Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Tower of the Mind.

the Fireplace,

.. at Dancing Mermaid, an Inn.

Dear Journal,

i've visited the 'Tower of my Mind', using my imagination as an exercise.

i've closed my eyes, letting the brain-waves work at a slower pace.

i've visualized the tower of infinite height, the tower that represented my Mind & it's aspirations ... with the unreachable top gone in the clouds.

i've visualized myself entering the tower, seeing various doors leading to the
Mind - Constructs that appear there,

there was a door labelled: 'love',

another with a labels: 'food', 'refuge', 'security',

there were two magical transport shafts with a labels: 'only downwards' & 'only upwards',

... i've levitated down to basement via one of the magical transport shafts ... but didn't leave the vertical tunnel,

instead, i've peeked outside, looking at a certain angle,

... dark corridor was dimly lit & i've felt that there are dangers & doors labelled 'avarice', 'violence', 'hatred', 'exclusive pride' ... as well as other similar 'lower ego' doors.

... i've cast a cantrip spells to lock the doors & quickly went to the other shaft, levitating upwards, promising myself to never go that route ... as much as i can.

upper floors were locked, it's labels hazy, not entirely formed ... but i've glimpsed at doors with 'dreams' written on, as well as at doors with 'intuition' label.

i've promised myself to unlock the higher aspiration doors, as fast as i can, then to explore these.

then i've went outside of the tower & looked at it's top again ... my short journey was over, i was longing to visit the tower in near future again.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, A Psychic Witch & an Adventuress as well.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Boots (Anheim's Tale).

a Fight.

i've killed few kobolds for coin,

sold gems at Hemrod's as well,

visited the Bank of Peltarch,

withdrew quite a sum.

short trip to Oscura,

bought a new boots for combat.

deposited coins at Bank,

went sleeping again.

-- Anheim.


Yuki's Shop in Oscura.


* blog author's note: Dodge Bonus inherent with Feet Item Slot is only AC bonus compatible with the Mage Armour spell.