Saturday, 29 April 2017

Isendir Nain (Character Description).

(page under construction).



Well-made Elven Elm Longbow.

(Alvaniel Danicen is an Elven Weaponmaster Warrior, Bowmaker, Fletcher & Tanner).

a Well Made Short-Sword.


Useful against Skeletons.


Sturdy & Light.


A sidearm & an animal skinning tool.

Black Leathers.

Good for hiding at night.

Plated boots,

For combat.

Padded boots,

Good for sneaking quietly.

Elven Choker.

Enchanted to protect against spells, traps & other threats.

Black Cloak.

Good for hiding at night.

Ring of Chameleon.

Good for hiding and sneaking quietly.

Isendir uses two of these.


Thieves' Tools.

For opening locks, etc.

Night-time tunic.


Trap-kits to set-up.

Equipped items.

Potions & other.

Scrolls & other.

Weapons, Shield, Clothing, Thieves' Tools & Trap-kits.

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