Monday, 30 November 2015

Martial Arts against Kobolds (Anheim's Tale).

a Serie of Punch Strikes.

i've observed my Martial Arts used against kobolds.

'high' kicks against kobolds when convenient, occasionally other fancy moves went well.

this didn't change the fact that i've returned to Peltarch wounded.

-- Anheim, a Martial Artist.

a Low Kick.

a High Kick.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Eye & Mirror, Moon & Mind.

Dear Journal,

a phrase appear in my Mind,

... a phrase of 'Eye & Mirror, Moon & Mind'.

Dear Journal, in a Mirror, an Eye can see ... itself.

A Mirror is an Eye-Opening & a Mind-Opening experience as well.

... what we can perceive, affects our thoughts.

Moon is with a Mind state of Madness, ... they say,

But Moon can brighten the Dark as well, even the Darkness in Mind.

Mirror & Moon are written to reflect the Worlds,

... Eye & Mind can Perceive.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, a Selunite, a Witch, a Seeker of Enlightened Energies.

A Mirror.

a Rainy Day,

at Vanessa's Vanity Tailor Shop in Peltarch.

Dear Journal,

today is a Rainy Day, a good time for a Quiet Reflection,

i've observed one of Radiant Godess' Attributes that i carry with me,

i've observed a Mirror & a World reflected within.

How a Mirror is related with Mind, with Insights as well ?

-- Yours, Chea Allin, a Philosopher, a Witch, a Seeker of Enlightened Energies as well.


Saturday, 21 November 2015

Lasso of Snake.

Lasso of Snake.

Dear Journal,

i've observed one of the Attributes of the Radiant Godess, that i carry with me all the time.

... It's a Lasso made of Snake.

How it works?

... Perhaps Snake's Head can be awakened, animated using Dharmic, Arcane or Divine powers that i possess, other beings as well.

When awakened, snake is dangerous & smart, helps to protect being or thing grabbed by lasso, to seize control over such ... i imagine.

It's useful for catching harmful influences, i read.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, a Witch & a Seeker of Enlightened Energies.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Gods & Faiths.

at Inn,

... with Thoughts,

Dear Journal,

... i was sitting at Mermaid, thoughts occured to me,

thoughts about Gods & Faiths, both of Greater & Lesser,

i think there are many gods, even if some disagree,

... for God is a Mind-State, that later becomes life's a part.

... a prayer is when i speak to god, meditation is when i listen what god tells.

no Godhood lasts forever, eventually every god falls,

there's no worse pain than of dying a God.

... only Enlightenment is True, the Non-Ceasing Experience.

being a Witch using Enlightened Energies, i often make a wish come true,

both wishes i made, as well as of others.

wish or magic does not need faith to succeed, but faith does strenghten wishes & spellcasting,

especially with a proper god choice.

i meditate & pray with many of the Gods, including Mystra, the Godess of Magics.

... OM ...


-- Yours, Chea Allin, a Witch & a Seeker of Enlightened Energies.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Gloves of Fearless Archery (Frances' Tale).

i should enchant a pair of gloves to be used with archery.

these gloves should be enchanted with Magics to increase wearer's Nimbleness & Fearlessness,

should work in a similar way as one of my rings,

should work nicely with other magic items as well.

... that might prove useful against a numerous opposition, or in a spooky shadows of dark tunnels in caves or similar.

... especially with arrows enchanted to burst with flames as they pierce enemy with steel.

-- Frances, a bow-wielding Witch of Darkhavens.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

... of Darkness & Light.

Dear Journal,

... is it true that Darkness Protects the Light ?

i had a Dream, Dear Journal, a Dream in which Demons roamed through Woods, seeking Lights to Devour,

Demons feed on the Light, on Thoughts & Feelings that bring the Liberation,

The Demons wish to entrap us in Hells ...

Dear Journal,

When a Cloak of Darkness hides a Light Source, Demons can't sense it from afar.

Occasionally Demons bite at our Black Cloaks, trying to scatter them, to find the Light,

... Cloaks are Menace of Demons as well.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, a Witch & a Seeker of Enlightened Energies.