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Anheim (Character's description).


Name: Anheim.
Gender: Male.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral.
Race: Human.
Classes: Monk (10).

Deity: follows God of War and Fighters (Tempus) for this moment, sympathizes with Godess of Arcane Power (Mystra), Godess of Tactics and Strategy (Red Knight), and crying god (Ilmater), Elven deity of Protection and War (he knows only these aspects of Corellon Larethian), He started following Eldath (godess of Peace) recently, so his war is to stop wars and Tyrants who would wage such on larger scale (mostly followers of Bane and Garagos).

Home Town: Peltarch (sympathizes with Norwick and Oscura).


Quiet and aware person, his mannerism shows fair amount of discipline and focus. Not unattractive, confident.

Initial Concept:

- protector,
- dextrous unarmed fighter,
- a sentry: lookout / light escort, for scouts,
- martial artist,
- a strategist,
- lucid dreamer & astral fighter if possible.
- yogin without vows prohibiting love & sex.

classes: monk.

Background Story:

Anheim's past is unknown to him past age of 8.

He remembers being raised in a Monastery where he learned basics of meditation, lucid dreaming, arcane magics, unarmed & armed combat.

He served there as a grave Guard.

He was called 'Black Cloak', perhaps for Inspiration.

Later he met Chea Allin and they are more than friends, she gave him few arcane lessons to practice.

In Narfell he was enlisted as a Legion Recruit.

He fought for a while with random weapons & common style, then meditated, cast all that hinders away & started training anew.


* Common.
* Elven (started to learn).
* (... perhaps more ...)


Many Crossbow Bolts, including one almost empty quiver of Bolts of Lightning.
Spare Arrows for other Adventurers,



(this cloak is useful during desert trips or in certain hot caves, allowing wearer to not die to overheating too easily).

(this cloak is useful during iceland trips or in certain cold caves, allowing wearer to not die to freezing too easily).

Exquisite Snow Globe - Aurillite Aid.

Potions & Natural Medicines:

- 110 x Cure Light Wounds [Caster Level: 2],
- 8 x Cure Moderate Wounds [Caster Level: 3],
- 2 x Cure Serious Wounds [Caster Level: 5],
- 4 x Sin Berries (1) (grant Cure Light Wounds at 5th caster level, one use only, can be used on others),
- 1 x Bull's Strength [Caster Level: 3],
- 3 x Invisibility [Caster Level: 3],
- 2 x Bark Skin [Caster Level: 3],
- 1 x Lesser Restoration [Caster Level: 3],
- 2 x Ghost Visage [Caster Level: 3],
- 2 x Resist Elements [Caster Level: 3],
- 1 x Potion of Leadership [Aura of Glory, Caster Level: 7],
- 5 x Remove Fear [Caster Level: 2],
- 3 x Potion of Lore [Identify, Caster Level: 3],
- 1 x Ultravision [Caster Level: 3].

Potions & Other.

Other Equipment:

1 x Gnomish Spring Water.
1 x Dwarven Brew - Coffin Nail.
1 x Tinderbox.
1 x Candle, Tallow.
1 x Wooden Bowl.
1 x Wooden Cup.
1 x Chop Sticks.
1 x Gnomish Silverware.
1 x Torch.
1 x Veteran Outfit (modified & dyed black).
1 x Plain Clothes (modified & dyed black/blue).
1 x Plain Clothes (undyed).
1 x Rags (for hygiene).
1 x Climbing Rope.
1 x Birds Feather (for writing).
1 x Ring of Glowing.
1 x Rough Spell Crystal (can store up to 1st level 'defensive' spell).
3 x Oil Flask.
1 x Garlic.
1 x Heal Kit.
3 x Medicine Bag.
1 x Symbol of Bane.
... some food (nuts & apple)
... some Coal.


- about 200 gold pieces in his coinpurse (gp).
- 10010 gp in Peltarch's Bank.