Monday, 29 May 2017

Legion's Recruitment (Anheim's Tale).

a Talk with Legion's General, Theaon.

It been a while since i met a Legion Member.

i was training martial arts & pursuing other ways, now decided to focus more on being recruited.

General Theaon gave me short overview of the Legion & their recruitment procedures at Grapevine Inn of Norwick.

They are military-styled body committed to protection of the region. They fight for those who need their aid, or can't protect themselves.

Those who join legion are doing it of their own will, without expecting steady payments.

The Legion does not view itself as a Law-enforcement - Legion's members have to adapt & obey local laws wherever they go.

As a military-styled organization, they require lower ranks to obey orders of superiors. There's a little leeway with this however, as there are proper times to question orders instead of just following them mindlessly as golems. Other situations however - such as during combat - are not the moments to question the orders of superior Legion members.

Recruitment itself is as follows - after first contact, a candidate is a Recruit. Recruits are put into a probatory period during which they are expected to travel & help superior Legion members, learning the combat skills, tactics, customs & ways. After a probation a Recruit goes through a test, where he or she leads a Legion Patrol. If test succeeds, if Patrol is Succesful, a Recruit is promoted to a Private rank and given a key to Legion's Hall in Long Road next to former Jiyyd.

Legion's ranking structure is as follows: Recruit, Private, Corporal, Sergeant, Captain and General.

Lower ranks are expected to salute superiors whenever they meet them, and when they are dismissed - as a sign of respect.

Legion aims to have very diverse people, with unique ways & combat methods, so far there were only a few of Martial Artists in Legion's history.

Then he asked me about deity i follow, if any. i've answered truthfully that it's Tempus. He explained that Legion won't recruit followers of evil deities. This was not a problem then with me.

After this introduction, General Theaon invited me for a tour to Legion's Hall, showing me inside.

Facilities seemed practical, we did spar twice in the proper training arena - i did lose both times - but not without connecting a few or more hits before i fell.

General Theaon used weapons & armour, but not prayer spells he usually uses to prepare for a fight - he's formiddable opponent even without such preparations.

i was using my mind, body & gloves in combat as weapons, for most it would seem i fight unarmed.

First time, when i was attacking aggresively, fight lasted moderately short time. Second time i was using defensive stance and fight was much longer - and managed to connect a few of hits as well, despite my focus on defense.

After combat, healing spells & a short tour of other areas, General Theaon showed me combat dummies & archery targets outside Legion's Hall, invited to use these then parted with a goodbye.

i was supposed to dye my robe in colors of black & navy blue, as is custom for Legion's Members, from Recruit's rank, all way up.

Went Peltarch and with Violetta's help just did it, arranging for more robe's corrections as well.

i'll look for Sergeant Alvaniel Danicen, an elf & for Corporal Silver Chalice, a dwarf - they are supposed to be delegated to train me soon.

-- Anheim, a Martial Artist & a Legion's Recruit.

Officers' Mess Hall.

Anheim in a Robe dyed Black-Silver-Navy-Blue.

Saturday, 27 May 2017

West of Peltarch (Anheim's Tale).


West of Peltarch is full of threats to the city.

Alliance with Giants is void since a while as well.

Group of adventurers assembled in commons to fight these, we went against Orcs with their Worgs, then against Giants & Manticores.

Worgs & Orcs i did engage in melee, Giants & Manticores i dared not - handled them with my crossbow.

Beside lessening their numbers, beside lessening threat to Peltarch, it was a good training opportunity for me & others.

-- Anheim, a Martial Artist.

a Manticore.

a Giant.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Am i worthy of my Bow? (Frances' Tale).

Armed & Threatening.

... It did not suprise me at all.

A few of scoundrels confronted me at night in the Peltarch's Commons.

- 'Quite a Bow. Do you think she's worthy of it?' - one of them dared to speak.
- '... i think she's not worthy, this bow is too good for her.' - another answered.

They surely wanted to get something. i wasn't sure whether my bow, or rather - the well deserved beating.

i straightened my archery glove as i glanced at them.

- 'Don't you dare to speak. You are in the presence of the Oscuran Noble'.

... Had to speak a little more forcibly than usual.

They hesistated, i counted about five of them in total - probably two of them were 'merchants', rest - their hired goons.

- 'i went through proper fighter & archery training ... and my magick enhances that way very well'

... my words were slow, calculated & a little threatening as i did assess them for danger. i did reach for my bow with one hand, other put on my quiver. - 'Now be gone, unless You wish to taste the fiery arrows of Darkhavens' daughter, of Frances from Oscura'.

... They looked at each other for a while then backed off, murmuring, with hesistation.

i think i should prepare for their return in future, should they dare enough.

One is for sure, i won't give nor sell them my bow - i decided.

-- Frances, an Adventuress & a Witch of the Oscuran Noble Origin.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Archery Gloves (Frances' Tale).

Frances' Archery Gloves.

... i did it again - i did enchant an item succesfully.

This time it was gloves, that i made from rat skins.

Should provide for a extra accuracy, precision & focus when bowshooting, as well as a firmer grip on a weapon.

-- Frances Darkhaven, an Adventuress & a Witch of Kossuth & Siamorphe.