Thursday, 27 February 2014

Gathering Coin.

 photo hemrodsexotics_zps202b19d3.png

Hemrod's Exotics shop.

Dear Journal,

Gathering coin in preparation for Silver Loving Eyes Ring Empowerment and Enchantment.

Today i've sold some semi-precious gems and other similar at Hemrod's Exotics. They have best prices when i sell them such.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, enchanter and empowerer.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Plea answered.

Dear Journal,

My plea was answered by Lycka, Knight Lieutenant of the Cerulean Stars (Cerulean 5th Star, Second in Command after Field Commander, Captain Vera De'Loria, Cerulean Sixth Star).

-- Yours, Chea Allin, Cerulean star 1st.


The colour of your cloak is one of the least important things about being a Cerulean. You are recommended to wear your uniform when about town, on duty, and there is a Cerulean cloak which goes nicely with it - but you don't have to wear the cloak. Wear a black one if you prefer!

What really matters is that you perform your duties well.


Monday, 24 February 2014

Silver Loving Eyes Ring Empowerment.

Dear Journal,

i've started to enchant my ring, i've inherited from Attentus.

i'll describe process later after it's done.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, student of Enchanter Mage, Attentus.


Description of process (how it's done in Narfell):

Character name: Chea Allin
Character receiving item: Chea Allin
50-50 XP Hit: N/A
Caster Level: 9
Enchanting Facility: Cerulean or Temple of Selune and Mystra
Spells Used: Owl's Wisdom, Clairaudience/Clairvoyance.
Materials Used: Tiny Diamond Powder, Sapphire, 10xAventurine, Potion of See Invisibility, Potion of Lore, Candle, Oil.

Item Level: 9
Next Enchantment: ?

Silver Loving Eyes Ring.

Wisdom +1
Spot +6
Search +2

Description: High Quality Silver Ring engraved with Compassion Mantra, it enhances wearer(s) Compassion's Wisdom, Empathy, and ability to perceive others' feelings, thoughts, and auras, sometimes just by looking in their direction.


After reserving time in laboratory, and shopping for new Candle, Chea prepares for ritual of empowerment.

She drinks Potion of Lore so she undestands better process of empowerment, and everything neccessary (nature of compassion, empathy, auras, body language of beings, ....)

She offers her compassion to Loving Eyes, Enlightened Being that is known for it's Compassion and Beyond-Personal Good.

She purifies Ring by draining unneccessary energies from it, lights candle with fire and light spell, then spends energy.

She meditates, visualizing her teacher's properties she intends to impart to attribute, speaking mantras (spells) that imbue Item with dharmic (arcane) blessings.

She crushes gems into powder and smears them in proper places using oil. Then she transforms the Ring magically, purifying it's structure from unneccessary elements, and engraving Compassion Mantra onto Ring. (Mantra is Protecting Sound).

She uses potion of invisibility to impart it's properties to see what's unseen onto the Ring's wearer(s).

Mantras she uses are: Compassion Mantra, Awareness Mantra, Enlightenment Mantra.

Form she meditates on is called Loving Eyes. He appears before her and send energy rays around that build up into powerfield (mandala).

Chea oversees energies as they flow, speaking mantras as neccessary and correcting errors as they arise. After proper amount of time, when all energy points are opened and joined with energy channels, she uses forms that give appropriate properties on each of them, then closes enchantment, finishing. She offers them to her teacher in her mind and is allowed to use them.

Ring is ready.

She cleans laboratory, showers, dresses and goes to take her panther familiar for a walk outside town.

Perhaps someone can be helped there? She can use her Compassion anywhere.


 photo rat_kebob_stand_zps194c60ca.png

A rat.

Dear Journal,

I've heard about rat plague inside a city again, and even noticed one near deserted kebob seller's stand.

It is said that rats are eyes for evil forces, spying quietly and unnoticed most of times.

They are plenty in kobold swamp, i kill them often.

They carry diseases and it's a form of sabotage.

But local gardener and ex-senator of Peltarch, Marthoussca Leaffal, seems to like such.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, cerulean star 1st.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Noble Flame (Frances' Tale)

 photo noble_flame_zps243e44cd.png

Noble Flame.

Today i was thinking about deities... and chose to follow Siamorphe first and most, then just after and not far - Kossuth, Lord of Flames.

I discovered a new trait in myself, a sarcastic smirk, which can be used as a weapon during conversation... and other Siamorphe's more distasteful gifts at my disposal. Guessing that worshipping Noble Lord obliges.

I practiced smirking publicly for a joke, everyone ran away except for one quiet woman who sat quietly.

-- Frances, Noble Flame.


Dear Journal,

i write this with shaky hands,

i had a lucid dream, after i met Anheim briefly.

Old Mage i follow, perhaps Khelben Arunsun himself told me about the danger and hope.

Perhaps Mystra is to be held captive, opressed and kept in a Sect. She would appear as dead in my future, but she will be kept in a prison.

There will be those who know, who see her in her Art.

But most will be blind and not, see her at all.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, Witch Seer.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Druidess (Frances' Tale).

Possessed Swine Assault. photo possessed_swines_zpsda372794.png

Possessed Swine Assault.

After recovery from last trip, i ventured south and into Howling Woods. Found glowing mushrooms and woman who hired us. Gave her one mushroom and exchanged few words. Other mushroom i kept for a possible magic item enchanting.

On another day i went south again, this time detracting from Howling Woods path on my Witch's instinct, and going deeper south into Old Norwick Ruins. Was attacked by few or several possessed swines so i ran looking for help...

Then found her, druidess who started fight. Undead are known enemies to nature.

After casting few spells i've joined fight and helped to close it.

Dead Swines. photo dead_swines_zps777fc916.png

Dead Swines.

She was wounded, i gave her 'ambush plant', or fruit as it was indeed.... She ate it and it healed her, just as i suspected.

She didn't speak a single word.

Then we ventured onward to Hobgoblin area in the Rawlins, passing two strange ruined statues from the past on the way. A hint of 'Lost City', most terrible place that kills most heroic fast, a remnant of the Old Narfell Empire and legacy of Demonbinders that thrived in it's 'glory'. Full of Powerful Undead. Lost deep, deep in Rawlins and in time, after terrible dangers by itself on the way.

With druidess' help, expeditious retreat and flaming arrows, fight with hobgoblins was short and succesful. We came back to the Norwick Town wounded.

This day i was sentimental.

-- Frances, thrilled witch.

Hobgoblins. photo hobgoblins_zpsc8f0e398.png


Chea's Plea to Cerulean Knights Leader.

Dear Journal,

I've left a neatly written and scented note in a Cerulean HQ's message box:

To current Cerulean Knights Leader.

I, Chea Allin, thereby ask for a favor and permit.

To wear Black Cloak and only cloak in formal and unformal occasions. Rest of my dress will be standard issue.

It's color of Protection and one of most important things for me when it comes to dress, to wear cloak dyed Black.

It is quite utilitarian as well, for it can be used on missions if it's Black.

I am not the best Cerulean Knight, and never will be if i propose this, but perhaps i can still advance somehow despite my APPARENTLY nonlawful demeanor.... and get recommendation for lawful behavior still.

Please consider this plea,

Chea Allin, cerulean 1st star.

-- Chea.

Black Cloak

Dear Journal,

I've dilemma.

My superiors wish me to wear Blue Cloak, as it's formality for Cerulean Knights.

But my Black Cloak is better for reasons known to my Master.

Perhaps i won't be considered lawful enough this way to get recommendation for Monastery and Yogi training that way, such are this world's laws.

What should i do? Arrange for permit and approval somehow? Perhaps it can be done but it's not easy.

I won't advance in ranks either if i wear nonformal black, i think.

Advantages of wearing black cloak are utilitarian as well... for in case of rescue mission and frightened captives i can try to hide them under cloak and invisibility spell so they are calm and hidden while we fight... if spell's duration ends, cloak can save their lives.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, Cerulean star 1st.

Cerulean Spell-Sword Studded Leather Armour.

Cerulean Spell-Sword Leather. photo coin-and-armour_zps697af656.png

In Leather Armour, storing excess coin in the First Bank of Peltarch.

Dear Journal,

A while ago, i've requested a Cerulean Spell-sword Armour from HQ.

Bureaucracy is terrible, but now that others requested it too, they approved my plea.

I have to gather coin then arrange for details and get it. Two thousand gold pieces for lesser one that made is of studded leather. I do not need greater one for it weighs too much. Perhaps there will be additional expenses, maybe even significiant, for adjusting it's looks at Vanity Plates.

It's a studded leather armour that does not hinder spellcasting and helps with discipline in combat.

-- Chea Allin, cerulean star 1st.

P.S. Soon after writing this in journal, i've got this armour and long-overdue payment, dear yournal. I've changed mind so i took lighter leather, without much fuss from quartermaster. He was prepared.

P.S.S. I've deposited excess gold in bank, 2200 gold coin.

P.S.S.S. Perhaps i'll decide for greater studded leather later, if i advance in Cerulean Knight ranks.

Hobgoblin reaper around a tree (Frances' Tale).

Ambush plant. photo reaper_zps7cb5a519.png

After surviving an ambush.

On my another Howling Woods trip i've almost fell into a cheesy ambush trap.

Found rare healing plant that can be used, practically only, by nature's experts... and a wounded Hobgoblin Reaper around.

Thankfully i heard him in advance.

I did cast flame weapon on arrows and shot him, finishing with one hit.

Then i've retreated, restraining my greed for a while.

-- Frances, richer and alive, with an ambush plant.

P.S. Hobgoblin Reapers are very dangerous, deadly even. Their fighting style with Scythe can criticize most 'valid' defenses and kill in one blow. Especially when paired with Hobgoblin Magickers that disable opponents with their spells.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Goblin Assassin - Dog Brother (Frances' Tale).

 photo cave_magicker_zps6c1dc872.png

Disabling Gas in a Cave in Howling Woods.

Three of us, little adventurers, went on long trip to Howling Woods in Rawlins.

We've cleared Goblin Cave out of numerous goblins, wolves and hobgoblins.

I had to meditate to regain spells and rest... in a half lotus position. Then i ate.

On way out we were suprised by Goblin Assassin and other of his kind. He dropped one of us, i shot him with flaming arrow that exploded incinerating him. He lived and started fleeing, so i pursued bypassing other goblins on the way as i shot not caring for wounds. In the end i got him barely.

Out of greed and battle insanity, i tried to take his thin-bladed dagger and run away - but was brought at knees by pursuing goblins. Help arrived in time as i bled... teammate used enchanted balm to save me.

We returned fighting more goblins on the way, then shared spoils and loot. Thin-bladed dagger turned out to be mine in a fair loot split, and i took it as a trophy.

-- Frances, richer witch.

Mushroom Hunt (Frances' Tale).

Briefing. photo briefing_zpsabaf0b6b.png


A Witch hired me and another person to escort her hunting for glowing Mushrooms.

After a briefing i introduced myself formally and was nicknamed boldly 'red'.

Warrior was blind in the dark, so i cast lightspell on him, he his reaction was strange, he had to face it.

I've shown off my poor spellcasting and bowshooting, but we didn't face anything scary indeed.

We found none of the Mushrooms.

Woman had to leave quick, didn't pay anything, and we had to return to places from which we came.

Under her protection spell it was easier.

At town, a warrior used words that kept triggering certain mantras, that positively affect speech, if used well.


i replied with:

'Om Ah'

-- Recovered Witch, Frances.

Goblin Danger (Frances' Tale).

Boat Ride to Norwick. photo boat_to_norwick_zps3797dfb6.png

Boat Ride to Norwick.

I went to Norwick to hunt goblins. More came than i expected. When i tried to run away, i tripped due to bad weather. They waited with killing me, so i gathered strength, most of my belongings, and barely escaped... like a hero.

-- Frances, near dead bitch.

 photo focus_zpsa14aa597.png


Fight. photo fight_zpsf67edfcf.png


Dropped. photo dropped_zps43c0ed68.png


Flee. photo flee_zps5a66f728.png


[ Author's comment: 'bad weather can be interpreted as the Internet Lag' in this post. ]

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Liira's appeal for red.

Red. photo Red_zpsbaa26a65.png


Dear Journal,

We've appeased Liira's appeal for red.

Orcs dead and gone, we went for ale at inn.

I always wanted to drink ale with a dwarf.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, Dwarven Ale drinker.

Ale. photo Ale_zpsc1adc327.png


Sunday, 9 February 2014

Liira required me to kill an Orc.

Adventurers. photo Adventurers_zps605a114a.jpg


Dear Journal,

Godess of Art, Liira required me to kill an Orc (pig on two legs).

I went on the half-orc controlled plains next to Peltarch.

Fully prepared, i found dead half-orc bodies.

Then i saw two young adventurers who spared me this ordeal.

I'll have to continue, even if it's horrible.

I wonder how many people killed for Art's sake.

It's disgusting... and under Moon.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, Liiran under a Moon.

P.S. That's how 'Paper Moon' fell from the sky.

Dead Half-Orc. photo DeadHalf-Orc_zps8992442e.jpg

Dead Half-Orc.

Samson, Half-Orc Paladin.

Dear Journal,

Somehow i need to mention his name again, Samson Swarthout.

He was Half-Orc Paladin who fought Rass, Dragon who never came.

Hill was named after him, Sam's Hill.

But hill exploded during N'Jast War... leaving Sam's Hole... as most call it now.

Too bad.

-- Chea Allin, chronicler and scribe.

P.S. It's funny that Dragon is symbol of Fear.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Evil Patio.

Evil Patio. photo evil_patio_zps1a543fcb.png

Dear Journal,

After few days at East River Coast i've decided to return.

I distracted lizards with Shelgarn's Dagger, and passed invisibly to Peltarch. I did cast many spells in preparations, including Owl's Wisdom.

I cast Clairaudience, Clairvoyance on hunch of superstition, to enhance my senses... i sensed fear and evil nearby in commons, but magic often fails.

Near Mermaid i've seen Chaevre Vaelen, about which i know from Attentus, Pale Master Necromancer and ex-Spellweaver Keep Leader.

Near her sat someone whom i recognized as John 'The Terror' Isle, Black Sail ranger and killer.

I went to inn to rest, chef slept in common room.

Then i faced the two.

i spoke Mantras: HUNG, Compassion Mantra, Wisdom Mantra, and prayed with Mantra: 'May Power of Enlightened work through us'.

Chaevre offered us to go on 'Massacre', on Kuo-Toa or Lizardmen, i am not sure... for it 'could be profitable'.

I declined offer, for i have nothing and i need less. And i do not support massacres.

-- Yours, Chea Allin.

Sunday, 2 February 2014


East River Coast. photo EastRiverCoast_zps320f0da8.png

Sightseeing in East River Coast.

Dear Journal,

i went sightseeing and on patrol to East River Coast past kobolds and lizards.

Nade, my panther familiar i did unsummon, and use 'Improved Invisibility' spell instead.

i didn't dare to delve into Sunken Temple in a cave nearby alone, for it would be serious stupidity to risk life for nothing.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, cerulean star first.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

i meditated (Anheim's Tale).

i meditated,

cast away everything hindering,

i will retrain and start anew.

-- Anheim.