Monday, 31 August 2015

A Trip Northeast (Frances' Tale).

Out of Peltarch.

It seems that area near Peltarch is getting settled ...

... i went sightseeing northeast.

With invisibility & quiet it worked,

Passed the Swamps unnoticed.

Found myself in a Tunnel,

... Sunken beneath the Swamps.

Wanted a while's explore,

Possible Traps made 'another time'.

-- Frances Darkhaven, Adventuress.

Peltarch's Vincinty,


Sunken Tunnels.

Out of Tunnels.


... in the Wind,

... Invisible a Witch.

... an Invisible Return,

... passing the Swamps.

... Peltarch again.

a Rest.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Combat Tests (Frances' Tale).

a Fireball Spell Test.

Did some 'Combat Tests',

With my new Bow & Spells.

Meeker of Kobolds stand no chance,

To my newfound means, for now ...

-- Frances Darkhaven, a Bow-using Witch, a Noble Flame.

Invisibility, a Spell.


Lost in Death (Frances' Tale).

Gathering of Adventurers.

a Parchment.

Went on adventure recently,

Against undead, constructs & gnomes.

Through Norwick's Crypts reached,

Underdark's tunnels in Depth ...

Corpses of a few recovered,

Perhaps they will return.

Found few items of value,

Had my share as well.

-- Frances Darkhaven, Adventuress again ...

Against Time.

At Inn of Norwick's.

Gossip Collection.


a Fight with 'Direguard',

a construct of the Deep-Gnomes.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Kobolds, Lizards & Snakes (Frances' Tale).

Frances at Mermaid.

i've ventured into swamps near Peltarch again,

Kobolds, Lizardmen & Snakes this time.

... it seems i can defeat half a dozen of Lizardmen due to my current spells,

'Haste' & 'Flame Weapon' most notably ...

... but also other enhancements & a 'Shelgarn's Persistent Blade'.

... still a risky endeavor.

-- Frances Darkhaven, Adventuress again.

a Trip.

Kobold Fanatic, dead.

Fighting a Lizardman.

Shelgarn's Knife dancing between Snakes,

Snakes & Lizardmen corpses.

a Return.

... Sales done.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Kobold Warrens' Treasure (Anheim's Tale).

a meet.

we went to hunt treasures contained in 'the kobold warrens',

... with Ex-Senator Marty Leaffall & a powerful elven mage by name of 'Elvadriel'.

we found some goods that we did sell in Peltarch for coin.

-- Anheim, an Adventurer.

after a fight.

Troll form.

... summon, a Shadow.

... a 'fireball' spell cast.


Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Bear (Frances' Tale).

a Meeting,

At Norwick's central fire.

i've met an Elven Ranger of Rawlinswoods, by name of 'Acuise Strongbow'.

We went for a short walk around Maria's Tower,

In nearby cave we did kill a bear.

i had new spells, new toys to test afterall.

As it turned out, he was looking for relationship, i was not.

-- Frances Darkhaven, Ex-Adventuress.

... After fight.

Bear Cave ...


... Bear 'kill.

at Inn, a Rest.

Exploring Southern Parts (Frances' Tale).


After a short kobold hunting trip & sales, i've explored southern parts of Narfell for a while.

Traversed woodland parts of the pass, druids' sanctuary, silver valley, rawlins.

Bought gnomish silverware, meditated under a waterfall.

It seems this voyage & meditation helped me to understand 'magic of this land' better.

-- Frances Darkhaven, exploring a Witch.

Exploring the Pass.

Waterfall & Meditation.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Divine Spear (Frances' Tale).

Walk 'n' Prepare.

i did go out to hunt coin & kobolds at nearby swamps.

nothing special in swamps itself, but on way back something ...

i did sense strange energies ... only to find a 'Spear of Divine Origin' as i passed the cobblestones of Peltarch.

it's sale price at shop was 1053 gold pieces, so after a while of wait i should sell it to willing adventurer or adventuress for about 3000 gp.

-- Frances Darkhaven, a Witch.

... after a Fight.

'Divine Spear'.

a Shop's nice price.