Saturday, 14 July 2018

A night sky full of stars.

Dear Journal,

... i've been skrying, observing the skies, doing other arcane and divinatory practices.

As the fates spin, as karma turns, the Aquarius Zodiac is gaining in Power, Magic Awakens across many Worlds.

Beings from hells and from other lower planes awaken, reincarnating as humans, as beasts, as ghosts.

... i've foreseen that gods answer to the subconscious prayers of many beings, of beings that are scared of the incoming darkness.

There's a rise among 'light points', among beings that are spiritually developed.

Attentus' next incarnation of major significiance shall come to Narfell someday, i got a few clues as well - but he's just a small point of light on the sky dark as night.

... i've foreseen that most likely he will be given name 'Kensho', a Kara-turan word for 'awareness', for 'awakening', for 'comprehension, understanding', and for 'seeing nature, essence'. 'Ken' in Shou, Kara-Turan language is not only 'seeing' but also 'sword'. Perceptions as sharp as blade's edge come to mind with that.

i like that, and will try to ensure.

Attentus wielded not only magic, but also sword at end of his life - this implies strong Kara-turan warrior's Karma that wanes as his lives progress.

... probably he'll be born in Damara, in a family of westerners well-versed in Kara-Turan traditions of Magic and Spirituality, and his name will be given after an old warrior-monk friend of that family who will die at Attentus' age of 9.

.... if i am not wrong, he will be taught meditation since early childhood and his sorcerous powers will awaken that way.

... i've foreseen that Mystra, Sel√Ľne and Azuth influenced his destiny - so he'll be guided to 'control' incoming 'hordes of darkness', in the name of Light.

... he will also gain attention of Kara-turan lesser sage-deity of Lightning and Martial Arts, Raiden - but i could not see why, so far.

... i've foreseen that there will be many others as him, as too much of responsibility and power would destroy him.

Gods seem to spare him too much of that burden, for now, i think.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, a Witch-Student of Master Attentus, a Seeker of Enlightened Energies.

Friday, 13 July 2018

... of Flames and Metal, of Dreams Dark & Bright.

Dear Journal,

When i sat in commons, chatting with other adventurers, i've noticed a change - Alvaniel Danicen wore bright outfit of red, yellow and orange.

This reminded me a song: 'Flames and Metal, Light and a Shadow ... all intertwined as in a dream', and i told them about it.

Alvaniel looked as in a dream, in these colours.

As i told about illusions, dreams and nightmares, that they are all-similar, another idea came to my mind.

... i joked i could include Alvaniel Charging in a Phantasmal Killer spell used against evil monsters.

Such a Beauty and Wrath could kill even Giants in a matter of a split-second, at a mere perception moment.

Alvaniel mentioned that she does not mind to stand back as casters work, so i'll think and plot.


Dear Journal,

i like to spend my time with kids.

... The way i talk and write is so childish by many, because of just that.

i do not want to scare kids, i want to create a family in future as well.

i came up with a idea of creating a 'Teddy', a tiny, illusory bear companion to play with kids.

... perhaps i'll succeed someday, both kids and i need each other, afterall.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, a Dream-Weaver Witch and a Seeker of Enlightened Energies.

a Conversation.

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Warlock of the Orc Fort.

Dear Journal,

Our fellow Cerulean Knight was taken to the orc fortress, so a group of adventurers went for a rescue.

i arrived late, so i do not know details, but key to teleporting to this place was setting aflame a cloak of a local sorceress, Kania Venommist.

We did this then found ourselves locked in a cell after we teleported.

Roslyn Underhill, our hin adventuress and lock-picker handled the lock with ease then one of orcs looked into our cell.

Quickly charmed by a spell, he was friendly for a while and when more orcs arrived we turned invisible while orc told them he's doing 'stuff' and they went onward.

Soon the charm spell faded, so we knocked our 'friend' unconscious and locked in a cell.

We went on a corridor, and inspected nearby cells.

Found some captured adventurers, including a drow assassin named Jin'lek Mizzrim, who helped with a djinn-rescue earlier.

We let him go, he skulked in shadows and aided us by scouting and poisoning orc meals as they feasted in the fort.

There were some fights with orcs and their beasts, but they were weakened by poison - so we won fairly easily each time.

Finally we found our Cerulean Knight, and after a fight with orcs who followed him, we went onwards.

Then we arrived in a main mess hall with orc bodies of poisoned fort's orc staff.

There was exit from the fort, we considered whether we want to plunder possible treasures of the fort, or leave sooner.

Cerulean Knight and Drow left, we decided to press our luck and explore.

One of the doors was inscribed with runes meant to fire at those who try to open it.

... i've tried dispelling, but instead of severing arcane threads linking doors to a negative energy plane - i miscast to the extent that wards exploded and portal opened from which shadow-creatures emerged.

After a fight, with almost a casaulty we recovered with use of potions ... and went on through now-open doors.

This part of the fort was darker than other places ... as we went on we've encountered incubus demon bound in a pentagram circle.

As it tried to seduce Kania into releasing him, we did attack.

He was tough but unable to defend itself, bound by a circle. He died and returned to abyss just before Kania broke the circle.

Corridor turned right and we've witnessed a hall where a really big orcish warlock, surrounded by arcane dark mist spoke to us.

He offered us treasures if we leave immediately, but we wanted him dead - he admitted that prisoners are 'experiments', and we concluded that if we leave, he'll gather more of people in that role.

Orc left to a nearby room, and we proceeded with dispelling the mist - as it magickally hindered our movements, and made orcish warlock invulnerable to our attacks.

After several minutes mist was gone and we saw orc surrounded again by mist, chanting, opening portals to abyss.

From portals demons poured - from Quasits, to Vrocks, Succubi and later even one Balor - as we focused on dispelling, while our warriors fought the menace.

Finally mist was gone, and Orcis Warlock became vulnerable. Alvaniel's strong blow disrupted his focus, and Balor Demon was gone.

Soon after Orc Warlock fell, we questioned him then killed, plundered his fortress where he ruled other orcs - and left, returned to Peltarch.

Near Peltarch we set up a camp where we divided spoils.

i've got three scrolls, three potions, and 3000 gold pieces as my share.

Scrolls were powerful, and potions still not so meek.
- Horrid Wilting, 8th Circle Spell Scroll,
- Incendiary Cloud, 8th Circle Spell Scroll,
- Tenser's Transformation, 6th Circle Spell Scroll,
- Potion of Greater Stoneskin,
- Potion of Greater Eagle's Splendour,
- Potion of Greater Owl's Wisdom.

Now i have about 3200 gp on me, and 9010 gp in Peltarch's 1st Bank ... and many valuable items in my bags.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, Adventuress & a Cerulean Star 2nd.






More Fight.



Firebrand - Hit.







Monday, 2 July 2018

a Djinni's Summon.

Dear Journal,

At Hemrod's i've met with local, fairly well-known adventurers who were headed to the Plane of Elemental Air.

One of them, Aoth Sepret was being summoned there to face accussations made against her by the Plane's ruler.

... i've agreed to follow and help.

As we left hemrods, we witnessed a formation of Djinni descending from the Sky, who urged Aoth to go with them.

She willingly agreed, and they took us as her witness.

In the floating fortress of Ice and Steel, we saw both djinni and mortals wearing expensive robes, tasting various luxuries.

This place was lush with wealth.

We floated to the throne room where Aoth faced her charges.

She was accussed of hiding someone accused of crimes, and in assisting theft of previous magical sapphires, a wish-granting jewels.

Our party told that Aldoon, a Djinni Caliph's emmissary lied and blamed his disloyalty on us.

After a long trial we were given ten mortal days to either:
- bring the Djinni Caliph the prized sapphire,
- or demonstrate Aldoon's guilt,
- or bring 'petitioner' or djinn boy that was captured to the Djinni Caliph.

After that trial we were guests of the Caliph, were given food, drink and luxuries worth about 700 gold pieces and sent to the Prime Material Plane again.

Before leaving we did initial skrying of Aldoon, we located him near the Temple of Akadi in the Giantspires.

After return to Prime Material, we departed and went for Auction at Norwick Town Hall that happened to occur that day.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, a Witch & a Seeker of Enlightened Energies.

At Hemrod's.


Plane of Elemental Air.

Throne Room.

Enjoying Luxuries.



Friday, 29 June 2018

Letter to Attentus.

Dear Journal,

i wrote a letter to Master Attentus, perhaps will have opportunity to present it to him - when we both reincarnate at similar age, when i'll be a little younger than him.

'Master Attentus - i've scried for Your past, Dearest - it is what my eyes saw, unbound by time's chains.

You are the one who was both cursed and blessed, with struggle and power, with torment and love.

You are also the one, who never was too far from my thoughts and from my heart.

Dearest Teacher, i admire your coherence, discipline and will in pursuit of love - my hopes are to be reborn as slightly younger than Your age shall be.

Then we can seek the light together.

-- Chea Allin.'

-- Yours, Chea Allin, a Witch-Student of Master Attentus & a Seeker of Enlightened Energies.

-=- Chea Allin, -=-

-=- ... styled after Midnight, a sorceress who became godess of Magic, Mystra. -=-
-=- Her black staff is a tribute to Khelben 'Blackstaff' Arunsun. -=-

Monday, 25 June 2018

Defeat is Not Enough (Frances' Tale).

... i've felt defeated after my last encounter with Giants.

After recovery decided to visit them again, and to play smarter.

Went at border of their territory, enspelled myself to increase my combat aptitude.

Invisibly scouted perimeter, with my shadow mastiff still visible, following me.

Noticed a isolated Hill Giant, cast haste on my dog and on myself and ordered dog to attack, with intent of using mastiff as a shield - so i can shoot safely.

When Giant was engaged in melee, started shooting my flaming arrows.

Fight lasted a while, as giants are tough - one arrow won't kill them so easily.

Finally Giant fell, leaving my dog almost defeated.

Looted 18 gold pieces and two of cure moderate wound potions from Giant's corpse, and left the area.

Now i live with a feeling of victory, not defeat.

-- Frances, a Giant-Slaying Adventuress.

P.S. it is rumoured that dwarven warriors of old times fought giants while being naked, without armour or clothing, only with their great dwarven axes.

P.S.S. Invisibility spells cease to function when i start shooting or doing any hasty or aggressive action.

Hill Giant Noticed.


... a Hill Giant's Corpse.