Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Well of Souls.

Reflecting at the Well of Souls. photo wellofsouls_zps23bd6c65.png


(Well of Souls is behind pond. Next to Well, Artist Dirge is pain...ting. Something cruel.)

I was sitting in Oscura reflecting about past.

I heard silent screams in my subconsciousness from spirits in the Well of Souls nearby.

This place is maddening, i heard about those who went mad from such and jumped into the well to join them.

Monday, 29 July 2013


 photo friends_zps01f8599d.png

Securing back.

I've ventured with friends to spider woods and to underdark with intent to practice and attain Vajracitta, Diamond Stance (Mind's).

Without too much success, but it's still improvement.

I'll need to pay small sum to fellow Cerulean Knight to fix my kimono with 'Mending' Cantrip, however. ('Cantrip' is name for very simple arcane magic spell.)

Sunday, 28 July 2013


 photo chea_patrol_zps1c796ea6.png

Swamp's entrance.

I've took up on patrols again after all these years. Without Nade, my panther familiar. She was still upset at me, after i've hurt her with a misplaced spell.

I've cast defensive spells, summoned Shelgarn's Persistent Blade, then entered swamp with readied weapon.

I was too carefree for they decided to not give me chance.

Two well trained Kobold Fanatics and one more, less trained were their welcoming committee. I've used hold spell which failed, then three Phantasmal Killer spells - two last succeeded. Shelgarn's blade held two of them (Fanatic and Rookie, not sure of what kind), and killed thrid (Rookie). Went back, for in this overcarefree, noncombat mindset it was asking for death.

I've found two cheap gems, and two terrible tasting potions. Not much, but enough to pay for inn to recover fully.


Next time i should prepare mentally before combat, cast ALL defensive spells, go into enemy land invisible in case of such ambush, and still without Nade (She's scout who prefers to work alone while i watch through her eyes. She's not a fighter). It's too risky for her and for me. But still, i should go with a team.

Friday, 19 July 2013


Dear journal, i've returned from awful trip.

In commons people mentioned something about awful smelling magelord. I wasn't smelling best either, spiritual taint i've got from some people will last for some time.

But there was someone smelling worse. We went to bathhouse.

I changed, went to water and used rag to cleanse. He did also scrub himself, keeping his distance.

I noticed black spider tattoo, that suggested that he was Dark Elf slave.

I waved my hand with diamond dagger tattoo. He noticed and asked.

"It's purba, diamond dagger for cutting away distubring feelings, thus also emotions. It can be used skillfully. Especially if you are in spider web. Just cut away what hinders you, and reach wherever you want. Do you wish to be liberated?".

he was silent.

"If you fight you will be free, it's simple as that".

"I serve Sherevash now".

"Good. You can be free and live for whoever you wish for."

I emerged from water, took towel wrapped myself and went away to change and back to inn.

Monday, 1 July 2013


I need Mala made, to give to someone to prevent suicide. I do not know when i'll need it but it'll happen if i won't do it.

I spoke to sir Shannon D'Arneau about it, he went to see Theater or Bard College, it was such Drama. Or somewhere nearby i must admit. Reminds me my mother, Actress, Alice when she cared for my mercinary dad, back in Cormyr.

Then i've donated 500 gold coins to The Temple of Triad. Place of worship for Ilmater (Crying God), Torm (The Loyal Fury, of Duty, Loyalty, and Righteousness) and Tyr (of Law and Justice). Intent was to help poorest and for Mala.

Then i sit in front of Temple for a while, orderly and nice. Without basket, for it was not picnick.

We'll defeat The Vile Moon.

i've noticed pervertion of Moon Godess's (called here 'Selune') ideals, 'The Vile Moon' *.

Have to defeat this death cult and heresy.

But first we'll go somewhere else. I do not have to do it like this.


* 'The Vile Moon' is my surname of Islam's 'ideals'.