Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Testing Prowess (Raven's Tale).

- Testing Prowess. -

After a meditation & prayers to my godess, Shar, were complete - i went to test my new powers.

Spells were succesfully cast, but i need to find enchanted studded leather armouur that does not hinder arcane spellcasting.

Mage Armour was an invisible barrier for combat, my greatsword was set aflame.

In Nars Pass found a straying zombie, and after a short combat rendered it's bones and flesh burnt and inert.

Without much of excitement offered this test of prowess to Shar, and went on my way.

-- Raven.

- An offering. -

Monday, 14 May 2018

Animi Vidi Tenebrae Incarna (Raven's Tale).

Meditating before Shar's Altar.

... i've meditated before the Altar of Shar in Oscura, i've seen the darkness incarnation in my Mind's Eye.

... a sweet sinister chant in my mind soothed pains, troubles flew away - and i felt a power transfer from Godess to me.

'Song of darkness, song of fire,
Living torment, mind's desire'.

... soon after, energy centers in my mind and body opened, energy channels were aflow.

... i've felt unholy rush and an ecstasy, and new powers awakened in me.

... now i can send rays of necrotic energy at our foes, can set my weapons aflame.

... mage armour spell lasts longer now, as well.

-- Raven.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

A Poem - Tribute to Attentus.

Dear Journal,

My chores at Ashald's Park flowered with Arts, for i have a new Poem, written by myself, guided by insights.

'There is moonlight,
There are shadows,
Poison tear,
At meadow.

Many planes,
Many worlds,
So challenging,
Forces there.

Who is hero?
... he who suffers,
Love victorious,
Against Forces.'

it's a tribute to my Master, Attentus.

... i've glimpsed that even when he was aware how heroic he is, it brought him no light.

i doubt this poem's quality is enough considering the torments that Attentus went through, but it's only what i have for now.

... i wish to improve in Arts, Dear Journal.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, a Witch-student of Master Attentus.

Raven (Character's Description).

Name: Raven.
Age: 25.
Gender: Male.
Alignment: Neutral Evil.
Race: Human.
Class: Fighter 2 / Sorcerer 5 (a Male Warrior-Witch).

Deity: Follows Shar (godess of Darkness & Hatred, enemy of Sel√Ľne) - since his youth, in a deep way - but not fanatical. He can hate intensely, but can love & protect as well those he considers worthy, while looking with disdain at those he considers unworthy.

Occasionally, in challenging life moments he whispers a prayer chant to himself, to motivate himself.

'... Nocte Odium Ignis Mors,
Fiat Voluntas Pugna Luna ...'

Too often, he becomes bold & angry in these moments, barely controlling himself.

Home Town: Peltarch.


White haired young man, of athletic build and focused demeanor. Carries a two-handed sword on his back, wears studded leather or lighter robes. Quite charismatic, can be eloquent and persuasive. Magickal warding symbols on his cloak, armour and robe, a scent of herbal spell-components about him.


Planned build at level 14:

Fighter 2 / Sorcerer 12.


- Spell Focus: Necromancy (at 1st),
- Spell Focus: Evocation (at 1st),
- Weapon Focus: Greatsword (at 2nd),
- Knockdown (at 3rd),
- Extend Spell (at 3rd),
- Greater Spell Focus: Necromancy (at 6th),
- Empower Spell (at 12th),
- Toughness (at 9th).


- Discipline: 3 / fighter level,
- Concentration: 1 / sorcerer level,
- Lore: 1 / sorcerer level,
- Spellcraft: 1 / sorcerer level.


Level 1:
- Mage Armour (at 1st),
- Protection from Alighment (at 1st),
- Negative Energy Ray (at 5th),
- Endure Elements (at 7th),
- Shelgarn's Persistent Blade (at 9th),

Level 2:
- Bull's Strength (at 9th),
- Flame Weapon (at 6th),
- Lesser Dispel (at 7th),
- See Invisibility (at 11th),
- Eagle's Splendour (at 13th),

Level 3:
- Haste (at 8th),
- Vampiric Touch (at 9th).
- Fireball (at 11th).
- Dispel Magic (at 13th),

Level 4:
- Lesser Shadow Conjuration (at 10th),
- Bestow Curse (at 11th),
- Polymorph Self (at 13th).

Level 5:
- Firebrand (at 12th).
- Lesser Planar Binding (at 13th),

Level 6:
- Tenser's Transformation (at 14th).

Item Enchanting:

Planning to enchant magickal items starting at level 10 (Sorcerer 8).

- Spellsword's Leather Armour (Studded Leather, no casting failure chance),
- Ring (+1 Charisma, +4 Concentration, +2 Spellcraft),
- Ring (+1 Constitution, +4 Discipline, +2 Concentration),
- Pentacle Amulet (SR 16),
- Gloves (+1 Constitution, +4 Discipline, +2 Concentration),
- Boots (+2 AC),
- Cloak (+1 Charisma, +4 Concentration, +2 Spellcraft),
- Helmet: (+2 AC),
- Greatsword (+2),
- Ceremonial Robe of Shar (+1 Charisma, +4 Concentration, +2 Spellcraft).

This might change if/when he finds treasures, or buys from shops on occasion.

Sinister Whispers (Raven's Tale).

He was called 'Raven' since the day his captors brought him to the Temple, after burning his home village, after killing his parents.

He was raised in Temple, he learned basics of the witchcraft & a sword-play, since youth.

Often he heard sinister chants of those cultists, and by the time they resounded in his mind when he needed to think about his Godess.

'... Nocte Odium Ignis Mors,
Fiat Voluntas Pugna Luna ...'

He repeated these words in his own sinister whispers, as a form of chant & prayer, when he needed to remind himself of his destiny, when his life became too complex or challenging, when he needed to turn to his Evil Godess, Shar.


After his temple was burnt he fled to cold north, to Narfell.

He'll find his own way, he'll forge his own destiny in Shar's service - he thought.

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Tower of Love, a Den of Power.

Dear Journal,

... i had unsettling dreams,

... in my dreams i had a vision of a Tower, in which Beautiful Women of Power offered Love.

Tower of Love is a great Spiritual Challenge, for those who dare to enter.

... it's easy to annoy all women of the tower, by loving improperly.

... Tower is a symbol of Catastrophe, of Ruin in TAROT, Divination Deck of Cards.

... it's not easy to emerge victorious from that Test, but those who succeed will advance in Spirituality & Love, will achieve Great Success through many lives.

... Those who fail, will have their Karma Ruined for many lives, as well.

... i had insight that i'll visit the tower to serve there after many Reincarnations, as well - and won't fail the Test for Tower's Staff.

... had insights that many of our friends, including Attentus & Liliana will pass the Tower of Love's Challenges as well.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, a Witch & a Seeker of Enlightened Energies.