Sunday, 29 December 2013

Divination Deck.

Dear Journal,

She did examine her divination deck, also known as Tarot.

She found cards that are well understood and she will share.

She found most interresting and well understood:

1. 'enlightenment',
2. 'clock',
3. 'eye',
4. 'fairy',
5. 'well',
6. 'mage',
7. 'warrior'
8. 'night'
9. 'dojo'
10. 'dance'
11. 'rogue'
12. 'monk'
13. 'bard'
14. 'shaman'
15. 'crystal'
16. 'ward'
17. 'love'
18. 'friend'
19. 'treasure'
20. 'tower'
21. 'death'
22. 'war'
23. 'plague'
24. 'poison'
25. 'demon'
26. 'twist'
27. 'rider'
28. 'rebirth'
29. 'katharsis'
30. 'mind'
31. 'spirit'
32. 'celestial'
33. 'devil'
34. 'animal'
35. 'raven'
36. 'ally'
37. 'enemy'
38. 'aura'
39. 'art'
40. 'moon'
41. 'lady'
42. 'man'

She felt head spin, and after short pain her thrid eye center on forehead was filled with energy. She had visions before, at this center, but this time didn't.

She will learn from Proper Teachers, and fight for the Truth to share.

She will paint her own cards as well, perhaps discarding some. She still needs to learn before her 'truths' can be True.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, novice in Savras's Arts.

P.S. She reported her progress to Peltarch HQ, with proper warning.

P.S.S. She prefers to not divine for herself, but perhaps she will.

'No bloodthrist allowed here'.

Expect gnoll attack. photo expect_attack_zps15ee297f.jpg

Expect gnoll attack.

Dear Journal,

She participated in Peltarch's 'defense' against small-sized gnoll outrage.

Placed on battlements, she expected attack and prepared for preemptive strike with her team.

They went on, and 'cleaned' Nars Pass of parts of larger gnoll forces.

She almost died during succesful assassination attempt on one of gnoll younglings, who kept to retreat and bing reinforcements as they progress persistently. Formiddable gnome mage went on rescue and did help in time. She thanked him in a way later.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, cerulean knight 1st star.

P.S. One of us 'didn't feel particularly bloodthristy today' so neglected attack. In my case, no bloodhtrist allowed at all.

 photo battlements_zpsf6c899e3.jpg


 photo blood_near_temple_of_tempus_zps6f378444.jpg

Blood near temple of Tempus.

Death on the Bridge. photo death_on_the_bridge_zpsd64ce810.jpg

Death on the Bridge.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

She's not slaver.

Chea & Yuki. photo CheaampYuki_zpsb4fb0f11.jpg

Chea & Yuki Kanazawa.

Dear Journal,

She was returning from Oscura when she got 'eyed' by Yuki Kanazawa, merchant from Kara-Tur.

She reacted with bow and servitude.

She was told to find out about 'spy', 'red headed boy' who asked questions nearby.... and she heard mention of slaves. He was dropped in docks of Peltarch.

She went to Peltarch by underground river, at cost of 15 coin, one of last she had. Boy was not found in docks, and Claire, 'Lucky Ferret' maid was bribed, for she won't go into 'Black Sails' territory (Peltarch, Oscura) without bribing them first. She was hinted to 'ask around in commons'.

Indeed in Peltarch Commons she found someone matching description watching over woman. She didn't ask a question, but instead tried to befriend him. More people appeared, including ex-senator Marthoussca Leaffall... who asked for news.

That's how she learned about slave ship and elves who escaped under protection of such 'boy'. She is not slaver, so she decided to infiltrate Oscuran slavers. She's only somewhat angry and feels forced to protect her unborn (yet) child.

She went to kobolds, to not hear too much (she was not hired for extra information, it's more than neccessary), killed few.... more in numbers than usual again.

Then she returned, clean at 'Dancing Mermaid', then embarked to Oscura. Her excuse was that she needed to check price of adjusting her Silver Stiletto at Dark Hammers. Having little coin she haggled a bit with boatman, then decided to go other route.

Invisible she had to reveal herself to protect traveller.... Hopefully she didnt cause more harm than help. Gnoll Witch Doctor resisted her spell then counterattacked with his, poisoning her body and mind. Her reply took him down, she tried asking if armed traveller is fine, indeed traveller was just fine. Then she recast Invisibility. She summoned Shelgarn's knife to aid traveller. One young gnoll sniffed and slowly went closer and close, while she was occupied with combat. She noticed and left... and more gnolls joined the fight, maybe attracted by her or Shelgarn's knife. Perhaps gnolls could sniff her blood, but they followed other woman so she slowly could leave, with body and mind poisoned.

She arrived, reported, got paid and hired to learn name and details and whom he serves, of this 'red haired dog' of a 'boy'.

She'll report this to Peltarch after shock is gone.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, double agent? .

P.S. Later she did adjust her Silver Stiletto, the part that protects hand. It's more aesthetically pleasing now, so it's better function as an witch's attribute.


Blackstaff. photo blackstaff_zps4aa21568.jpg


Dear Journal,

She prepared for enchanting, her staff for combat, black and made well.

For to honor Khelben 'Blackstaff' Arunsun, Attentus' role model.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, arcane arts student.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Price of Coal.

Dear Journal,

Coal in narfell is scarce and expensive. Well made weapons even more.

Perhaps because of dangers associated with mining, or local economy is too strange for my sanity.

I've sold chest full of coal to Master Z's assistant, for 200 coin.

I'll share coin with poor, instead of giving them few lumps of coal.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, 'crafty trader'.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Never travel with unknown Half-Orcs (Anheim's Tale).

Half-Orc party. photo half-orc-party_zps196b9a37.png

Half-Orc party.

I've been searching for troubles lately, not so hard to find in these lands.

First kobold swamps, then boat to Norwick and straight to the Jiyyd battlefield, it's where unscrupulous types can be found often.

This time it was two half-orcs, but perhaps i've misjudged them.

I've decided to travel with them once they stated they wish to fight demons.

Trip was short, few demons defeated, but i took 'all the blows'.

Combat very quick and uneven, with two demon-spawns focusing on me.

Unable to deflect their swift and powerful energy-line cutting blows well, due to my lack of true skill in combat and improper weapon for the task, it was matter of seconds.

Half-orcs defeated demons somehow, one of them healing me while i drank quickly most of my potions (all i thought i had). I wasn't sure if i'll live for life's energy leaked faster than potions and spells could heal at times, as i lost the sight of combat due to speed and power of this weapon/energy demonic assault. In the end amount and strength of potions proved sufficient. Still, it was my life that was at risk for next to nothing. I left, drinking rest of potions just in case. Not a single vial remaining to save someone's life again.

Perhaps Chea is right, perhaps fighting demons this way is dangerous and pointless.

We've met (with half-orcs) once again by Shady Varr's Wagon where female half-orc said she can heal if i wish, instead. Still we didn't exchange names even.

Perhaps next time.

I won't go as far as to accuse them of a subtle murder intent to steal my weapons and goods, but for now i'll sleep at the temple of Kelemvor (god of Death) near Shady's Wagon. Until wounds are healed.

.... and think about her way of fighting such threats ....

-- Anheim.

Demon Spawn Cave. photo demon-spawn-killed_zps907c1e67.png

Demon Spawn Cave.

Shady's Wagon. photo shady_wagon_zps65af555d.png

Shady Wagon.

Shrine to Kelemvor. photo shrine_kelemvor_zpsd832edc4.png

Shrine to Kelemvor's infirmary.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Swamp's Twilight.

 photo nightstalking_zps1044dcf8.png

Evening Stalking with Nade.

'underwater love'


'kobold hiding underwater,
he was killed with spell later'.

 photo underwaterkobold_zps8a32c38a.png

Dear Journal,

She met a monk of Old Order who was trained a 'little of meditation and combat ways'. His master left him to pursue his life as he pleases. Vow he took was not by his Master.

She met interresting people in commons until, she decided to leave to stalk, for she missed her best company, Nade afterall.

Swamps can be alluring and romantic when there's Nade, little danger, and something to be won.

Overall good evening, she thinks.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, cerulean star 1st.

P.S. Fake love, or 'love' is most often a murder in my book. I don't endorse it in most of cases.

Rainy Autumn in Peltarch.

Rainy Autumn in Peltarch. photo peltarch_rainy_autumn_zps1ac7165b.png

Dear Journal,

Today she met 'once Senator', madam Marthoushca Leaffall who was reministcent of their past.

A beginning of the N'Jast War, Senator Marty was abducted, only to be returned years later after such, with lost memory and no diary.

Marty lost her position in a city, but still cares, even if prays to Tyr, god of Justice, ever so often.

Now however ex-senator had something different on mind, it's that glacier is advance, a sign of Auril's return.

Jerrick Rayfe, famous druid that she didn't have contact with for long (she's not her love, dear Journal, but she likes him) still controls nature and it's balance somehow.

Senator Marty suspects. That if 'Auril', godess of Winter, returns - servants will come with.

Perhaps warming after the N'Jast War will be temporary? Marty's words suggest that cold climate in Narfell will happen someday again, but we can prepare and delay.

It's well known that N'Jast War ended when adventuring team found something on Icelace's island, an apparatus that changed flow of energy of this land, ripped and changed reality, that caused terrain rifts emerge. To the point of even getting rid of the famous Sam's Hill, where half-orc paladin Samson S. defended for days against Red Dragon Rass that didn't come. But perhaps later did anyway, she is not sure anymore. Now its 'Sam's Hole' to most.

Seeing ongoing destruction, and having been blasted by Old Narfell artifact that caused demons to emerge, N'Jast Army retreated to their land. This is how she remembers these days anyway.

Leftover of such was warm climate, painful memories, feeling of freedom (more or less delusional), and homeless, poverty, starvation, disease.

Peltarch was rebuilt, removed cobble and grass sown, to get rid of a fungus coming from under cobble.


We'll still fight Auril servants if they arrive, she suspects.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, cerulean star 1st.

P.S. She has chest of coal she collected in small doses during swamp patrols somewhere. She thinks it's good idea to give such to homeless of Peltarch's Docks. Will do so at nearest opportunity, for winter is coming. Coal and wood is hard to get for poor and unarmed.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Dear Journal,

Nightstalk was celebrated.

After short talk with new priestess, 'Kuutar'. She put us in line, then each of us did pour wine on altar in an offering.

I've also offered my Amulet, Platinum and Holy, handcrafted by Val Kyrie. And a spellsong in a short rite with silver stiletto.

Then priestess summoned Celestial into this plane of existence, and we asked her questions in turns. People asked about love, visiting Selune, finding Mentor, and such, and i've asked: 'how to help?'. Answer to my question was: 'Seek those in need'. Celestial left.

Then wine on altar started to glow, turn into flames, grow thick and moved around us. A moonfire. It changed some of my weak potions to 'Potions of Moon-Healing', truly blessed by Moonmaiden, Silver Lady. I'll give them to those in need.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, selunite among other roles.

P.S. This time she wrote about herself in first person, and it stays like that.

Celestial. photo celestial_zps48f9457a.png

Celestial summoned by Selune's Priestess.

Moonfire. photo moonfire_zpsc0d6d6c6.png


Final preparations.

Chea, she is 'prepare for a rite'. photo chea_prepare_zps0bd250fd.png

Chea Allin, she is 'prepare for a rite'.

Dear Journal,

Ceremony will happen within few to several hours, if at all.

I'll participate if i can.

Now my preparations enter final stage.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, selunite among other roles.

P.S. This time she wrote about herself in first person, and it stays like that.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Selune's Holy Day coming.

Chea preparing for incoming holy day of Selune. photo selunes_holiday_coming_zps4856911b.png

Chea outside Temple Lighthouse.

Dear Journal,

Rumours reached me that Selune's Holy Day (Night Stalk) will perhaps be celebrated at Temple Lighthouse in Peltarch, soon.

I've left Oscura for now and started preparations.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, attendant and scribe at Temple Lighthouse.

P.S. Dialogue between religions is often walking from Temple to Temple and doing various tasks.

P.S.S. This time she wrote about herself in first person, and it stays like that.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Magical Song to Selune, Moon Godess.

Dear Journal,

I have a spellsong, that i'll record here.

It's little misspelled, but it works fine.

'On sky flashed silver knife, it's moon fully guard'.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, Conspirant with Liira and Mystra to Selune (Ars Magica, or 'The Art of Magic' under Moon).

P.S. This time she wrote about herself in first person, and it stays like that.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Oscuran fighting for coin.

Chea fighting snakes near Oscura. photo oscura-fighting_zps8889837e.jpg

Chea fighting snakes on her way to Kuo-Toa cave, for coin.

Shelgarn's knife did most of the work.

Dear Journal,

I went on a trip for coin to cave next to Oscura.

It was short for spoils weight a lot, and i could not carry it anymore.

So i pulled it back somehow.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, coin worker.

P.S. This time she wrote about herself in first person, and it stays like that.

Chea at Raven Rift, Oscura entry. photo raven-rift_zps51e25143.jpg

Chea at 'Raven Rift', Oscura entry. After her short trip for coin.

Chea selling spoils at Kerol's steel, one of shops in Oscura. They did not accept everything as good they wanted. photo kerolssteel_zps34288764.jpg

Chea selling spoils at 'Kerol's Steel', one of shops in Oscura.

They did not accept everything as good they want.

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Reluctant Slave.

Dear Journal,

Something draws me to Oscura.

I went there again....

Sometimes i feel like a reluctant slave.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, reluctant slave.

P.S. This time she wrote about herself in first person, and it stays like that.

Monday, 25 November 2013

She Deserves.

Dear Journal,

She Deserves.

She Deserves someone who loves and cares, someone who can be True.

She Deserves someone who can look, or tatter himself if neccessary, for her.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, little selfish Literate.

She got her Silver Stiletto.

 photo chea_black_cloak_dagger_zps9e21f695.jpg

Chea with Silver Stiletto and Black Cloak.

Dear Journal,

She got her Silver Stiletto, well made and fine...

She mimicked cutting her wrist, for a joke, well above hand.

She will be fine nevertheless, somehow, even without so much coin, for she's lighter that way.

She can still eat, she can afford that much. If neccessary she will sell or hunt for food on her own, somehow.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, Literate.


Dear Journal,

She met nice person, mister crafter, master Z.

She ordered fine and well mastered silver dagger knife, a true stiletto.

She had to sell all her gems and scrolls and take all money from bank.

But she did it, she is fine.

It will be enchanted and fine.

For speech is more than words.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, Literate.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

How to write a letter.

Dear Journal,

To write a letter finely, she should prepare.

Find a proper place, lighted and nice and think.

She should use proper tools such as letter opener dagger knife, perfumed scent and finest paper and ink, wax and writing utensils.

She should caligraph her letters very well, and write considerate words.

She should fold paper into envelope using letter opener and wax.

She should sign her letter with signet seal.

She should care and love, for everything counts.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, literate.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

She will Dance with Dagger Knife.

Dear Journal,

She will write about her in thrid person from now on.

That's the best way to dance and live or die.

Her knife is words, enchanted and fine.... they are built on Compassion so they are soft and sharp.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, low-estate diplomat.

P.S. She will use tat knife to fight for Enlightened Love.

Omega Protocol.

Dear Journal,

What is Omega Protocol?

i think it's ability to stay low and still behave curtly... i should work on this.

it has uses in Diplomacy.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, low-estate diplomat.

No more Inn food.

Dear Journal,

i've finally decided.

No more pancakes or other inn food. I will gather ingredients and cook on my own.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, liberated cook.


 photo CheabackfromhauntingKobolds_zpsfae8abf1.png

Chea, next to Stable, back from 'haunting' kobolds.

Later her outfit was cleaned and mended with cantrips.

Dear Journal,

What is Astral?

.... I wrote already 'metaphorically' .... i can elaborate but most of those who would read are not ready for this a knowledge .... If they wish to find such a knowledge, they will anyway ....

.... When they are ready for such.

It's only responsible to do this such a way.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, 'Skimpy Master' ('Skimpy' means neglient with Teachings, but for a reason).

P.S. Related topics are 'Astral Projection', 'Psyche', 'Telepathy', 'Imagination', 'Visualization', 'Lightened Form' and 'Lucid Dream' which i start to understand theoretically as well .... Too bad my soul lacks, but i can be Compassionate.

Common thoughtshape.

Dear Journal,

What is thoughtshape?

Each arcane school, each temple, each family, and more... create their common thoughtshape - system of common imaginations about them, world, and reality.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, Mental Witch.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Difference between Philosophy and Magic.

Dear Journal,

I was thinking.

The difference between Philosophy and Magic is such:

- Philosophy is about Thinking (word means 'Love of Wisdom'),
- Magic is about doing things somehow.

I prefer to be Philosopher, but sometimes i have to cast Spells.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, aspiring Philosopher.

P.S. 'I can think'.

P.S.S. 'Esoterics is Insanely Dangerous'.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Oscura Entry. photo Oscura_zps94003bdb.png

Oscura Entry.

Dear Journal,

I've entered Oscura, for Wethrillina Aeliath... Witch who was Attentus's Lover.

I do not know much of this place, except that it's fond of Slavery, Magics, Tortures, and it's Nobility.

I know i have no rights there, but perhaps affections of there Factions, due to my Teacher Attentus (even if i am liberated sometimes) and my Arcane Skill and Lore.

We'll see if i live.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, Awakened Witch.

Shiny Coppers, Bartrender in Disguise. photo ShinyCoppersBartrenderinDisguise_zps11da4f82.png

Shiny Coppers, Bartrender in Disguise

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Spellweaver Keep (Anheim's Tale).

I've applied to spellweaver keep a while ago, now i met it's leader, mage Maria.

We've discussed basics of cooperation, and i'll stay to protect, learn and represent interrest of less magically inclined people within the 'Keep'.

I was accepted for probatory duty period, during which i have to escort mages from the Norwick Gate to Maria's Tower and back. They do not need to waste spells on lesser enemies this way (goblins and undead are common on this route).

Is this war against Tyranny? i shall see.. For now i've accepted.

Escort. photo escort_zpseaeab276.png


On way there i wasn't in best of my shape, but we've arrived without wasting single spell.

Maria's Tower inside. photo towerinside_zpsf4592314.png

Maria's Tower inside.

Maria's Tower, meeting room. photo tower1stfloor_zpsaa716133.png

Maria's Tower 1st floor.

Maria's Tower, Arcane Laboratory. photo tower2ndfloor_zps2d9997d5.png

Maria's Tower 2nd floor.

After visit and Tower tour, Maria went to fight Bugbears.

I've escorted sir Salin Ashald on my way back. I fought better, but he had to use single spell (there were more numerous enemies and we went faster). I won't disclose which spell it was here, in this journal.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Short speech (Anheim's Tale).

Short Speech. photo comment_zps975cd9b5.png

Anheim's Short Speech in Peltarch Commons.

i did short speech in commons:


i was on Zen Pilgrimage to the temple of God of War,

now i fight for Peace, and Freedom,

but not at the cost of Enlightened Love,

i'll fight and kill Tyrants if neccesary,

for this is my way.


he replied with only one word:


this sounded like name.

-- Anheim.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Fishing pond and Demigodess (Anheim's Tale).

Group of four of us (i prefer to not disclose names yet) went to find proper spot for making fishing pond for Peltarch Citizens.

It's hard to find paid work in Narfell, except for killing humanoids (at least for adventurers), so i decided to let people live on fishing and protect the pond with all my ability. This way they will have food to eat at least, or can sell.

Leanna, demigodess. photo leanna_lights_zps29455354.png

Group of four meeting Leanna, Demigodess (woman in blue, sitting).

On the way we saw some kind of miracle. Woman of chaotic demeanor and great arcane power appeared to us, and toyed for a longer while. I won't mention everything in this journal, but sometimes my stupidity amazes me...

Place for fishing pond. photo place_for_pond_zpsb5afa43e.png

Suitable spot for fishing pond.

Anyway, after she was done (guard told her to not scare citizens with her powers) we went on. Found proper spot, now more legal actions are needed to secure it and then widening stream can begin.

It's not too far from city walls, but giants, orcs and wild cats still pose a threat.

I've decided to guard the place and those who fish there with my life. It'll be holy place.

-- Anheim.

Place for unarmed combat practice (Anheim's Tale).

Anheim meditating in Ashald Park. photo ashald_park_zps03363b7b.png

Anheim meditating in 'Ashald Park' in Peltarch.

i've found good place for practice for now.. Peltarch's 'Ashald Park', probably named after Rath Ashald, former Peltarch Senate. He has descendant, Rath Ashald-Jorinsen now.

Perhaps i won't be thrown out if i help (i'll start with sweeping leaves).

i've cast 'light' cantrip and meditated.

Will be continuing there with my unarmed combat ways.


Later i did some overall body stretching, then short shadow fighting practice (with imagined opponent) with my own shadow (shadow is inner dragon, and dragon is symbol of fear). It is said that greatest victory is against one's self.

-- Anheim.

P.S. i am curious about 'Peltarch Fighter Academy'.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Meditation and prayer to Tempus (Anheim's Tale).

Anheim's meditation and prayer. photo anheimsmediationandprayer_zps90625a1f.png

Anheim's meditation and prayer to Tempus for skill to fight Tyranny.

i've meditated and prayed to Tempus again, this time perhaps more wisely.

'Tempus, grant me skill to fight Tyranny, religious, magical or martial, or any other'.


i'll practice unarmed combat later.

i won't fight or kill unless neccessary.

-- Anheim.

Peace & Freedom fighting (Anheim's Tale).

i met interresting man, he was confused but trying to help. clearly he had expectations.

so i told him that he can call on favor, if he fights for peace.

we agreed that he can fight with words.


later i've confronted someone who found crusade dull, for he preferred slaughter.

he hid his face under helmet.

i could challenge him to unarmed fight, without helmet, but not on his terms (no extra points for suffering).

he wished to keep my teeth, if he pulls them out.

i'll find a way perhaps to uncover his identity, aside from his black red armor and voice i heard.

-- Anheim.

What is 'Aura'.

Dear Journal,

What is 'Aura'?

i think it's effect of 'Powerfield' on it's surroundings.

Surroundings are part of the 'Aura' and 'Aura' is part of the 'surroundings' and part of 'Powerfield'.

we shall see.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, liberated Witch.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Not so common.

Not so common. photo notsocommon_zpsa53808cf.png

Not so common.

Dear Journal,

i prepared for meditation for long time. little thoughts and spasms appeared on my face and body.

then i fell asleep, but not in the common room this time.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, sleepyhead.

P.S. fireplace was nearby, it was warm.

How can i?

How she can prepare for meditation? photo howshecan_zpse9818d9c.png

How can she?

Dear Journal,

How can i?

How can i prepare for meditation?

i bought tea and sit, relax and wait.

i'll move only when neccessary.

both mind, lips and body.

-- Yours, Chea Allin.

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Preparing for meditation.

Preparing for meditation. photo preparing_for_meditation_zpse752c57f.png

Preparing for Meditation.

Dear Journal,

Perhaps i'll visit monastery for some time to practice meditation.

Not Monk's way, but Yogi's.. for i do not wish to resign from Love and Sex.

-- Yours, Chea Allin.


Return. photo temple_triad_zps0aaeea46.png

Return (in the Temple of Triad of Peltarch).

Dear Journal,

i've returned to the land of living in shorter time than expected.

Gnarl and Romulus found my body and possession and brought back at the Temple of Triad in Peltarch.

i'll gather myself soon, for i've lost some memories, abilities and experiences... and 1000 gold pieces (cost of return in the temple).

i'll meditate.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, Witch.

Fugue Plane.

 photo chea_in_fugue_zpsfd851d80.png

Fugue Plane (after death).

I've stupidly went on patrol to the sewers alone. Invisibility spell failed unexpectedly, and was surrounded by cultists and their grey goo. Paralyzed and dead, ended up here in fugue plane... i understood after a while of a hazy dream.

I do not know when i leave this place and into which direction (either back on Toril, or to Realms Beyond).

-- Chea Allin, Dead Witch.

Ambush in Peltarch sewers. photo peltarch_sewers_zps89fcfb34.png

Ambush in Peltarch sewers (before death).

Beyond Energy Barrier (Anheim's Tale).

i've dared to venture past energy barrier and face new challenges.

Undead were easy. Zombies very tough, so two handed sword was weapon for them. Against skeleton, holy water sprinkler did it's due.

Then scavenger infested battlefield... Too easy opponents for skilled fighter, even if they sneak and backstab. They tried to parry, but strong attack is also a skill. I know few acrobatic tumble maneuvers so i could disengage with ease, thus i had maneuverability advantage.

Maneuverability, external weapons, unarmed martial arts, and more. Thus carrion crawlers and carrion swarms were also very easy to get rid of.

I'll work on parrying, it's not perfect but still can be useful.

Demon spawn in under tunnels almost killed me, when two of them cut my way out, and thrid blocked way in. I've escaped somehow. I had 'the' discipline to resist their energy point attacks aimed to make my arms weaker. Perhaps Chea is winning. I'll see if she is well...

With proper team we could even kill few or more, i think.

Way back was easy, even if i was injured.


i've met chea near Shady Varr's merchant wagon, she is well.

She bought 'Necklace of Fireballs' in meantime.


 photo waitingforsomethingtodo_zps3e48ff43.jpg

Chea waiting for orders.

Dear Journal,

I am waiting for something to do again, and for salary.

Neither orders nor payment arrive, i have just 1st star title and some legal rights and responsibilities.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, Cerulean Star 1st.

Four Winds Monastery & Hin Fist Adepts (Anheim's Tale).

 photo hinfistadepts_zpsc6a5a84b.jpg

Hin Fist Adepts & Temple of Hope in Silver Valley.

i've visited 'Silver Valley' and met hin fist monks (right sized folk), who were very quiet.

'Temple of Hope' was open but Four Winds Monastery (part of the 'Temple of Hope') closed.

'Emerald Circle' (Arcane group, also part of 'Temple of Hope') was closed too.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Snake Spirit Calling (Cirden's Tale).

Snake Spirit Calling. photo snakespiritcalling_zps7bcea456.jpg

Cirden Calling Snake Spirit.

Astral War (Anheim's Tale).

I've had lucid dream, and insight..

It seems i'll have to participate in Astral War, which is no less dangerous than real one.

It seems that Lucid Dreaming is key to Astral Travels.

I'll try to resist, for i do not wish to travel Astrally. Unless i have to.

Artistic Properties.

Dear Journal,

A while ago i've acquired few Artistic valuables.

Now i took Dragon Figurine from my Backpack, and Fine Paints from one of my boxes in the Cerulean HQ chests, to admire.

Perhaps something will come from it, for i have ideas.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, admirer of Art.

Fine Paints. photo finepaints_zpsb8afb399.jpg

Fine Paints (with brushes, for speech is more than words. You can tell something using Art, for example: Image, as well).

Dragon Figurine. photo dragonfigurine_zps4c670304.jpg

Dragon Figurine.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Swamp woes.

Swamp Woes. photo swamps_water_zpsfd04d2aa.jpg

Chea knee-deep in swamp water.

Dear Journal,

Another swamp trip in Tiamat's service.

Again armour wet, i had to dry it by fireplace at the 'Dancing Mermaid'.

My friend from Peltarch Defenders, Adelie De'Lanieth thinks that swamps are romantic, and perhaps they are.

I can tatter myself a little when it protects the Child.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, tattered servant to Tiamat.

P.S. Next time i should wear Tiamat's Holy Symbol on neck if neccessary.

After Loot Sale. photo afterlootsale_zps431f71e2.jpg

After 'loot' sale.

 photo firstbankofnarfell_zps01fb474b.jpg

'First Bank of Narfell' in Peltarch.

Is it pointless to conquer? (Anheim's Tale).

I think it is... afterall it returns to owners sooner or later, or they regret.

'Expansive solutions' lack.

Sometimes i think people think i am too weak. Sometimes too strong. And they want to destroy me and all my values just 'because'.

If they attack weak they regret.

If they attack because i am too strong, i can weaken myself by fighting them.

If i die, they regret, for no one will protect Enlightened Love.

On the Way to Four Winds Monastery & Dojo (Anheim's Tale).

 photo meditation_druid_glenn_zps9c80247b.jpg

Anheim meditating for Peace at Druids' Glenn.

I saw signs of Tempus awakening, thus coming war. Ravens and Dead Animals.

I've decided to travel to Silver Valley and visit Four Winds Monastery and try to train with hin monks at their dojo. For peace.

On the way i've meditated at Druids Glenn. For peace, and dead animals.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Service to Tiamat.

Dear Journal,

I was killing kobolds again, this time in service to Tiamat.

They are dragonkin, but they are lazy and weak. So they deserve to be killed in Her name, as Tiamat is evil deity.

I've skinned a rat, and offered remains in fire, so she won't be as busy as before when protecting the Child.

-- Yours, Chea Allin.


Dear Journal,

Soon i'll have to give service to Tiamat, to protect the Child. I have Her holy symbol.

-- Yours, Chea Allin.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Feud Crows, or Ars Magica part second.

Dear Journal,

i had insight and spoke rhyming again:


I saw the signs from before,

Feud Crows and Ravens return,

They will feed on dead,

And aim to start feud of old,

Ancient Spirit, Man Hanged,

Has sent out their cloud,

To instill feud thoughts in people,

So they will stupidly defend,

Against imagined enemy,

Who was told the same,

They will meet and kill,

For someone abused Art Skills,

But if people ignore,

Feud Crows will be delayed,

Killing a Crow is a Curse,

Spirit has to be killed instead,

He dwells in the land to North,

In barrow, in Ancient Northmen Town.

Those who dare such trip,

Should be wary of their thoughts,

And of emotions they have,

for hell is state of Mind,

That sometimes externalizes,

If somoene does not calm and kills.


-- Yours, Chea Allin.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Mala found.

Dear Journal,

I've found Mala in my Backpack.

Either i forgot or didn't see it there for some time.

Or someone put it there somehow.

-- Yours, Chea Allin.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Letter to Cirden.

Dancing Mermaid Inn. photo DancingMermaid_zpsb9cd5dd4.jpg

Chea preparing to write letter to Cirden Ev'riana, her friend from Yuirwood.

'Dear Cirden,

I didn't hear from You for so long. Are You hiding somewhere in a cave or woods?

I understand and respect your Fenmarel Nature somehow, but even Lone Wolf like You or Him should appear among people once a while.

-- Your Friend, Chea Allin'.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

My Death or Departure.

Dear Journal,

I foresee my death.

Too little friends here in Narfell, every new adventurer either gets bought by my enemies or leaves somehow.

I start to understand what Attentus meant by his words: 'To be Veteran means to have all friends dead or gone'.

I should depart. Perhaps i will.

-- Yours, Chea Allin.

Conserving Spells.

Dear Journal,

It's often good idea to conserve spells, relying on team, and to use simpler weapons against lesser opponents.

This way, spell reserve can be useful against more dangerous opponents and to secure way back through enemy territory. Never know when it's needed.

That's one of reasons of why i need to learn 'Flame Weapon' spell. To support team with it, and with flaming arrows... and not to be useless on the way to destination.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, Cerulean Star 1st.

P.S. If i conserve spells, our team can push further into enemy territory, before the need for camp and meditation for spells arises.

P.S.S. It takes strong character to keep such reserve during fight... Even if i won't use spells and simple weapons, i can be still very useful guarding team fighting so they are not flanked. Usually my role is to scout and provide extra firepower when neccessary.

Helmet to Enchant.

Outfit with 'Black Helmet'. photo blackhelmet_zpsc15a8753.jpg

Chea in 'Black Outfit'. With Silver Helmet dyed Black.

Dear Journal,

It's time to start using this silver helmet i've found, in preparation for enchantment.

I've dyed it black to reduce chance of being seen during night, and started chanting awareness chants.

It'll be called 'Black Visor of Awareness' when it's done.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, enchanter apprentice.

P.S. Enchantment won't be finalized until i learn 'Clairaudience and Clairvoyance' and 'Owl's Wisdom' spells.