Friday, 22 June 2018

Hunter Hunted (Frances' Tale).

... i've been trying my combat prowess against giants, while shadow mastiff kept them engaged in melee.

With moderate success at first, killed one giant and a manticore with my flaming arrows ... but was left seriously wounded by spikes shot from manticore's tail.

Retreated to nearby sandy cove and meditated to regain spells, used many of my light healing potions.


A while later, joined in party with a new adventurer, ranger Keerla and we killed a few more.


But this was not enough for me, i went there alone again.

Invisibly went deep into their territory, found one isolated giant.

Summoned a shadow mastiff, cast haste spells and opened fire.

This time giant was smart, as he ignored my mastiff and went straight to attack me.

Tried to flee, tripped, got hit few times by glancing blows of giant's club.

It hurt.

Then stood up, and started to flee - but lost direction and went wrong way into more of opposition - another giant and manticore.

Turned back, tried to flee past giant that was pursuing me ... got another glancing blow, and got hit by manitcore's spikes.

Really badly wounded continued to flee, then another manticore stood on my way.

It's spikes shot me unconscious and bleeding.


Somehow, perhaps it was my survival instinct, i regained consciousness in a puddle of blood.

As monsters were busy with themselves, quickly continued fleeing, hodling my stomach as it bled.

Then stopped to cast invisibility and limped quiclly to Peltarch's safety of Dancing Mermaid Inn where i collapsed on a floor of dormitory.

After a time of rest, i wrote this ... i still feel from my wounds, it will take me a while to recover.

i should not try to go so deep into their territory, and i should send my mastiff to attack giant first, before losing invisibility and shooting.

-- Frances, a badly wounded Archer-Witch.





Friday, 15 June 2018

Skrying for Attentus' past, part 6.

Dear Journal,

Attentus and Wethrillina were always together, were busy together.

People often called her 'Lina', for short.

As a part of their romance they united two Arcane Guilds - Spellweaver Keep with Emerald Circle, in which Lina was a member.

He was Spellweaver Leader, and Lina served others as an advisor.

She was wise and philosophical witch related with unseelie, cold fey - she was Distant, Menacing, Seductive and Cold outside - but so hot as a White Star inside, for those she loved or cared for.

She mentioned that scary stone-and-metal fortress that spellweaver keep was should also have a garden, and Attentus loved the idea.

They had some private time for themselves as well.

Other times they enjoyed presence of others, did some politics, involved themselves in arcane and political circles.

This was a romance with great meaning and with great style & company.

They had few friends, closest was 'Klaz' - a spellsword named 'Klazaroth Stormrage', a black sails leader named Deacon Sterr, and a warrior Talgrath Caldassan with his pixie friend.

Wethrillina liked to help tormented people, to solve their 'puzzles' as Attentus called problems that bothered them.

Klaz was a 'complex puzzle' by Lina's words.

Attentus could do anything for her, and when she was lost behind arcane portal - he ran to rescue her disregarding completely all of posiible dangers.

She was rescued.

Other time he admitted to her that he craves power to protect her, and she was impressed.

She understood him without words, and was modest, cautious, eloquent, loving and gentle for him, despite being sinister, dangerous and fascinating witch.

Her manners were without fault, she was elegant and not too formal when compared with Attentus.

Her words and touch of her blue skin were like heaven's caress.

Attentus loved her more and more each day that passed.

Their romance lasted for about a year, then she left him.

Attentus could not accept this at first, but she was gone.

But thanks to this romance worst of his emotional scars were healed, and eventually came to terms with himself and moved on.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, a Witch and a Seeker of Enlightened Energies.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Skrying for Attentus' past, part 5.

Dear Journal,

... i did skry for more of Attentus' past, and i learned as follows.

After his vision and return to society, Attentus was still in deep emotional pain.

Ruri's Heartstone blessed with love protected him from Vrock Demon, who started to avoid Attentus - but torment was still in his heart.

Later Attentus learned that Vrock hid in the Depths below Gypsy Camp's broken earth, where shadows served him.

It took years of compassion practice by Attentus, before the demon was fully defeated by Attentus, however.

Years passed, Attentus fled from life and engaged himself in Arcane Pursuits of Spellweaver Keep, advancing in ranks until he became Overseer, then the Leader, the Keeper.

When new mage appeared in the area, Attentus greeted her or him, showed and explained Spellweaver Keep, and sought romances from attractive witches.

But he couldn't find anyone whom he could love until he met Wethrillina Aeliath.

A witch banished from Norwick by a high-ranked Norwick Militia, a Barbarian named Uthger. They made her leave with swords bared, and torches in hands.

Attentus met her, and they cautiously exchanged their life stories, as time passed, as meetings came.

Both wicked and cautious, they both attempted seduction, tried to entrap other one under them.

Both fell in each other's traps, this romance could not be otherwise.

Attentus was still scared of revealing his emotions to Wethrillina, fearing that he will be left after showing that 'weakness' - but it was him who had to make first step, as he was a male.

Attentus arranged for revoking the banishment, as the Head of the Spellweaver he had that power in Norwick, anyway.

Then during a Norwick Faire, Attentus' elven friend, Evelyth Miliatani, sang a song that encouraged him to let woman have upper hand, to 'let her under his skin, then to begin to make it better'.

He offered his heart to Wethrillina Aeliath and she accepted his love - they started to be a couple, and even kissed each other passionately at fair's end.

Attentus torments were supressed by the new love, powerful, beautiful and true.

... i'll leave the nicer details for next time, Dear Journal.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, a Witch & a Seeker of Enlightened Energies.

-=- Wethrillina Aeliath. -=-

-=- except that being a Witch of the Unseelie Fey, she had a light-blue skin. -=-

-=- ... a heaven's caress. -=-

Thursday, 10 May 2018

A Poem - Tribute to Attentus.

Dear Journal,

My chores at Ashald's Park flowered with Arts, for i have a new Poem, written by myself, guided by insights.

'There is moonlight,
There are shadows,
Poison tear,
At meadow.

Many planes,
Many worlds,
So challenging,
Forces there.

Who is hero?
... he who suffers,
Love victorious,
Against Forces.'

it's a tribute to my Master, Attentus.

... i've glimpsed that even when he was aware how heroic he is, it brought him no light.

i doubt this poem's quality is enough considering the torments that Attentus went through, but it's only what i have for now.

... i wish to improve in Arts, Dear Journal.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, a Witch-student of Master Attentus.

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Tower of Love, a Den of Power.

Dear Journal,

... i had unsettling dreams,

... in my dreams i had a vision of a Tower, in which Beautiful Women of Power offered Love.

Tower of Love is a great Spiritual Challenge, for those who dare to enter.

... it's easy to annoy all women of the tower, by loving improperly.

... Tower is a symbol of Catastrophe, of Ruin in TAROT, Divination Deck of Cards.

... it's not easy to emerge victorious from that Test, but those who succeed will advance in Spirituality & Love, will achieve Great Success through many lives.

... Those who fail, will have their Karma Ruined for many lives, as well.

... i had insight that i'll visit the tower to serve there after many Reincarnations, as well - and won't fail the Test for Tower's Staff.

... had insights that many of our friends, including Attentus & Liliana will pass the Tower of Love's Challenges as well.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, a Witch & a Seeker of Enlightened Energies.

Saturday, 7 April 2018

a Dog (Frances' Tale).

- Shadow Mastiff. -

i've hunted Kuo Toa with my summoned shadow mastiff, then something appeared in my awareness.

Certain forces tried to counter me & my dog, wishing my death.

My cat's grace and bull strength worked weaker, but i told myself:

'Dog will come out anyway.
it's not so easy to counter a dog,
it's autosuccess'.

... and dog came out anyway, which reinforced my power through belief.

Then Oscuran Unholy Priest contacted my mind saying that he's in jail and wishes to be that dog, to be free, to come out.

i've agreed to terms - he will serve Enlightened Energies - as my favour for Chea - and improve his behaviour.

Hunt was a success, i killed Kuo Toa Mage, Kuo Toa Priestess & many lessers.

Dog tied them in combat as i quickly killed them with flaming arrows.

i won two scrolls - holy flame of Combust that i didn't have in my scroll case, and a Scare spell.

... in my awareness some stupid holy forces wanted me to sell scare, to not promote terror - but i am not terrorist mercenary for gold.

My scare-powers is not for sale.

Then i walked to Peltarch, sold some loot while keeping scrolls - and summoned shadow mastiff again a few of times, taking him out for a walk.

With unholy priest's powers, dog's menace and darkness increased.

He became more unruly, if i make mistakes he will wound me or even kill.

i took dog few times for a walk, so others can believe that dog will come out anyway, earning power of belief, hastening priest's freedom.

Then i meditated for a while in Ashald Park, to regain spells - and ate some cheese, nuts and garlic with black bread, drinking a non-alcoholic drink as well.

i will serve my dog as well, so it will not be unleashed.

To serve is to gain advantage, by common sense & spiritual challenge rules.

-- Frances, a Spiritual Witch.