Monday, 15 January 2018

Avatars & Divine Forms.

Dear Journal,

There are worlds material & worlds spiritual.

Every Material Being has Spiritual Equivalents in Spiritual Worlds, there are Spiritual Phenomena as well.

At first, spiritual equivalents of material beings are called 'Avatars' or simpler - 'Spiritual Aspects'.

When developed in that direction, 'Avatars' can transform to 'Divine Aspects', false gods that are similar to Material Beings that developed in Spirit that Way.

There are Religions whose goal is to develop one's Avatar into a Powerful Divinity, then beings that cause them Ascend are their Priesthood.

Dear Journal,

... my insights tell me to Awaken Attentus' Avatar, to be Priestess for my Divine Spirit & for my Master's Attentus Divine Spirit, as well.

Even False Gods can be powerful, and they reward their Priesthood as they can, as they earn.

... in many Religions it's conidered blasphemy, act of treason against their Gods to serve & create other Gods.

... is every of Gods - False?

... i think Every God is False, even if they are Powerful, Wise & Compassionate.

... i'll do as i think of what people need.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, a Spiritual Witch-student of Master Attentus.

Spiritual Mistakes.

Dear Journal,

... i admit, as i progress in Spirituality i commit ever more errors.

People give me too much, wish to correct my errors so i adjust my way accordingly.

Then there's reaction and others come, adjusting as well.

... there's less of 'i' in 'i' as a result, i suffer again & again.

But ego reduction is a good sign, i think.

... perhaps i'll commit more of errors in future, probably i will.

it seems consequences will increase, i'll have moments of shine & moments of downfall as a result.

... where this leads?

... only time will tell.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, a Spiritual Witch & a Seeker of Enlightened Energies.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Attentus & Visage.

Dear Journal,

i met Visage, Attentus' Raven Familiar, she was flying near Temple of Selûne, Mystra & other gods i serve often in.

She's old, but still looks young & healthy ... we talked for a while.

Attentus died of old age, when his longevity potion failed him - he aged quickly, turning to the very dust in just a few of days after.

Visage felt his life force flowing in, she absorbed it when Attentus died - it seems she will live very long.

She's karmic & magickal connections between Attentus' main incarnation & Narfell, a few of his lesser of these she detected in Narfell Already.

Perhaps his main incarnation will appear in Narfell sooner or later as well, as presence of lesser incarnations is a sign of main incarnation coming in future.

She detected traces of his energies, signs of his magickal & enlightening presence in Narfell, in various places, beings & phenomena.

i'll look for these signs when i can, perhaps he 'is within'.

He was quite ungodly mage, not fearing being placed in 'Wall of the Faithless' too much ... so his main incarnation went there for a while after his death.

He wasn't ungodly to extreme, he respected Mystra most of all other gods.

Now his Religious Wisdom is far greater, probably surpassing mine.

He's still challenging gods, as it's his mind, karma & nature to be independent & responsible that way.

He can skillfully & wisely deal with gods, often serving them to gain karmic advantage over them & their servants.

Visage told me to investigate word 'Immanence', 'Present within' as well, in not only spiritual context.

We agreed to prepare world for his proper return, we have lot to do.

We parted ways, but promised each other to meet again when we can, if we can.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, a Witch-student of Master Attentus.

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Orc Cave & Longbone Debt Repaid (Isendir's Tale).

Visited Orc Cave a number of times, slowly gathering coin to pay my debt to Bronn, for the 'Longbone' Bow.

On last visit i wasn't alone, yet orcs had reinforcements - four Magicians & a Veteran, as well as unusually high numbers of Thugs & an Umberhulk.

We found some treasure, i was one who disabled trap & unlocked chest.

When we shared spoils in town, i hid a part of what i found, stealing from the party.

Then i participated in dice-rolling & sharing, taking even more.

Someday my greed will be my defeat, but for now i profit.

-- Isendir Nain, Greedy Adventurer.

P.S. i met Bronn Razenk a while later & paid him coins - now i owe him nothing.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Five Demons (Isendir's Tale).

This night in Peltarch's Commons was educating & entertaining.

Adventurers talked about their excursion into the Harbringer Mines, in Rawlinswood, full of Bugbears.

They were hired by a person named Thaz Al'Ghul from Temple Lighthouse, to seek sample of negative-energy-emitting crystal found there.

They fought their way in and produced a sample, stopping a Bugbear Ritual in process.

Thaz Al'Ghul, who appeared in Commons later during conversation shared his knowledge as well.

There's Demon coming from Thanatos, a layer of Abyss, Demon that now is bound to a location in the Negative Energy Plane, to a fortress called Tsian Tsumere ... his name is Glyphimhor.

Recently a Bugbear tribe fallen under his influence and the rite they performed was to open portal to Negative Energy Plane, so the planes conergence, the collapsing, is hastened.

There are many of vortices of negative energy in Narfell, even in whole of Toril, that the demons use to make undead & negative plane manifest in Prime Material of Narfell - this crystal is but one of these.

The Glyphimhor has four emanations, four demons with many lieutenants & slaves by which he employs his plans.

The names of these demons are:
- Ruin, demon of Narfell's southern parts,
- Rhigor, Lich that stations in Coldstones, Lich from 'the depths of the belly of death herself',
- 'Angel',
- Immolith.

This tale explains the rise of the undead in the Nars Pass, presence of the 'Shrouds of the Orcusgate' & of Curse of Old Norwick - rise of undead there - gaining in strength.

-- Isendir, Adventurer & Mercenary.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Witch of the Mists.

Dear Journal,

Tonight i did recollect some memories of my masters' Attentus lover, Wethrillina Aeliath, the Witch of the Mists, related with Unseelie Fey.

While it is not the time for the Wise Womens' Great Rite* today, i decided to practice in preparation for it, nevertheless.

Before morning i sat beside Ishtishia's Shrine, beside Water Godess Shrine and poured it's blessed water into my well-made holy silver chalice.

i put the Chalice on the Moonmaiden's Altar nearby, awakened my senses to World Spirit with a Clairaudience / Clairvoyance spell, then dipped Athamé's tip in Chalice's Blessed Water - as is done in the Great Rite itself. This rite represents union of Air & Water, of Masculine & Feminine Aspects, it's used to bless attendants.

i prayed to Moon Godess for guidance, so i am prepared for the Great Rite itself, when the time comes.

i prayed for Mist's Powers to awaken in me when time of need arises as well.

Then i did pour blessed water into the Icelace Lake, cleaned my holy spell component with a piece of cloth then put these back into my bag.

i stayed in the Temple for a while meditating, after.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, a Selunite Witch & a Seeker of Enlightened Energies.

a Water - Draw.

Chalice's placement on Moon Godess' Altar.

a Cast to Awaken Senses,

to World Spirit.

an Athamé - Dip.

a Prayer to Moon Godess.

Moon's Wisdom called for.



Athamé & Chalice.

* Great Rite is inspired by the Wiccan Great Rite.