Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Snakes are Hamsters.

Sorceress at City's Night.

Dear Journal,

i sat at Peltarch's Commons at Night, i had insights, thoughts occured in Mind.

i had thoughts that my She-Serpent Yoga's Ceremonial Robe i wore, that my Snakeskin Sorceress Robe is Grey as a Hamster.

Robe is Grey as a Hamster, for Snakes ate Hamster a many - and one is what she or he eats.

Snakes probably reincarnate as Hamsters in worst cases - from that respect's perspective at least.

That's how karma works i think, i think it's related with Animals' revenges.

i am a Hamster as well, for i hid many items - of both magickal & dharmic nature - in my inventory, in my bags.

i think - considering that Universe is Timeless - during many reincarnations everyone ate a Snake.

i think that every Snake ate every Animal, considering Timeless.

i think that my robe has Timeless Qualities of All Animals, this is the Great Magickal Power.

World of Animals is associated with Love & Eating, with Stupidity, Fight & Protection as well.

i'll probably eat a Snake soon, as well.

i do not wish to reincarnate as an Animal, however - so i'll do proper chores, including mantras, meditations, feeding & protecting animals.

Cats, Panthers, Snakes & Hamsters as well.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, an Adventuress, a Witch & a Seeker of Enlightened Energies at most.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Silver Pentacle's Enchantment.

Dear Journal,

i've enchanted again.

i've used Cerulean HQ's room that acted as a laboratory.

This time it was silver pentacle, that protects against Magick.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, a Witch & a Seeker of Enlightened Energies.

Character name: Chea Allin.
Character receiving item: Chea Allin.
50-50 XP Hit: N/A.
Caster Level: 8.
Enchanting Facility: Cerulean HQ or Mystra's Shrine in the Temple Lighthouse of Peltarch.
Spells Used: Resistance.
Materials Used: Masterworked Silver Pentacle, Moonstone, A little diamond powder.

Item Level: 8.
Next Enchantment: ?

Item name: Silver Pentacle.
Item properties: Spell Resistance 16.
Costs: 2900 gp, 9000 1e xp.


The Pentacle is the most famous symbol of Witchcraft.

It is a picture of a pentagram - five-armed star in a circle, each of the arms correspond to one of elements or spirit (top arm).

It's said it holds Protecting Powers, that are imparted upon wearer.

After reserving time in laboratory & paying the fee, Chea prepares for a ritual of empowerment.

She visualizes (visualization in this context is a form of imagination) a dragon form, a symbol of protection & magick - when tamed.

She purifies her Masterworked Silver Pentacle by draining unneccessary energies from it, crushes the moonstone, mixes powders with oil - then spends energy.

She meditates, deeply visualizing her spirit teacher, a dragon, as she intends to impart it's properties to her pentacle pendant & it's wearer(s), speaking mantras (spells) that imbue item with dharmic (arcane) blessings.

She smears the gem-powder & oil into pentacle pendant, spreading the mixture evenly.

Mantra she uses is the Resistance Mantra.

Spell she uses is 'Resistance' for imparting protection into the pentacle pendant.

Form she meditates on is called a Dragon-Protector. He appears before her and send energy rays around that build up into powerfield (mandala).

Chea oversees energies as they flow, speaking mantras as neccessary and correcting errors as they arise. After a proper amount of time, when all energy points are opened and joined with energy channels, she uses forms that give appropriate properties on each of them, then closes enchantment, finishing.

She offers them to her teacher in her mind and is allowed to use them.

Pentacle pendant is ready.

She cleans laboratory, showers, dresses, wears her newly-enchanted pentacle pendant to take her familiar for a walk outside the town.

She will check the item in real combat.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Dwarven Plate & Worgs (Amyliomendur's Tale).


i bought a dwarven plate armour from an adventuring dwarf, for 1000 gold pieces.

Plate armours of lesser quality are usually sold for 2500-3000 gold pieces, so this was quite a deal.

i estimate it's value to be of about 4000 gold pieces.

Costs of corrections (size & other) at Violetta's were neglient, mostly because of it's modular construction.

Dwarves are one of best Armoursmiths across the lands, but elves are in many ways finer.

Then we we went westwards on a combat adventure.

One place seemed to be a witness some recent deaths, was full of blood.

Whatever it was, we found only Orcs, Worgs & Wolves.

Armour was battle-tested, turned out a fine protection in practice as well.

i keep.

-- Amyliomendur Nain, a Longsword Weaponmaster in Training.


Orcs & Wolves.

Dwarven Full Plate Armour.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Elves & Dwarves (Isendir's Tale).


Elves & Dwarves are formiddable teams, but too rarely they do agree.

This time i did travel with a dwarf, for a while with two dwarves.

One of dwarves was hired by a Witch of the Lake, Maria, to clear the surroundings of her tower from enemies.

She did bewitch him with 'good magic', i warned him that they often both bless & curse at the same time.

We fought Undead, Demonic Terrors, Goblins, Hobgoblins & an Umber Hulk.

We burned Demonic Terrors' bodies as well.

Found some scrolls & potions, picked up a Rose as well.

-- Isendir Nain, an Adventurer.



a Hobgoblin.


a Rose.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Piggu Wolveschant (Character's Description).

(page under construction).

Resting under Tree.

Character Concept:

it's inspired on a very old narfell character 'Piggu the Skald', with some additions.

Large Half-Orc Barbarian, Druid & Bard playing on drum & horn, wearing hard-wolf skin cloak with wolf-maw hood over his chainmail.

Has a fearsome wolf companion.

Fighting with Axe & Shield, or with a Spear.

Not a drinker, but a herb smoker.

Follows Mielikki, she allows him to use Ranger Weapons & Metal Medium Armour without breaking his Druidic Oaths.

Build Notes:

Planning to go up to Druid 6, for a Dire Wolf companion, per character concept.

Then going for Bard levels to catch up - per character concept.

Power-wise, he needs a lot of caster levels so his spells last and have more power.

He's not strictly the warrior character, even if he can fight decently - as any male half-orc of the northern barbarian tribes should be able to.

Stat-wise he'll probably invest everything into strength - this is in-character development.

If i gave him less charisma & more strength at beginning, then caught up with charisma, he would eventually have more of ability points, but this is not good roleplaying, it's not art.

Good roleplaying involves creating an internally-consistent character fitting concept within possible limits, then playing his or her advancement from character's perspective.

P.S. i noticed it's a quite strong build :
- High AC (Chainmail + Shield + Mage Armour + Tumble + Barkskin + Dex),
- High Strength (at level 6 up to 24 with Bulls Strength and Barbarian Rage),
- High AB (Strength + class + sometimes druid wilderness bonus + weapon focus + masterwork weapon in future),
- High Damage (Especially when he buys a Greataxe),
- High saving throws, especially Will - Higher with Druid Spells,
- Animal Companion for extra attack and damage absorption,
- Knockdown Feat,
- Healing Spells,
- Quick running (+10% Barbarian bonus),
- Haste Potions work well both for combat, spellcasting and running,
- Many other tricks - he's quite versatile character, especially when he becomes a blacksmith (weapons, armours, art).



Dwarven Hold Light Battleax'.

Main weapon.

Dwarven Hold Large Shield.

Off-hand, for defense.


A sidearm.


For combat or animal skinning.

Sling, for taunting mostly.

Bullets, for sling.



Fur Tunic.

For a bad weather.

Fur Cloak.

Worn over chainmail or clothing.

Fur Gloves.

For warmth.

Fur Boots.

For walking.

Hand Drum.

For Art.

Elven Longhorn.

For Art.


Equipped items.

Potions & other.

Weapons & Armour.

Miscellanneous items.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Value of Coins (Isendir's Tale).

We elves are usually moved by Arts, Beauty & Gentleness, by Higher Ideals.

Yet i've spent too much in shadows, in adventuring & wars, however.

As a mercenary i've learned that death has a price, signed by contract with employer.

As a rogue i learned that gold has power, it can be used to influence, to buy luxuries, to buy tools, to increase chances of survival.

As an adventurer i learned that with gold, one can even return from death.

Adventuring needs cost - weapons, armour, trinkets - and especially rogue's tools.

Potions, Scrolls, Bribes, Trap kits - these are our tools of trade - often very expensive.

Ah, Poisons & Magical Arrows as well - and much more.

If contract is lucrative enough, it's worth to invest.

Some call me greedy, i think i am ... even if a shy introvert.

i won't deny it - gold is very important to me, both as a mercenary and rogue i've learned this well.

i've learned to count coin in my purse well, both incomes & expenses.

Yet, i am elf still - and more easily trust other elves than other races.

i follow Corellon Larethian, this brings me hope.

i occasionally find kindness in other races, yet they are change & pass away so quickly - can't get too attached.

i still try to keep track of whom to help, whom to repay.

is there honour among riff-raff?

it's mostly sentiments & flowers.

-- Isendir, an adventurer, archer, scout & a shady-world-mercenary of Corellon Larethian.

Mind Forms (Isendir's Tale).

My recent failure at resisting stun spells, followed by being shot to death by archers was still vivid in my mind.

Then i've shared this concern with a meditating monk in Peltarch, he offered to teach me 'Mind Forms' that will strengthen my Will.

We meditated together for a while, it was a pleasant experience.

He told me to practice regularly, to speak during meditation affirmations such as:
- 'i won't falter',
- 'my mind is a tower of iron will',
- 'this spell won't have power over me',
- 'elven reverie denies enchantment's hold',
- ...

He taught me to build an anchor to this practice, to visualize myself absorbing these lights of affirmations ... so i can call on these in combat by visualizing myself surrounded by protective light barrier, by speaking in mind one of these affirmations as spells head to me.

His name is Anheim, i owe him a debt of gratitude.

He seemed to be a nice man, i've told him that i'll practice regularly until i master it enough - and that i'll help him when he needs.

i hope we'll talk in future again, he brought me calmness & wisdom.

-- Isendir, an adventurer & a mercenary in training.

Worg Fur Leathers (Isendir's Tale).

Isendir in his new Armour.

i've wandered into our Elven Brother B'eldur again, he was with Old Skull Lord Dwarf again, as well as with Half-Orc by name of Pugor.

He found new leathers, and offered me his old armour that was weighing him down, excellent for fighting, scouting & rogue-work.

i've given him all of my better potions for that (worth about 2200 - 2600 gold pieces when bought, when sold much less), he considered it a fair trade.

i hope it was so, as enchanting such armour costs 2200 - 3300 gold pieces, plus materials (worth 2000 - 3000 gold pieces in this case) - and there's life force drain associated & a failure's risk - because of which enchanters charge at least three times enchanting costs, usually much more - when they want to enchant for a price at all, which is quite rare as well.

Usually enchanter performs a rite to share the life force's drain with customer equally.

If i ordered such item it'd cost me 8 000 - 10 000 gold pieces i think, and i'd have to provide materials on top of that. if enchanter failed at enchanting would cost me materials, effort & time - he or she would cover the enchanting costs & we both would cope with the life force's drain. thankfully it happens rarely.

But indeed there's discount to be considered when goods weigh you down and you want to get rid of them quickly.

i don't really need these potions so much as this armour, as it won't get depleted by drinking and should last at least for a while before i'll find better one.

B'eldur spends a lot on potions however, he's talented & active warrior-archer-scout that can also fight in melee to a degree, he needs these more than i.

-- Isendir Nain, an adventurer & a mercenary in training.

Wolf Fur Leathers.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Magick, High & Low.

Dear Journal,

There's Magick, High & Low.

High Magick is the Spiritual Pursuit, it's goal is getting closer to Gods, acquiring their Genius & at least a part of their Power.

High Magick is the long-time goal, one should care about basic needs first, i think.

Low Magick is more practical, focuses on aspects such as Protection, Love, Wealth, or other basic needs.

High & Low Magick has something in common, as certain practices of High have uses in Low.

i've looked into High Magick practices recently and found out what are basic, beginning steps into it.

High Magick training includes:
- Divine Meditations, Divine Mantras, Visualizations, God-form Assumptions,
- Relaxation, Concentration, Self-Exploration, Regression & Breathing Exercises,
- Purification of the Soul,
- Initiation Ceremonies,
- Theory & Practice about the Elements, mostly balancing of Inner Elements,
- Theory of Planets, Moons & Zodiac, Zodiacal Hierarchies,
- Magickal Signs,
- Tree of Life, Related Divine Names & Soul,
- Dark Tree of Life,
- Ancient Languages,
- Spiritual Rites,
- Gods' Adorations & other Prayers,
- Body Awareness Exercises,
- Mind Awareness Exercises,
- Speech Awareness Exercises,
- Extra Sensory Perception Exercises & Psychic Development,
- Celestial Forms Assumptions,
- Astrology, the Aspects & Natal Chart Drawing,
- Interpreting Horoscope,
- Alchemy,
- Elementals,
- Magickal Amulets, Tools & Symbols,
- Planes of Existence,
- Precious Stones & Minerals,
- Divination & Skrying,
- Geomancy,
- Ritual Images & Diagrams,
- Spiritual Entities,
- Perfumes & Incenses,
- Plants & Herbs, Plant & Nature Spirits,
- Mysteries,
- Oracles,
- Gematria,
- The TAROT,
- Divine Holy Texts,
- Eastern Teachings,
- Spiritual Symbols,
- Auras,
- Development of Will,
- probably much more.

High Magick is the long-time goal, one should care about basic needs first, but i've started my way on it as well.

i won't proceed with High Magick too fast however, as it's dangerous to my sanity - among other threats.

One has to build a solid foundations for more advanced practices as one proceeds.

This involves memorizing a lot of text, as well as lengthy rituals, meditations & other practices.

i won't reach for more advanced lessons before i am ready, Dear Journal.

i won't even read too advanced theories without preparing first, as it affects one's psyche & activates one in Astral, attracting unwanted forces.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, apprentice of Attentus.

((Chea's High Magick is based on the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn's High Magick)).

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Arcane Teachings.

Dear Journal,

In his previous life, my Master Attentus was interrested in the Enlightened Energies as i am.

For long time he had a very few of the clues, he had only basic and scarce amounts of that wisdom, he was a simple man with many 'untied' pearls of wisdom.

i was lucky to make a mind-contact with him at young age, yet he develops still after reincarnation, even if the world he's reborn in is different.

i still have a mind-contact with him, i still learn in a secret, inner way - mostly from him, but not only.

He's far wiser than me now, as he started earlier - even considering that his wisdom in previous life didn't mature very far.

Wisdom accumulation can accelerate very fast when one cares.

... but more about what is a lesson, and how these can be conveyed.

Dear Journal,

Lessons can be acquired from books, from observation, from practice, from thinking, or from an experienced teacher.

i had insight that lesson is a mind-contact between student & teacher, where student, teacher & act of conveying lesson are parts of the same whole, a moment of contact, of union.

Karma, the Law of Cause & Effect determines when lessons can occur and from whom, and in what form.

My master - therefore i as well - are now in a part of a powerful mind-stream, transmission flows from Enlightened Being well versed in the Arcane, flowing from being to being, finally reaching my Master, then me.

It's also called inspiration - transmission of methods from teacher to student - i also inspire other beings in a lesser, more subconscious way i think.

We are all a part of the Noble Lineage of Transmission, where our Nobility is of purely spiritual nature.

i am proud of being a part of that Lineage & School.

i am very grateful for these lessons, i regret seek my independence at first in an immature way, by considering myself no longer his student.

Now i think that true maturity involves gratitude for teaching, adressing former master with that title of 'Master', with a title of respect even after growing independent.

Attentus was wiser in that respect in his former life, he kept introducing himself as: 'Attentus, apprentice of Versutus', and calling Versutus Master without a single lapse in his life.

When i started calling him 'former master', he let me ... so i could grow more mature and reach current stage as is now.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, apprentice of Attentus.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Goblin Hold. (Isendir's Tale).


Search for my treacherous brother Lomy proceeds, so far no success.

He's quite elusive, i've found traces of him in Peltarch's Bardic College & in the other places - but then he left before i could catch with him.

Charting local territory might prove useful in this & other pursuit.

i've met another newly-arrived elf in Peltarch Commons - by name of B'eldur - who also wanted to explore.

We've scouted Lizardmen Caves past the kobold swamps, then went south.

In Norwick another adventurer joined our efforts - a human warrior named Raymundo, or Ray for short.

We went south then east into goblin-controlled territory where we met tougher opposition of their goblin casters, goblin archers, goblin grenadiers & quite though goblin elite melee warriors - aside from lesser goblins.

Then we proceeded into a cave, we guessed it is 'Goblin Hold' that local rumours spoke about.

There we met goblin assassins, goblin archers, goblin casters, goblin grenadiers & a lot of lesser goblins ... but also beetles, spiders & angry enslaved umber hulk.

Trapped lootbags proved empty, and i've failed opening one of these - was poisoned in the result.

Herb-treatment proved partially succesful at stopping poison's effects, i barely could continue.

We ventured deeper and found a treasure room ridden with many lesser goblins, we dispatched them to hells they deserve.

B'eldur found thieves' tools that i've used to open the chest and found some impressive treasures & potions.

We've attempted to fight back our way out through goblin coal mine, meeting their warriors & slaves who mined there.

Barely awake, i carried treasures and fought. After about 15 minutes of travelling in this condition we fell into an ambush, i was stunned with a spell, unable to move - as goblin archers shot me to death.

Others of our party were busy drinking potions to save themselves, were too wounded themselves to come for help.

My confused consciousness awakened in the fugue plane, where time flew strangely quickly. Then something reached for my mind & soul, enticing to go back.

i've followed the lead of light & found myself in the Chauntea's Temple, where priestess Ylallin administered healing.

i was in Pain & Confused, yet felt some strange strength coming from the experience of visiting spiritual plane of death.

i've insisted on distributing loot, so i could retire to an inn after that.

We rolled bone dice, i was second.

Chose plate greaves, boots for combat. Need some dye-ing & cover-work, so Peltarch officials won't hunt me for wearing these.

After a short visit at inn, i've taken boat north to Peltarch where i've sold useless part of loot.

Found that 'raise dead' spell's costs (1000 gold pieces in total for a single cast that brought me back on a border between life & death, the following treatment to stabilize & heal me was included in that cost as well) were split among B'eldur & myself, and what i sold covered my part.

Beside gold turning equal, i've found myself in possession of valuable boots for combat, trap kits to set-up, thieves' tools for shady activities, some scrolls and a lot of stronger potions. Other adventurers of our party also found a lot, i've observed them as they took.

i've had a practice in handling traps & locks, in archery, dodging & melee. i've visited plane of death, fugue, i grew stronger with overall experience.

i grew more valuable as an adventurer, learned to be careful & avoid even weaker of spells - especially during ambushes.

i need rest, then will continue searching for my brother, Lomy.

-- Isendir, an Elven Adventurer-Mercenary of Corellon, in search for his brother-trickster.

Deeper into a goblin territory.

Tougher Goblins.

Inside the 'Goblin Hold',

Weakest of Goblin Forts.

Enslaved Hulk.

Goblin Trasure Room.

Greaves for Combat.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Illeanne (Character's Description).

(under construction).

Character's idea:

Half-elven bard and rogue girl wielding kukris, throwing knives & shuriken as well as a dancing performance.

She's a victim of sexually transmitted disease (she occasionally spits blood and is weak physically - low constitution). This disease is something dark & sinister, attempts of magical healing failed so far.