Thursday, 23 November 2017

Huntmaster's Gloves (Isendir's Tale).

i met a Chauntean Priestess & a local magic item merchant, Anna Blake, in Peltarch's Commons.

i found occasion - magickal gloves that enhance Dexterity & a grip on a weapon of it's wielder, while reducing one's resistance to cold & chill.

Price was 6 000 gold pieces, but i was given a discount to 5 500 gold pieces & option to pay half now and half later.

If i fail to pay within a year*, i'll have to return these gloves to Anna Blake.

-- Isendir, a greedy & shy archer scout mercenary of Corellon Larethian.

* A year in game is a month in real time; precisely it's a little more, but for simplicity we agreed to a real time month limit.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Promise Fulfilled (Anheim's Tale).

First win.

Finally i did fulfill my promise to Tempus, to kill gnolls.

i killed three of gnoll wariors by myself, using only potions & martial arts.

They were alone or in a small group.

They have deadly knockdown training, but i did succeed to stun warriors twice with my fist.

i had to flee, heal & return to kill them.

i killed at least two of their younglings as well, and wounded one more.

... it was potions-expensive & dangerous holy trip.

i did offer part of my spoils - two of Endurance Potions - to Tempus at his Shrine, after combat.

Then, i stayed there to meditate.

-- Anheim, a Warrior & Martial Artist.

Second warrior.

Thrid warrior.

Offering to Tempus.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Noble Responsibility (Frances' Tale).

i did invest a lot of coin on Elemental Magick related with Air & Water, sold some of my less useful & heavy items for that.

i don't have much of coin left, after my recent spendings.

... then i did trade some of the more expensive of my healing potions for powerful arrows a quiver & for many of spell crystals.

Wailing arrows are on par with the best of arrows i've seen in the land, usually too expensive & rare to find.

The spell crystals are not cheap either.

i have a sense of urgency telling me to focus more on a Fight for Darkhavens, my noble family of Oscura, and less on pursuing personal power & riches.

-- Frances, a Noble Witch-Adventuress of Darkhavens.

Wailing Arrows.

Spell Crystals.

5 perfect, 8 regular, 19 rough.

a Discussion.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

The Power of One Hundred Elementals.

Dear Journal,

i did complete a Mist's Power, by buying a Bowl of Commanding Water Elementals,
the Censer of Controlling Air Elementals i do already have.

Censer has that precious quality that it's never used up ... but it's fail is that it can be used to summon only once a day.

Bowl can be used only ten times, but as often one desires - it's still useful as power burst, and Water Elementals are more powerful with their drown suffociation ability that can instantly kill. Otherwise they are fairly weak in combat, but probably stronger than me still.

Dear Journal,

i plan to call the power of one hundred elementals, by summoning them and making them come when called to obey.

These Elementals are weak, but not the meekest - and in this number they have the meaning.

i started doing it, under the Oscuran sway. Oscura is the Most Magickal town in the Land anyway, there are a proper Magickal Auras as well that i use to my advantage. i'll make sure they won't regret.

It will take me one hundred of days.

The Air Elementals are Genderless, and look suspiciously enough similar to Djinni.

Where's Djinni there Mandalas, however.

Under my command these will serve the Light far more.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, a Witch & a Seeker of Enlightened Energies.

The Censer.

A Bowl.

Beginning of the Preparations.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Complimentary Hand Mirror.

Dear Journal,

i bought a magickal hand mirror in Mystic River's Lodge Shoppe, for 1200 gold pieces.

It compliments wielder's beauty, magickally affecting charisma & power.

It's a nice vanity item for me.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, a Witch & a Seeker of Enlightened Energies.

To the Light (Chea's Dream).

Dear Journal,

i had a dream, strange & beautiful.

Selunite Priestess led me & Anheim with torch to a Dark Corridor, explaining that there's Light after a long way & many gates to pass through.

She would pass through adjacjent corridor with doors, reaching different destination, reaching the Chamber of Selune that she dreamed to visit.

She explained we'll keep a mind contact and cooperate, as progress of everyone depends on everyone.

She offered cooperation, Anheim agreed and i as well.

Her first door opened as soon as we agreed, it was apparently our first test. She entered and vanished in a dark corridor to right.

After a while of our meditation & wishes for her success, our first Gate Opened as well. Judging from a mind contact, her way was longer, even infinite - with many Chambers of Selune on the way, each another one harder to reach and closer to Selune. It was harsher test, as well and she was lonely in the dark.

Before we did pass through first gate, Anheim looked at me. i called Enlightened Energies for Protection, he did as well.

Then we were given permission to pass through first gate in Minds, and i spoke it aloud.

We passed, we were no longer in the entrance, but in a second chamber, with many doors. Plaque on the stand told:

'Loyalty Chamber, two person must pass through the same door, through the right door. Failure at either brings painful consequences, wrong destination corridor and dangerous delays.'

i meditated, got inspired and chose a gate, telling Anheim to trust me and go first.

He did without question, i followed, keeping my loyalty. Gate closed behind us.

Next chamber was 'chamber of powerlessness, we had to find traces of power there'.

Anheim was quick with answer: 'it's simple, three is number of Power'. 'Three', he spoke again, aloud.

Then a voice in our mind spoke: 'i passed through doors of pain & bliss, you can go on'.

Then a plaque on stand submerged into ground as with mechanical mechanism involved, and four stands with bowls arose, along with another plaque.

'Choose three elements'.

'i need mist to hide us while we are powerless, so it's water and air' i spoke.

'i need dagger' Anheim told.

'As with my Athame, the Dagger is associated with the element of Air - we already have this' - 'but we need earth for Pentacle's Protection, as well - until we find the way to exit. my intuition warns me that this chamber is deadly' - i added. 'so we'll lack the fire'.

We reached into bowls for elemental essences inside, then mist appeared blown by wind from holes in the chamber's walls ... and water on ground froze. Plaque transformed magically to say: 'Chamber of Mists & Ice - without fire you'll freeze to death'.

We didn't know what to do, so i told us to sit, meditate, and wait for Enlightened Energies' inspiration & guidance. We looked at each other, Anheim shrugged at me, then did that. i followed, hiding behind his body from wind, sitting close. i wished him to hug me, but didn't dare to tell. He touched my knee with his, we sat as that for a longer while.

After a long time of losing heat & emotions in my dream, i woke up ... all cold on body, shaking.

Changed dress and went outside to see the sun, not knowing of what to think about the dream.

It seemed important.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, a Selunite Witch & a Seeker of Enlightened Energies.