Thursday, 17 August 2017

Arcane Teachings.

Dear Journal,

In his previous life, my Master Attentus was interrested in the Enlightened Energies as i am.

For long time he had a very few of the clues, he had only basic and scarce amounts of that wisdom, he was a simple man with many 'untied' pearls of wisdom.

i was lucky to make a mind-contact with him at young age, yet he develops still after reincarnation, even if the world he's reborn in is different.

i still have a mind-contact with him, i still learn in a secret, inner way - mostly from him, but not only.

He's far wiser than me now, as he started earlier - even considering that his wisdom in previous life didn't mature very far.

Wisdom accumulation can accelerate very fast when one cares.

... but more about what is a lesson, and how these can be conveyed.

Dear Journal,

Lessons can be acquired from books, from observation, from practice, from thinking, or from an experienced teacher.

i had insight that lesson is a mind-contact between student & teacher, where student, teacher & act of conveying lesson are parts of the same whole, a moment of contact, of union.

Karma, the Law of Cause & Effect determines when lessons can occur and from whom, and in what form.

My master - therefore i as well - are now in a part of a powerful mind-stream, transmission flows from Enlightened Being well versed in the Arcane, flowing from being to being, finally reaching my Master, then me.

It's also called inspiration - transmission of methods from teacher to student - i also inspire other beings in a lesser, more subconscious way i think.

We are all a part of the Noble Lineage of Transmission, where our Nobility is of purely spiritual nature.

i am proud of being a part of that Lineage & School.

i am very grateful for these lessons, i regret seek my independence at first in an immature way, by considering myself no longer his student.

Now i think that true maturity involves gratitude for teaching, adressing former master with that title of 'Master', with a title of respect even after growing independent.

Attentus was wiser in that respect in his former life, he kept introducing himself as: 'Attentus, apprentice of Versutus', and calling Versutus Master without a single lapse in his life.

When i started calling him 'former master', he let me ... so i could grow more mature and reach current stage as is now.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, apprentice of Attentus.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Goblin Hold. (Isendir's Tale).


Search for my treacherous brother Lomy proceeds, so far no success.

He's quite elusive, i've found traces of him in Peltarch's Bardic College & in the other places - but then he left before i could catch with him.

Charting local territory might prove useful in this & other pursuit.

i've met another newly-arrived elf in Peltarch Commons - by name of B'eldur - who also wanted to explore.

We've scouted Lizardmen Caves past the kobold swamps, then went south.

In Norwick another adventurer joined our efforts - a human warrior named Raymundo, or Ray for short.

We went south then east into goblin-controlled territory where we met tougher opposition of their goblin casters, goblin archers, goblin grenadiers & quite though goblin elite melee warriors - aside from lesser goblins.

Then we proceeded into a cave, we guessed it is 'Goblin Hold' that local rumours spoke about.

There we met goblin assassins, goblin archers, goblin casters, goblin grenadiers & a lot of lesser goblins ... but also beetles, spiders & angry enslaved umber hulk.

Trapped lootbags proved empty, and i've failed opening one of these - was poisoned in the result.

Herb-treatment proved partially succesful at stopping poison's effects, i barely could continue.

We ventured deeper and found a treasure room ridden with many lesser goblins, we dispatched them to hells they deserve.

B'eldur found thieves' tools that i've used to open the chest and found some impressive treasures & potions.

We've attempted to fight back our way out through goblin coal mine, meeting their warriors & slaves who mined there.

Barely awake, i carried treasures and fought. After about 15 minutes of travelling in this condition we fell into an ambush, i was stunned with a spell, unable to move - as goblin archers shot me to death.

Others of our party were busy drinking potions to save themselves, were too wounded themselves to come for help.

My confused consciousness awakened in the fugue plane, where time flew strangely quickly. Then something reached for my mind & soul, enticing to go back.

i've followed the lead of light & found myself in the Chauntea's Temple, where priestess Ylallin administered healing.

i was in Pain & Confused, yet felt some strange strength coming from the experience of visiting spiritual plane of death.

i've insisted on distributing loot, so i could retire to an inn after that.

We rolled bone dice, i was second.

Chose plate greaves, boots for combat. Need some dye-ing & cover-work, so Peltarch officials won't hunt me for wearing these.

After a short visit at inn, i've taken boat north to Peltarch where i've sold useless part of loot.

Found that 'raise dead' spell's costs (1000 gold pieces in total for a single cast that brought me back on a border between life & death, the following treatment to stabilize & heal me was included in that cost as well) were split among B'eldur & myself, and what i sold covered my part.

Beside gold turning equal, i've found myself in possession of valuable boots for combat, trap kits to set-up, thieves' tools for shady activities, some scrolls and a lot of stronger potions. Other adventurers of our party also found a lot, i've observed them as they took.

i've had a practice in handling traps & locks, in archery, dodging & melee. i've visited plane of death, fugue, i grew stronger with overall experience.

i grew more valuable as an adventurer, learned to be careful & avoid even weaker of spells - especially during ambushes.

i need rest, then will continue searching for my brother, Lomy.

-- Isendir, an Elven Adventurer-Mercenary of Corellon, in search for his brother-trickster.

Deeper into a goblin territory.

Tougher Goblins.

Inside the 'Goblin Hold',

Weakest of Goblin Forts.

Enslaved Hulk.

Goblin Trasure Room.

Greaves for Combat.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Illeanne (Character's Description).

(under construction).

Character's idea:

Half-elven bard and rogue girl wielding kukris, throwing knives & shuriken as well as a dancing performance.

She's a victim of sexually transmitted disease (she occasionally spits blood and is weak physically - low constitution). This disease is something dark & sinister, attempts of magical healing failed so far.


Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Evil Influence.

Dear Journal,

i've met a dwarf in Peltarch Commons, a dwarf who wore scary skull on his head, and death-coil robes over his body.

He claimed to be incarnation of 'Old Lord Skull', of dead god Myrkul.

Selune does fight against undeath, but i decided to 'pull his tongue' and question him before acting. Perhaps he was just insane.

i know reincarnation happens that way that indestructible mind reincarnates in one body, and inspires other beings to become similar ... by tales, objects of art, texts ... so there's one main incarnation, and more of confused beings in whom old being reincarnated as well - to a certain degree.

The Skull-Dwarf agreed with this theory, and mentioned something about others like him, about 'Church of the Reaper' rising soon.

His goal is to regain his divinity, to 'recover his lost divine essence'.

i asked him how he aims to do this? he replies that there are two ways. One is that the rival incarnations have to either worship him, or that he will devour their souls.

He seemed in need of mortals to speak, to praise him so his power grows.

i'll report this to the Cerulean Offices ... we might be interrested in this dwarf & his misdeeds.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, a Cerulean Star 2nd.


Monday, 7 August 2017

Developing Energy Body.

Dear Journal,

There are many practices that allow one to develop inner energy body into a harmonious whole.

During such a practice energy centers as well as energy channels activate, connect & open, then body's inner structure evolves.

Different practices lead to different results, however, and one should be cautious when joining ways.

i know of four ways of working with inner energies:
- Enlightening Meditation, including Meditation on the Teacher,
- Qi Gong - energetic practice of the Martial Arts,
- Female Serpent Yoga - highly esoteric eastern spiritual way, getting closer to gods,
- Arcane Initiations - something my Master Attentus practiced, the High Magick Way, which goal is spiritual growth & union with gods.

There are probably many more of the spiritual practices that work with energies, but i try to keep the number modest.

i know that the more ways one practices, the more complex whole process gets - it's easy to make mess in one's nervous, breathing & energetic systems - something undesired, dangerous. The less ways one pursues, the safer & faster whole process is.

In my case, i am joining arcane ways with enlightened energies, so my inner structure is enlightening - but i have 'arcane slip', some more of the unusual channels opened - that allow me to progress in the arcane ways further.

i focus on Enlightening Meditation, with a little of Female Serpent Yoga & Arcane Initiations - and i know that Anheim has Meditations & Qi Gong practices.

i also heard an important lesson that these ways should not be mixed - when i do meditate, i only meditate; when i practice Female Serpent Yoga, i only practice Female Serpent Yoga; etc ...; what works well internally within a certain system, does not have to work well when mixed with another way.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, a Witch & a Seeker of Enlightened Energies.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Chakras - Energy Centers.

Dear Journal,

There are energy centers within a human body, clusters in head - in brain, in throat, and down the spine as well.

Each of these energy centers are called 'Chakra', which can be literally translated as 'Wheel'. This symbolism tells us a great deal. The wheel is circular in shape and turns upon it's axis. Each chakra is also described as lotus, 'Padma'. The lotus, much like a lily, is an extremely beautiful flower with many petals. The chakra is similar to both the wheel and the lotus as it revolves around the centre and unfolds its individual vortices.

The human being produces a complex and specialised energy field, a living network of subtle energies. The chakras are significant centres within this living network. The channels which make up this network are often likened to rivers. Like rivers, these lines of energy may be blocked by obstruction, drained empty, full and nourishing. Where many rivers meet, a confluence is formed. It is a powerful pooling of energies, a whirling vortex of force. This is a chakra: the confluence where life energies meet. It is the wheel of life.

During meditation, often with proper breathing, mantras & visualization, these energy centers - as well as energy channels - open like a flower & are purified - life-energy can flow smoothly, one becomes well-balanced & harmonized; One can feel this energy circulating one's own body, can tap on it for martial arts, martial combat, healing, acupuncture, massage or spellcasting - and probably for other ways as well.

I am not so strictly a medicinewoman, i don't know much about human anatomy - so i do not know finer details of energy centers & it's flow - i have only a basic knowledge; Perhaps will deepen it as my life continues.

There are seven major chakras.

1. Muladhara Chakra - located at the base of the spine. It's name comes from words 'mula', meaning root and 'adhara' meaning base or support. Here we have first clue to the function of this centre. It provides our sense of rootedness and grounding in the world. As a tree cannot stand strong without deep roots, so we cannot grow without a strong connection to the outside world through the first chakra. Muladhara chakra is attributed to the colour red and element of earth.

2. Svadisthana Chakra - it is located at the coccyx in the lower abdomen adjacent to the base chakra. The sacral chakra is clearly connected with the sexual and reproductive life. When open this chakra permits deep interrelationship and connection. When this centre is closed, feelings and sexuality remain disconnected. Svadisthana chakra is attributed to the colour orange and element of water.

3. Manipura Chakra - it's located in solar plexus, and likened to personal sun; It is a personal furnace & a storehouse of life energies; It represents the sense of self and place in the world. Manipura Chakra is attributed to the colour yellow and elemental fire.

4. Anahata Chakra - located in middle of the body, where heart is - it's also called 'heart chakra'; attributed to Compassion and Unconditional Love, colour of green, and to element of air.

5. Vishuddi Chakra - located where's throat, it's also called 'throat chakra'. Clearly, the throat chakra is connected to the functions of speech and the ability to communicate. Empty words should not be mistaken for communication. The first four chakras move through the elements of earth, water, fire and air. This fifth element - 'Akasa' - symbolises the mystery that is life itself, spirituality & space. This chakra is attributed to the colour of blue, to the colour of the sky.

6. Ajna Chakra - the 'thrid eye chakra', located on the forehead; it's the 'eye of mind'; Ajna implies both 'to know' and 'to command'. It's both perceiving & thinking that this chakra is responsible for. It's assigned none of elements, and a colour of indigo. Mantra for opening & purifying this chakra is: 'OM'.

7. Sahasrara Chakra - the chakra at the top of the head is called the crown. Crown chakra is important for spirituality, for enlightenment. the crown chakra is attributed the colour violet and none of elements.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, a Witch & a Seeker of Enlightened Energies.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Cold Circle (Anheim's Tale).


Today many adventurers answered call of druids for help, i was one of them.

Planes converge, demons pour from outer realms - druids' lives are used to fuel the dark magicks.

We were invited to the Coldstone Druid Circle's Sanctuary, in the Coldstone Mountains, where we discussed things.

They follow Auril, yet we formed a temporary alliance against demons - with Rawlinswoods Circle, with Coldsone Circle & with Shadowglen's Circle.

There's Demon-Lich of Terror called Rhigor, whom we must stop, way to do this is finding it's phylactery, destroying it then killing the Lich's undead body.

We called Celestial being named Eponymus, who answered our question about phylactery's location - he told us that 'Rhigor's soul resides in a fortress we know well. A fortress where angel fell and archon died'. We guessed it's the 'Tian Sumere' citadel.

Meanwhile Coldstone Circle is being attacked - just like Rawlins Circle was, wards are being weakened, central power source drained. They expect attacking forces coming as well.

We formed basic plans - we'll search for the phylactery, we'll defend Druidic Circle Sanctuaries - both of Coldstones & of the Shadowglen, we'll kill the Demon-Lich.

Shadowglen Circle, consisting of bugbears & other furies-following creatures needs our help against necromancers that dwell in deep rawlins, in an abadonned Elven Camp.

Once they receive our support against necromancers, they will add their forces to support the Coldstone Circle's forces.

Using powerful nature magick, we were sent to Peltarch by druids of the Coldstones.

-- Anheim.






Center of Circle's Power.

Hargakku, Bugbear Druid.

Eponymus, Celestial.


Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Enlightened Energies.

Dear Journal,

i am a Witch & a Seeker of Enlightened Energies.

But what they are?

In this world, there are none - or a hidden few - of the Enlightened Teachers who can bless, give lessons, help to reach Enlightenment.

Yet there are traces of their influences, there are auras - powerfields in which one feels blessed, feels happy; Enlightening Powerfield is also called 'Mandala', yet this word holds other meanings, related with Enlightening Practices, as well.

There are objects of art, lessons & related philosophies - found mostly in Kara-Tur; these often radiate blessing, radiate energies as well.

... finally, i heard a lesson that all is energy, even matter, even living beings. Thus 'Enlightened Energies' also refers to the people who reached that Mind-State of Enlightenment, that Mind-State of fully realized Wisdom & Compassion.

Relic or Artifact that is the homage to Enlightened Beings is called 'Torma', and seekers of such hold the title of 'Tertön'; The title of 'Tertön' is a very high praise among initiated circles - it's not easily earned.

i think that my Witchcraft & the Blessings of the Enlightened - work well together.

i can use magick to protect, to support people - spreading Wisdom & Compassion, this is Enlightening Activity.

i think that my magick can benefit from blessed energies of enlightened beings as well - it can increase spells' power, it can help to protect innocents, inspire to use spells & rites responsibly.

i do meditate on art, science & spells, i do meditate on Wisdom & Compassion, i do meditate on Protecting Activity, i do meditate on Elightenment.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, a Witch & a Seeker of Enlightened Energies.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Hidden Meanings & Secrets.

Dear Journal,

Thoughts about Enlightened Energies, Hidden Secrets, Magick, Mysteries & Hidden Meanings occured to me.

Many of Enlightening lessons are lost, but there are 'treasure seekers' who search for objects of art, for textbooks with lessons, for other clues about such mysteries.

i am such 'Seeker' as well and know that hidden treasures can be found anywhere - these can be discovered in a textbook found in a deep cave, in a beautiful poem or a paint, in a misty pond surrounded by candles. Once someone uncovers deeper meaning of something this can open eyes & mind, can lead to revelations, to deeper understanding of Wisdom, to being closer to Enlightenment a little.

Enlightenment is a mind state, it's reached by cultivating Wisdom & Compassion, there are other ways that help as well.

i am a Witch & a Seeker as well, i wrote a poem about ones such as i:

'Quiet & light, this young witch is;
In hidden meanings - she finds revelation'.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, a Witch & a Seeker of Enlightened Energies.

Ancient Statue,
Is it a clue?

What secrets it holds?
Can it open eyes?

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Weapon Mastery (Amyliomendur's Tale).

After some initial amount of real combat & adventuring, i've dedicated myself to weapon mastery of longsword.

Perfection is found in the mastery of a single melee weapon - longsword in my case.

i seek to unite this weapon of choice with my body, to make them one, and to use the weapon as naturally and without thought as any other limb.

Weapon Mastery is the long way, for now i am only initiate.

In the martial ways training never ends.

-- Amyliomendur Nain, a Longsword Weaponmaster Initiate.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Spiders & Drow (Amyliomendur's Tale).

Fighting Spiders.

i've travelled & searched for my brothers in Narfell ... and found an adventuring group.

We scoured spider woods & goblin lands together.

Spiders & Ettercaps are quite a challenge, with their poisons & webs.

Then we found a nasty, big, fat & ugly spider that we defeated as well. His belly contained spider's silk & some gems that we sold later.

On our way back we traversed goblin territory & noticed a drow assassin questioning a goblin.

We failed to kill drow, but we did chase him away.

We carried goblin's body back to norwick, where one of us cast 'Speak with Dead' prayer.

Goblin corpse awoke, turned his still face at questioner and answered her questions. Drow wanted to know about local mines & veins, about Black Onyx deposits.

Black Onyx is a gem used by necromancers to create undead.

Then we cremated a goblin's corpse - so it won't be raised as undead, then went Peltarch to sell found gems.

800 gold coin in total, i have to find Adriana to give her a share.

So far no luck searching for my brothers.

-- Amyliomendur Nain, a Weaponmaster of Corellon - in training.

Big Spider.

Drow Elf Spotted.

Speaking with Dead.

Cremating a Goblin.

Amy's Arrival (Amyliomendur's Tale).

It started when our youngest brother Lomy escaped our home in Cormanthor woods.

We prepared expedition to persuade him going home, or at least to provide assistance if his will could not be swayed.

Isendir went first, scouting ahead as he usually did.

i've joined him after his first letter home - in which he wrote that Lomy is fine where he is.

Isendir mentioned that this land is plagued by undead, orcs, demons & drow ... among other threats.

We decided that i'll complete my Weaponmaster Training in Narfell then.

We'll keep sending letters to Cormanthor, to our family & friends - sparing them grisly details of flame, blood & gore, but not omitting important facts.

i took my chainmail, longsword & shield, some throwing axes as well ... and embarked on a travel & adventure.

-- Amyliomendur Nain, a longsword weaponmaster in training.

Amyliomendur Nain (Character's Description).

(under construction).

Name: Amyliomendur Nain.
Gender: Male.
Alignment: True Neutral.
Race: Moon Elf.
Classes: Fighter (6) / Weaponmaster (2).

Oldest of Nain brothers, a longsword/shield weaponmaster initiate.

Has pride & mirth of an elven race, yet can be lighthearted and lets others call him 'Amy' if they prefer .... calmness 'radiates from him', his movements are practiced, fluid, short & calculated - his weapon training can be clearly noticed.

Follower of Corellon Larethian, wears symbol of this Elven god on his cloak.

Merciless enemy of Drow Elves, except for those who turned to light from usual darkness of this traitorous elven subrace.


Monday, 24 July 2017

10th Exam (Anheim's Tale).

Long time of constant practice finally paid off - i did pass 10th exam in martial arts, with monks who visit me occasionally from abroad.

i am able to strike faster & more sure in the combat for extended time, not lacking breath, endurance, strength nor focus.

i got better at dodging blows, withstanding pain & avoiding spells, harnessed the Power of Ki as well.

-- Anheim, a Yogin & a Black Belt Martial Artist.


Sunday, 16 July 2017

'Opening' (Anheim's Tale).

Ogres & Incendiary Traps.

A group of adventurers went slaying ogres, when we did hear a scream sounding through their cave.

We hurried and saw a few black-robed, black-silver-blue masked men holding a captive in Cerulean Knights' gear.

Stealthily, a part of our group went closer to listen ... and intervene.

Isolde Garibaldi did cast a 'Hold Person' spell at man who put sword at captive's throat, then we engaged in the battle with rest. They did put up a tough fight, but considering some veru strong adventurers in our group as Alvaniel Danicen - they were fairly quickly defeated.

Captive was free, his captors - our prisoners. Group related that they overheard something about 'opening' & that the masked men can't be captured.


Soon we understood as magical purple-flames took their lives & bodies.

An ex-captive introduced himself as Surin Trusho, a Cerulean Knight, first star rank. He explained that he found a strange place near peltarch with magickal-force presence about and he investigated. Then masked men - 'Night Parade' as some of us called them, nicknamed 'Freakshows' by others in our group - were not happy with his presence near that place and held him prisoner for that. He said that something is about to happen and that we should hurry to 'opening'. We had no teleport spell, but Aoth Sepret, a gray druid could cast a cloudwalk spell. We went there that way.

It was indeed close to peltarch, a shallow & collapsed cave-entrance ... that started to glow green as we approached.

We considered options, then some of us spotted masked ambushers nearby ... shortly they attacked but were chased away by a fear spell.

We entered the portal, leaving our mage - Salin Ashald - to abjure & guard it from collapsing so we can return.

At first we thought we are in the 'Dreamscape', in someone else's dream, but then it turned out that we entered a hidden-till-now pocket plane. We explored, fought undead & orcs, faced deadly traps & deceptive illusions. Our goal was to find three keys that opened curious door in center of the plane.

As we wandered inside, we discovered that art & strong will affects the 'reality' here, by piercing illusions, by pushing back undead. We found the two of keys, meanwhile Surin Trusho found thrid. It was suspicious, he said he fought undead alone - that were quite a match for our group.

We passed through socket-door and entered a cage with entrance downwards.

Or so we thought. Soon trushin escaped cage magically, doors locked behind us, illusion in midst dispelled.

We were in a cage surrounded by magical barrier that prevented us from casting spells or bowshooting, among other things ... and there were guards. 'Surin Trusho', took off his cerulean outfit and assumed Night Parade's robe. He told us that he wanted us entrapped without spells & powers, caught off guard. Otherwise we're too prepared too strong. He promised we'll be free if we give him amulet we possess, if we give him information he sought. Otherwise we'll die from starvation here and he'll collect things from our bodies. We didn't yield to these threats.

We attempted to rest, but this caused a strong flash of light to appear, and long gong sounds ringing - depriving us from sleep.

Using rest of our magically-enhanced strength, we pried bars. Mostly it was weaponmaster Alvaniel & Bear-Shaped druidess Aoth. Guards shot arrows at us as they pried bars, but we didn't stop. Soon we broke free and a hard battle commenced.

We won & escaped the plane, richer in experience this time.

Aoth prayed by a burning incense-bowl, as i noticed her ... and asked her for an aid of lesser restoration spell. She was upset but did help me that way. It was nice of her.

-- Anheim, an Adventurer & a Legion Recruit.

A captive.



Pocket Plane.

Spectres & a mist-wall.

Piercing Illusions.


Socketed Door.


In a cage.


Aoth praying.