Friday, 29 January 2016

Coffin in the Cellar.

Dear Journal,

Back in Cormyr, where my parents lived, i had a friend, Elvira.

She had a coffin in her cellar, where she kept her wine & her weapons.

What is wine, what is weapon ... or who, is another matter, however.

Other things & phenomena as well.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, a Witch & a Seeker of Enlightened Energies.

P.S. Perhaps later i'll reveal more about this a curious affair.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Preparing to Enchant Athamé of Light.

Dear Journal,

i've done some preparations,

for Athamé of Light item enchantments.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, an Adventuress, a Seeker of Enlightened Energies & a Witch.

Description of process (how it's done in Narfell):

Character name: Chea Allin.
Character receiving item: Chea Allin.
50-50 XP Hit: N/A.
Caster Level: 9.
Enchanting Facility: Shrine of Mystra in Temple of Hope in Peltarch.
Spells Used: Owl's Wisdom.
Materials Used: Masterwork Silver Dagger, Potion of Greater Eagle's Splendor, Aventurine Gem, a Wax Candle, Tinderbox, Oil.

Item Level: 9.
Next Enchantment: ?

Athamé of Light.

Charisma +1,
Spellcraft +6,
Concentration +2.


High quality Stiletto made of Silver & engraved with Mantras & Spells that help wielder direct & use Arcane Energies.

After reserving time in laboratory, Chea prepares for ritual of empowerment.

She visualizes (visualization in this context is a form of imagination) Mystra's human form, a Sorceress named Midnight, surrounded by Lights.

She purifies Silver Stiletto by draining unneccessary energies from it, lights candle with fire, then spends energy.

She meditates, deeply visualizing her Spirit Teacher, as she intends to impart it's properties to Stiletto & it's wielder(s), speaking mantras (spells) that imbue Item with dharmic (arcane) blessings.

She casts Owl's Wisdom spell as she prays to Mystra for guiding her arcane energies as to use Greater Eagle's Splendor potion to impart Charisma-Enhancement spell on Stiletto's wielder(s).

She crushes aventurine gem into a powder and smears it in proper places using oil. She adds potion in proper amount to the smear as well.

Then she transforms the Stiletto magically, purifying it's structure from unneccessary elements, and engraving a proper Mantras onto Stiletto. (Mantra is Protecting Sound, but also a Vibration ... there can be Visual Mantras).

Mantras she uses are: Wisdom Mantra.

Spells she uses are: Owl's Wisdom.

Form she meditates on is Sorceress Midnight, Mystra's Avatar. She appears before her and send energy rays around that build up into powerfield (mandala).

Chea oversees energies as they flow, speaking mantras as neccessary and correcting errors as they arise. After proper amount of time, when all energy points are opened and joined with energy channels, she uses forms that give appropriate properties on each of them, then closes enchantment, finishing.

She offers them to her teacher in her mind and is allowed to use them.

Athamé of Light is ready.

She cleans laboratory, showers, dresses and goes to take her panther familiar for a walk outside town.

She will check the item in Ashald's Park once she recovers from her tired state.