description:

Fairly tall & lean, this Moon Elf walks in a quiet & agile way in his worg-fur leathers, with a shortsword at hip, and a longbow of bone & sinew on his back, along with shield.

Carefree, yet not eager to talk much nor close distance with strangers.

Has a wary expression of warning to not come too close 'written' on his face.

Perhaps he has seen too much of the world to be friendly or open.

Character's Concept:

Elven mercenary, scout, archer & rogue.

Shy, greedy & opportunistic, yet not without feelings - especially toward other elves.

He has basic ethics, shaped by his mercenary & adventuring life, by elven upbringing & service to Elven God Corellon Larethian, by shady world of rogues he moves in as well as by his shy introvert personality.

He doesn't know very much about sailing and really dislikes sailing, even if he keeps going by a boat occasionally - when convenient or needed.

Currently he serves false god, Myrkul's aspirant minor incarnation, Telinus Razzenk. His Greed overtook sentiment for Corellon, as well as need for hope. He pretends to serve Corellon still, being insidious & opportunistic - as many of law & heroes consider serving Myrkul High Crime, punishable by banishment and/or death. Occasionally he yields to Corellon still because of sentiment & need for hope, but his greed usually prevails.

He wields Drow Longbow, Longbone, made of Bone & Sinew ... he bought it from Drow Elves, Subterranean Dark Elves, Evil Traitorous & Deadly Brother-Enemies of Surface Elves ruled by Female Clerics of Lolth, Spider Godess of Drow. He survived encounter with overwhelming Drow forces by caution, hiding, staying polite, modest & quiet, in strong company, and by paying them for Longbone. Visit was short, he was lucky & cautious so he survived - otherwise he would be enslaved, killed, mutilated by spell, turned to undead or half-spider probably. He's no friend of Drow, not only because of sentiment to Corellon, but mostly because drow consider Surface Elves, especially male - lowest pariahs & enemies. He prefers to shoot & fight drow treacherously, best in company - for they are even more treacherous, intelligent & trained in murder than him. Most dangerous humanoid race in narfell are Drow Elves. Practically there are no good drow in narfell, they are absolute legends, not to meet during one life time.

((In Narfell, Drow are mythic for their deadliness, rarity, evilness, smarts. Player-run Drow are rarer than nobles - 1 or few, and only 1 is active, and very rarely - Elendel Baenre. Baenre is name of the Most Powerful Noble House in Drow City Menzzoberranzan - but there are other Drow cities with different power ratings. In 15 years of narfell server there are about 10-15 noble characters in total, even fewer noble-born. Frances Darkhaven being the most active. Active noble characters are 1-4, usually 1 or less. Absolutely no good drow player characters are allowed in narfell, ever.

Isendir's Longbone is very prestigious item, rarer than Frances' bow - even if weaker. Occasioally drow equipment is rewarded to player characters, but it's still rare. This bow is powerful in Isendir's hands, and well fitting him. It attracts attention, and brings prestige & troubles. Suspicion of forces of good, and evil. Drow would probably consider him stealer or unworthy to have it, would kill or confiscate at high probability. Occasioally Drow prefer to parley, to get information or keep low profile by not attracting reaction to murders, or to gain advantage other way. In such case, he might use arguments that he earned it by paing and being appropriate in Drow City - perhaps these arguments might be accepted excuse if Drow prefer to not engage against him.)).



Well-made Drow Longbow made of Bone & Sinew.

a Well Made Short-Sword.

a finesse-weapon for agile warriors.


Useful against Skeletons.


Sturdy & Light.


A sidearm & an animal skinning tool.

Worg Fur Leathers.

Good for Combat & Scouting.

Huntmaster's Gloves.

For combat & agile feats.

a Belt of Agility,

For combat & other uses.

Plated boots,

For combat.

Padded boots,

Good for sneaking quietly.

Elven Choker.

Enchanted to protect against spells, traps & other threats.

Black Cloak.

Good for hiding at night.

Black Cloak.

Good for Combat.

Gypsy Camp's Romani Scout Ring.

Ring of Chameleon.

Good for hiding and sneaking quietly.

Gauntlet of Escape.

For roguework.

Thieves' Tools.

For opening locks, etc.

Night-time tunic.

Eye of Flame.

Activated Pixie Dust.

Blessed Human Skull.

Legendary Boots of Speed (Counterfeit).

Scathing Scabbard.


Trap-kits to set-up.

Equipped items.

Potions, Arrows & Berries.

Scrolls & other.

Weapons & Tools.

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