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Lomyriomendur Nain (Character Description).

Name: 'Lomy' Lomyriomendur Nain.
Age: Young elf, in human terms he would be about 23.
Gender: Male.
Alignment: Chaotic Evil.
Race: Moon Elf infused with Fiendish Spirit (Tiefling).
Class: Bard (7) / Ranger (1).

Deity: follows an elven god of trickery, mischief, change & rogues - Erevan Ilsere - but he's far from considering himself a fanatic.

Description: A pale blue-skinned moon elf. From his fancy, colorful simple robes, from a nice scent, from a face & skin make-up, even from voice-tone & demeanor one can guess it's truly a bard. Wears ornamentations of Erevan Ilsere. More cautious and quiet at times than a typical elven entertainer, he carries more weapons than usual as well, not neglecting art-tools at any rate, however.

He's youngest of the three Nain brothers from Cormanthor Woods.

Reputation: Considered slightly haughty by those who know him well, he's occassionally seen stalking the woods with bow, going for animal food & appeasing his hunt-thirst against lesser foes of local community. People usually let him be, women are both attracted & repelled by his looks and demeanor.


Strength: 12+4 (above average / very strong).
Dexterity: 16+4 (truly an Elven grace / exceptional, fiendish grace).
Constitution: 12+2 (above average, even for non-Elf / very fit).
Intelligence: 12+4 (above average, for an Elf or not / fiendish intelligence).
Wisdom: 12 (slightly wiser than usual man).
Charisma: 16+2 (inborn & practiced Elven charm / exceptional fiendish charm).

Lomy's abilities increased significiantly after he was infused with a fiendish spirit energy by a demon master.

'Fiendish spirit that guides me seems to come and go on his whim ... it's exhilirating when he's here and it's quite chaotic, as one could expect of power coming from the Abyss'.


Armor Proficiency (light, medium),
Bard Song,
Bardic Knowledge,
Curse Song,
Dual Wield,
Favored Enemy: Elves (Drow of many Factions, Elves as well),
Hardiness vs. Enchantments,
Immunity to Sleep (Reverie Meditation),
Keen Sense,
Low-light Vision,
Shield Proficiency,
Skill Affinity (Listen, Search, Spot),
Trackless Step,
Weapon Proficiency (Elf, martial, simple),
Greater Spell Focus: Enchantment.


Appraise: 1,
Bluff: 3,
Concentration: 7,
Discipline: 1+1,
Heal: 1,
Hide: 5,
Intimidate: 3 (doesn't use just understands),
Listen: 3,
Lore: 12,
Move Silently: 8,
Parry: 3,
Perform: 17,
Persuade: 13,
Ride: 6,
Search: 3,
Spellcraft: 6,
Spot: 3,
Taunt: 5,
Tumble: 13,
Use Magic Device 5.


- ...

1st Circle:
- Charm Person (for gaining friends & minions, for simple services, art donations & lasting orders),
- Cure Light Wounds (for healing, both himself & others),
- Lesser Dispel (just in case),
- Mage Armour (for combat).

2nd Circle:
- Eagle's Splendour (for the art, for spell-power, for diplomacy & negotiations),
- Cat's Grace (for dancing, for acting, for acrobatic feats, for performing, for dodging & bowshooting),
- Hold Person (for combat & obtaining captives, for example for charming & questioning),
- Invisibility.

3rd Circle:
- Charm Monster,
- Cure Critical Wounds.


Coinpurse: about 1550 gold pieces.
He has no account in Peltarch Bank as of yet.


At this moment he could not find fairly cheap eating utensils in shops, he cares for these needs at inns.

He cleans himself at inns, streams & lakes.

Performer's Outfit.

Leaf Armour, Spring.

Leaf Armour, Autumn.

Woodsman's Outfit.

Fur Tunic.

Leather Belt.

Fur Boots.

Minstrel's Gloves.

Scout Adventurer's Cloak.

Actor's Mask.



Kuo-Toa Slicer.

Elven Longsword.

Dwarven Hold's Large Shield.


A well-made Ash Longbow.


Medicine Bags.

Rags (for hygiene).

Natural Armor Amulet.

2x Chameleon Mud.

Wailing Arrows.

Static Arrows.

Sphere of Ebon Flame.

Chameleon's Ring.

A key to the Bardic College.

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