Saturday, 21 September 2013

Nuomen & Phenomen.

Dear Journal,

I am adding few precious magical words to my collection. These are:


Many things exists in world of ideas, but not in physical world. Still they do affect physical world just by affecting how we think. Perhaps more.

Nuomen is word describing something insubstantial, intangible, that cannot be perceived. Such things do not exist. (for example 'Nuomenal World of Imagination'). Nuomen does not exist by definition, but this word can be used to describe things as such. It's said that Imagination has power.


Phenomen can be physical and/or perceived. It has no mind, but sometimes can be treated as being, (which differs from Phenomen with having Mind) for it can act in similar way.

-- Yours, Chea Allin.

P.S. Dear Reader, when Women are Nuomenal, better leave them be. When they are Mesmeric, it's time to enjoy (without overeagerness).

Friday, 20 September 2013

Anheim's Song.

Dear Journal,

I had strange dream.

Anheim with sword drawn, singing alluring, strange, ethereal song in a language unknown to me.

Few words i did understand.

'... Maten Numen ...'
'... Numen Or ...'
'... Faramir ... still lives ... '

-- Yours, Chea Allin.

P.S. Later i've heard Raven's voice (i hear them often recently). Ravens are signs of death.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Awareness practice.

Dear Journal,

Today i discovered how limited is my awareness. I have good senses but i didn't pay attention to efficiently use them simultaneously, focusing mostly on one at once.

I've started awareness practice, trying to use sight with touch and sight with hearing. Perhaps my interaction with sensory field will improve.

-- Yours, Chea Allin.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Empowerment Ritual, part two.

Dear Journal, i went to quiet place to continue Empowerment Ritual.

I rose amulet of Selune and Mystra above, and said:

'Gods, give me arcane power if i am worthy. I call to You, Mystryl, for aid. And to all male aspects of Selune and gods i follow.'

'i rescind.'

this was step second.

-- Yours, Chea Allin.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Empowerment Ritual.

Dear Journal,

Godess of Magic calls me to participate in the Empowerment Ritual.

It happens and will happen soon.

I rose Amulet of Mystra and Selune above, and said:

'Godesses, grant me power if i am worthy. I'll rescind but not at all cost'.

After a while i felt small rush of power, and added:

'i rescind, but not at all cost'.

i tried to be honest, despite the rush of power.

It was first step.

-- Yours, Chea Allin.

P.S. Later i heard promises of coin, i'll share if it's truth.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

'Greater Good'.

Dear Journal,

I was witness to a talk between sir Rath Ashald-Jorinsen, senator of Peltarch (recently also 'Magistrate', or Law representative) and a man unknown to me. They discussed matters of law and court.

It was dull until he mentioned that if someone disagrees with Paladin being elected official, he's up to something.

I had to add:

'With all respect, some people disagree with "Greater Good" that harms "Lesser Good"'.

Reply was, that while he respects my opinion, in his courtroom neither does matter, for it's a place of Law.

Interresting opinion for a Paladin of the 'Order of the Divine Shield', closely associated with the 'Temple of the Triad'.

-- Yours, Chea Allin.

P.S. Dear Journal, that's why i think that no Good should be too great. If it is, it's not Good at all.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Knighting Ceremony.

Dear Journal,

I was invited to Knighting Ceremony of a woman i've met few times, the same one that bought me a tea earlier today. Her father, Jason, was leading it. There seemed to be few people at first, but many arrived later.

Vega's Knighting Ceremony. photo Ceremony_zps5f6745b5.jpg

Vega Selious's Forsworn Knighting Ceremony.

(in 'Amethyst Festhall' of Peltarch)

'Vega Selious, my daughter, when you arrived here you were wild, quick to anger and allowed your emotions to guide you. Under the Forsworn and Sir Horsts training you have grown into a fine young woman, one to be proud of today. We gather to recognize those accomplishments.

As a Squire of the Forsworn you have shown mercy where others would not, compassion for the living, strength of heart and forgiveness, You have lived up to the Knights code as I have asked of you and Sir Horst has vouched you to be ready to advance.

I, Jason Selious, First Knight of the Forsworn do hereby Knight you as Lady Vega Selious, Knight of the Forsworn. May Ilmater recognize this and bless you forever. Rise Knight Vega and take your place with us.'

He tapped her gently on the head with his staff as he spoke last words of this part of ceremony.

Then drinking and congratulations started. I just thanked for the tea i chose for this occasion again and congratulated her.

After congratulations, talks about battles, boasts of victories with bards accompanying. I smiled shyly listening, mentioning only few words about weapon for mage when it was time for this.

When talks went to gathering funds for 'Forsworn' base though, i had to back off.

-- Yours, Chea Allin.

Thank You.

Dear Journal,

It's nice to see someone who cares.

Earlier today i've helped wounded woman on patrol in the Giants territory. She found me at inn and bought tea as token of gratitude and compensation for my expenses.

I can't think about anyone in Narfell other than her, Victoria Beatrix, and Val Kyrie, who did such simple deed.

Drinking Tea with Vega. photo DrinkingTeawithVega_zps1989ceb5.jpg

Chea drinking tea with Vega Selious.

-- Yours, Chea Allin.

Mixing Energies.

Dear Journal,

I've done something bold.

I've dropped not small amount of Limbo's Essence into Oscuran Soulwell. Perhaps hellish hierarchy in this place will be confuded and collapse.

I almost fell into the Well in the process.

 photo MixingEnergies_zps8885698a.png

'... in Oscura shadows dance ...'

(dropping 'Limbo's Essence' into 'Well of Souls'.)

I've reported this to Cerulean HQ.

-- Yours, private Chea Allin, under Cerulean orders.

P.S. We can speak Mantra PE later, to release them from confusion (to help).

P.S.S. How it works? Essence of Limbo can be used to confude beings in an area. It ended in the soulwell, and affects beings there. Will it work on undead immune to mind tricks? Indirectly, yes, for they will react to strange behavior of living beings there, even if they are very small. Slowly at first, then gradually things will accumulate for changes to be noticed.

Blinded by Choice.

Dear Journal,

Today i've met an interresting man, sir Mathias Xilverlight. He was wandering in a blindfold, seeming completely lost. I've offered aid and he took it well. After i've had him seated, he told me his tale.

He actually did it for his best friend, Salin.

When they were younger, his parents traded sir Mathias as an indentured servant to Salin's family and Mathias made a Vow to Tyr (god of Justice) to serve him for life.

Salin was only recently told of this, but hated it to the point it was hurting him more then anything... so Mathias went to Tyr to ask to in all essence dishonor the Vow and have it removed.

In penance he was to be blinded for six months.

He considered it minor penance, better than lifetime.

Chea and sir Mathias. photo CheaandsirMathias_zpsf3c35b1e.jpg

Chea talking with sir Mathias.

-- Yours, Chea Allin

Friday, 6 September 2013

About Attentus.

Dear Journal, it was a while since i learned understood tragic tale of my teacher, Attentus. I'll try to relay few words about his beginnings.

He was trained under his Master, Versutus in a tower near Waterdeep.

Fiveteen years of tutelage, with no memory of his parents, for it was cleared by his Master who wished for no interference from the past. Versutus only mentioned that if not him, Attentus would be simple farmer.

First ten years were dull and lonely, mostly laboratory keeping, lessons with books and solving puzzles in solitude of the tower under his harsh Master.

Last five were more interresting, for it was then when spellcasting lessons started, and interraction with other students (under different Masters) began. They were preparing for a test, that would prove them fully qualified and entitled 'Magi', of their Masters Order. He remembers fondly that time...

'... We were spending almost all of our time together, playing, competing, learning, preparing for a test. It's first time i met friends, and first semblance of love...

... I remember our games of Creativity and Art (as he calls Magic), times such as when we played unresponsible games with charm spells, or other dazes. It's nothing worth advising for, it's too easy to get someone dear hurt...

... Other time we sat by fire at night and showed off cantrips, i won that time. Faces in the fire, appearing, showing different emotions, often similar to the people of the viewer's past. Simple mind trick and enchanting illusions that affect feelings...'

When he passed test, Attentus kept in contact with his Master, but left for Narfell in search of clues about Ancient Empire that was there long ago, and it's lost Magics. He was 'young, stupid and ambitious like this', he says. Attentus found and lost friends and first love there, but that's tale for another time, dear Journal.

-- Yours, Chea Allin.

Trip with Nade.

Dear Journal, i was with Nade hunting kobolds.

We did well, she kept killing them, while i helped with my short bow and 'Shelgarn's Dagger'.

I've gathered meager spoils they had.

 photo CheaHuntingKobolds_zpsec7bd482.jpg

Chea with Nade, her panther familiar, hunting kobolds.