Thursday, 27 July 2017

Hidden Meanings & Secrets.

Dear Journal,

Thoughts about Enlightened Energies, Hidden Secrets, Magick, Mysteries & Hidden Meanings occured to me.

Many of Enlightening lessons are lost, but there are 'treasure seekers' who search for objects of art, for textbooks with lessons, for other clues about such mysteries.

i am such 'Seeker' as well and know that hidden treasures can be found anywhere - these can be discovered in a textbook found in a deep cave, in a beautiful poem or a paint, in a misty pond surrounded by candles. Once someone uncovers deeper meaning of something this can open eyes & mind, can lead to revelations, to deeper understanding of Wisdom, to being closer to Enlightenment a little.

Enlightenment is a mind state, it's reached by cultivating Wisdom & Compassion, there are other ways that help as well.

i am a Witch & a Seeker as well, i wrote a poem about ones such as i:

'Quiet & light, this young witch is;
In hidden meanings - she finds revelation'.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, a Witch & a Seeker of Enlightened Energies.

Ancient Statue,
Is it a clue?

What secrets it holds?
Can it open eyes?

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Weapon Mastery (Amyliomendur's Tale).

After some initial amount of real combat & adventuring, i've dedicated myself to weapon mastery of longsword.

Perfection is found in the mastery of a single melee weapon - longsword in my case.

i seek to unite this weapon of choice with my body, to make them one, and to use the weapon as naturally and without thought as any other limb.

Weapon Mastery is the long way, for now i am only initiate.

In the martial ways training never ends.

-- Amyliomendur Nain, a Longsword Weaponmaster Initiate.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Spiders & Drow (Amyliomendur's Tale).

Fighting Spiders.

i've travelled & searched for my brothers in Narfell ... and found an adventuring group.

We scoured spider woods & goblin lands together.

Spiders & Ettercaps are quite a challenge, with their poisons & webs.

Then we found a nasty, big, fat & ugly spider that we defeated as well. His belly contained spider's silk & some gems that we sold later.

On our way back we traversed goblin territory & noticed a drow assassin questioning a goblin.

We failed to kill drow, but we did chase him away.

We carried goblin's body back to norwick, where one of us cast 'Speak with Dead' prayer.

Goblin corpse awoke, turned his still face at questioner and answered her questions. Drow wanted to know about local mines & veins, about Black Onyx deposits.

Black Onyx is a gem used by necromancers to create undead.

Then we cremated a goblin's corpse - so it won't be raised as undead, then went Peltarch to sell found gems.

800 gold coin in total, i have to find Adriana to give her a share.

So far no luck searching for my brothers.

-- Amyliomendur Nain, a Weaponmaster of Corellon - in training.

Big Spider.

Drow Elf Spotted.

Speaking with Dead.

Cremating a Goblin.

Amy's Arrival (Amyliomendur's Tale).

It started when our youngest brother Lomy escaped our home in Cormanthor woods.

We prepared expedition to persuade him going home, or at least to provide assistance if his will could not be swayed.

Isendir went first, scouting ahead as he usually did.

i've joined him after his first letter home - in which he wrote that Lomy is fine where he is.

Isendir mentioned that this land is plagued by undead, orcs, demons & drow ... among other threats.

We decided that i'll complete my Weaponmaster Training in Narfell then.

We'll keep sending letters to Cormanthor, to our family & friends - sparing them grisly details of flame, blood & gore, but not omitting important facts.

i took my chainmail, longsword & shield, some throwing axes as well ... and embarked on a travel & adventure.

-- Amyliomendur Nain, a longsword weaponmaster in training.

Amyliomendur Nain (Character's Description).

(under construction).

Name: Amyliomendur Nain.
Gender: Male.
Alignment: True Neutral.
Race: Moon Elf.
Classes: Fighter (6) / Weaponmaster (2).

Oldest of Nain brothers, a longsword/shield weaponmaster initiate.

Has pride & mirth of an elven race, yet can be lighthearted and lets others call him 'Amy' if they prefer .... calmness 'radiates from him', his movements are practiced, fluid, short & calculated - his weapon training can be clearly noticed.

Follower of Corellon Larethian, wears symbol of this Elven god on his cloak.

Merciless enemy of Drow Elves, except for those who turned to light from usual darkness of this traitorous elven subrace.


Monday, 24 July 2017

10th Exam (Anheim's Tale).

Long time of constant practice finally paid off - i did pass 10th exam in martial arts, with monks who visit me occasionally from abroad.

i am able to strike faster & more sure in the combat for extended time, not lacking breath, endurance, strength nor focus.

i got better at dodging blows, withstanding pain & avoiding spells, harnessed the Power of Ki as well.

-- Anheim, a Yogin & a Black Belt Martial Artist.


Sunday, 16 July 2017

'Opening' (Anheim's Tale).

Ogres & Incendiary Traps.

A group of adventurers went slaying ogres, when we did hear a scream sounding through their cave.

We hurried and saw a few black-robed, black-silver-blue masked men holding a captive in Cerulean Knights' gear.

Stealthily, a part of our group went closer to listen ... and intervene.

Isolde Garibaldi did cast a 'Hold Person' spell at man who put sword at captive's throat, then we engaged in the battle with rest. They did put up a tough fight, but considering some veru strong adventurers in our group as Alvaniel Danicen - they were fairly quickly defeated.

Captive was free, his captors - our prisoners. Group related that they overheard something about 'opening' & that the masked men can't be captured.


Soon we understood as magical purple-flames took their lives & bodies.

An ex-captive introduced himself as Surin Trusho, a Cerulean Knight, first star rank. He explained that he found a strange place near peltarch with magickal-force presence about and he investigated. Then masked men - 'Night Parade' as some of us called them, nicknamed 'Freakshows' by others in our group - were not happy with his presence near that place and held him prisoner for that. He said that something is about to happen and that we should hurry to 'opening'. We had no teleport spell, but Aoth Sepret, a gray druid could cast a cloudwalk spell. We went there that way.

It was indeed close to peltarch, a shallow & collapsed cave-entrance ... that started to glow green as we approached.

We considered options, then some of us spotted masked ambushers nearby ... shortly they attacked but were chased away by a fear spell.

We entered the portal, leaving our mage - Salin Ashald - to abjure & guard it from collapsing so we can return.

At first we thought we are in the 'Dreamscape', in someone else's dream, but then it turned out that we entered a hidden-till-now pocket plane. We explored, fought undead & orcs, faced deadly traps & deceptive illusions. Our goal was to find three keys that opened curious door in center of the plane.

As we wandered inside, we discovered that art & strong will affects the 'reality' here, by piercing illusions, by pushing back undead. We found the two of keys, meanwhile Surin Trusho found thrid. It was suspicious, he said he fought undead alone - that were quite a match for our group.

We passed through socket-door and entered a cage with entrance downwards.

Or so we thought. Soon trushin escaped cage magically, doors locked behind us, illusion in midst dispelled.

We were in a cage surrounded by magical barrier that prevented us from casting spells or bowshooting, among other things ... and there were guards. 'Surin Trusho', took off his cerulean outfit and assumed Night Parade's robe. He told us that he wanted us entrapped without spells & powers, caught off guard. Otherwise we're too prepared too strong. He promised we'll be free if we give him amulet we possess, if we give him information he sought. Otherwise we'll die from starvation here and he'll collect things from our bodies. We didn't yield to these threats.

We attempted to rest, but this caused a strong flash of light to appear, and long gong sounds ringing - depriving us from sleep.

Using rest of our magically-enhanced strength, we pried bars. Mostly it was weaponmaster Alvaniel & Bear-Shaped druidess Aoth. Guards shot arrows at us as they pried bars, but we didn't stop. Soon we broke free and a hard battle commenced.

We won & escaped the plane, richer in experience this time.

Aoth prayed by a burning incense-bowl, as i noticed her ... and asked her for an aid of lesser restoration spell. She was upset but did help me that way. It was nice of her.

-- Anheim, an Adventurer & a Legion Recruit.

A captive.



Pocket Plane.

Spectres & a mist-wall.

Piercing Illusions.


Socketed Door.


In a cage.


Aoth praying.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Order of Golden Light, a Helping Hand.

A monk.

Dear Journal,

Within our City of Peltarch, monks have started to appear on the streets and down at the docks.

They have been handing out food to the homeless and giving small acts of charity where possible.

They spoke of the Golden Light aiding those in the Jewel of the Icelace, as our city is sometimes called.

The monks themselves seemed very pleasant, they talked with anyone who did approach.

They did not give answers to questions about their order, but simply stated that they are willing to help where they can and they do so in the name of the 'Order of Golden Light'.

i did approach them & introduced myself as a meditator & a scribe at the Selune's Shrine in the Temple Lighthouse.

i wished monks all the best, and thanked them for their efforts.

i hope all good they do will last.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, a Witch & a Seeker of Enlightened Energies.