Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Coming to Reason. (Anheim's Tale).

a Wait at Mermaid.

i've betrayed god of Fear that is Bane.

contacted Raryldor who advised me to hide & wait for a long while - doing so.

then we'll see.

-- Anheim, Reasonable again.

a Wait at Mermaid, part 2nd.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Warding Ritual, Elaboration.

Warding Ritual, Elaboration, Part 1.

Warding Ritual, Elaboration, Part 2.

Defending Candles as Ritual Completes.

Warding Ritual.

Warding Ritual, Part First.

Warding Ritual, Part Second.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Powerfield against Vampires.

a talk with Mystic River, Powerful Witch.

Dear Journal,

i think i should significiantly increase efforts to build Powerfield against Vampires.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, a Mage.

P.S. a little while later i've bought a garlic from Hemrod, a holy water flask in Temple of Triad, and a scroll of 'Protection from Alignment' from Hemrod.

P.S.S. i should learn 'Firebrand' Spell, as i advance in Magical Arts.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Random Adventure.

a Talk about Bigby, Raryldor's Cat.

Dear Journal,

it was adventurous day.

started innocently as friendly adventurers met to talk.

Gnarl, Alvaniel, Raryldor, and i.

then few of us went to Underdark, to fight Kuo-Toa & Umberhulks.

i was out of spells, this was risky.

but we won.

when i've mentioned that they should let me rest & meditate for spells so i have clairvoyant powers against Kuo-Toa Rogues, they understood and as an apology Gnarl gave me few Clarity Scrolls.

we've also earned some gold from Kuo-Toa, and i've practiced spells in combat to regain a little of experiences & memories lost due to enchanting.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, a Friendly Adventuress.

After a Fight against Kuo-Toa.

Fighting Umber Hulk.

Splitting spoils & summary talk.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Eilonna Winsbane.

Eilonna & Chea, chatting.

Dear Journal,

i've been chatting with Eilonna Winsbane, formerly Eilonna Moonshadow. She married Elessar Winsbane, my friend.

she has been grabbed by Golem controlled by Goblin Forces in Norwick, now she suffers from internal wounds.

i've agreed to help her & her husband in few ways - to repay Elessar for his effort that helped me enchant Silver Loving Eyes Ring.

i'll try to help the team that will fight Goblins soon, if i can.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, adventuress.

Eilonna & Chea, continuing chat.

Elemental Protection & Snow.

Chea casting Endure Elements spell.

Dear Journal,

Weather becomes worse across Narfell early this year.

Thankfully, i didn't neglect to learn Endure Elements spell, useful also against rain & snow.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, a Witch.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Death & Return (Anheim's Tale).

Fighting against Orcs & Worgs, i've died... to be brought back to life in the Temple of Triad.

i stood no chance after i got entangled in vines.

Then Worgs surrounded me and killed.

Need a break from combat for a while, forgive me Chea, forgive me friends.

-- Anheim.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Wooden Dagger (Anheim's Tale).

Wooden Dagger.

i've obtained wooden dagger, good for safe training with partner, and not only.

-- Anheim, a Warrior.

Reflexes (Anheim's Tale).

i should work on Reflexes, but also on Will & Fortitude.

Otherwise i am easily done with few spells, arrows, or things such as Tanglefoot Bags.

-- Anheim.

* in Narfell:
- up to +5 to Reflex Save can be gained from enchanted items,
- up to +3 to Universal Saves can be gained from enchanted items.
- up to +2 to Reflex Save can be gained from Lightning Reflexes feat.

A meeting under Selune's moon.

Chea a Night-Guard.

Dear Journal,

This night's guard-duty was unusual.

Met priestess of Selune who gave me a gift - Holy Symbol of Selune.

I've donated to the Temple, and resumed my guard duty.

She had to go for now.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, Selunite.


Saturday, 20 September 2014

Well-made bag better than Necromancy.

Dear Journal,

Scrolls of 'Greater' Necromancy were haunting Cerulean Vault for a while already.

Not only from Selunite's viewpoint they are terrible.

So i did remove them from chest, and sold to Hemrod - so our Organization is not in danger.

Either Order of the Divine Shield will buy it for destruction, or others will... but trace will remain.

i've bought 2 well made bags for that coin - much more impressive than raising undead, to those who are accustomed to such things....

-- Yours, Chea Allin, Adventuress.

Masterwork Quality Large Bag, it's much lighter to carry when empty.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Silver Loving Eyes Ring Enchantment Closed.

Silver Loving Eyes Ring enchanted by Chea Allin.

Dear Journal,

Ring that had to be enchanted is ready, enchantment is closed.

i am proud to wear it on a finger of my left hand.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, enchantress.

Fighting in Dark (Anheim's Tale).

Anheim fighting on Kuo-Toa Cave entrance.

i was fighting in dark Kuo-Toa Caves,

first alone, then with Kyan, Mage ally of Rain and Cray Vincint.

infirmary in Oscura is of bare minimum of supplies.

-- Anheim, a Warrior.

Trip with Kyan.

Monday, 15 September 2014

About Bane (Anheim's Tale).

i understood that Bane is Lord not only of Tyranny & Power, but also of Fear.

i'll try to fight that aspect of Bane, focusing on other parts of it's 'Portfolio'.

what if i am pressed too much into that? i'll try to repair damage i am forced to cause in full once i understand how... or if neccessary - i'll suicide.

anything to Protect my Cause.

-- Anheim.

Kiss of Darkness (Anheim's Tale).

Kiss of Darkness.

i am not sure whether Fortunes smiled upon me again or not.

first, woman named Ruby recognized me as Kara-Tur & Legion sympathizer and showered with gifts for combat... Masterwork Iron Katana Sword, Silk Cloak, Boots of Speed, and other...

she ushed me to go hiding then prepare for time when we'll not have to... she is initiating group of ninjas, 'shadows in the night' - that will support each other.

then i met someone more sinister, 'Rain' - Banite follower.

when i've admitted that i could serve dark powers for ability to Protect (Enlightened Love & my Cause, Chea Allin), she answered the call.

i've accepted the Rite & am now part of Cult that enforces it's Power & Tyranny, of Bane.

i took it as a Way, not Goal.

-- Anheim, Protector.

Gauntlets (Anheim's Tale).

Fortunes smiled upon me recently, acquired useful equipment.

Including two pairs of gauntlets for fighting.

Gloves of Hin Fist Order - useful mostly because of Diplomacy & Tradition - there's Four Winds Monastery in Silver Valley, place inhabited by Hins & Gnomes. They are also not so pointless in fighting as well.

Punching Daggers - bought in Oscura's Docks from Yuki Kanazawa, they are lethal. At this moment more useful than other weapons, but i will train with weapons still - they might come useful later.

-- Anheim, a Martial Artist & Warrior.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Knives for Style (Anheim's Tale).

Kara-Turan Knives.

In Oscura, for Style...

Bought two Kara-Turan knives that replaced my old plain dagger.

First of these - Kozuka - is utility Knife not suited for combat. It's easily carried with Katana Sword.

Second of these - Tanto - is actually well concealable weapon that can be given to someone in need. It's better quality than my old plain dagger, but i prefer to fight unarmed in most of situations.

-- Anheim, a Warrior.

Goblin Activities in Rawlinswood (Anheim's Tale).

Goblin Corpse, un-animated by Anheim's 'Ray of Frost' spell.

During free, after work on Leviathon (Cray's Ship), i've been going to Rawlinswoods to practice combat methods, including attempts at 'defensive expertise', but also other armed & unarmed tricks.

Noticed increased activities in and near Howling Woods.

Goblin corpse, animated by necromantic spell probably.

Two unusual goblin warriors... one armed with fists & stink bomb, other with a bow.

Dispatched them, then soon after left to Oscura to focus on my work for cpt. Cray Vincint.

After many failures, did some progress in Fighting Ways... We'll see how they are or aren't useful in a team later.

-- Anheim.

'Fat Fists'.

'Hulo The Hunter'.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Goblin named Grobble (Anheim's Tale).

Anheim in a team with goblin named Grobble.

i've heard occasionally about goblin serving Tempus at the Tempus Shrine in Nars Pass.

i've heard he's called 'Grobble'.

Today i've met this goblin, he and i fought Kuo-Toa.

He kept challenging me, so i did fight Kuo-Toa Mages with Unarmed Style.

Otherwise he was better with weapons than i, at this moment.

-- Anheim, a Fighter with Unique Style.

Noir Desir (Anheim's Tale).

Anheim using 'Noir Desir' armour, 'Raven Soul' helmet & Katana sword.

in Oscura.

i've bought Noir Desir, a light leather armour for a Ceremony.

it's not very useful in combat, for i am trained to fight without any armour only in Ceremonial or plain robes.

-- Anheim.

P.S. i can also handle heavier armours skillfully & well, but then i can carry less of supporting equipment.

P.S.S. Noir Desir armour has probably worst weight as far as my training is considered.

Noir Desir, a summary.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Patio Chat & Deal.

Chea chatting with Victoria & Elessar.

Dear Journal,

Victoria Beatrix returned to Narfell.

With her & Elessar we did chat about magic items she wishes enchanted.

i complained a little about being ignored by a Laboratory Quartermaster, otherwise i could Enchant items for her.

After she left, i asked Elessar about Spell Crystals, he had few for sale.

Bought 3 rough spell crystals & 2 regular spell crystalls, for 100 gold coin and 250 gold coin each respectively, it cost me 800 gold coin in total.

Now i have 6 spell crystals in total, but still lack the Perfect Spell Crystal.

Most of coin after the trade went to bank, and unneeded - at this moment - equipment, to Cerulean chests.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, Adventuress.

P.S. Later Victoria Beatrix gave me a Perfect Spell Crystal as a gift - it's nice of her.

Spell Crystals & Other Equipment, part of.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Cat Cave in Spider Woods.

Cats' Cave Entrance

Dear Journal,

i went to Old Gypsy Camp, now free of Gnolls.

Passed invisible to Spider Woods and found Cat Cave.

Spiders attacked me but i didn't kill any despite of that.

Bridge past rift to Cat's Cave is breathtaking.

Cats there are still alive, thankfully.

-- Yours, Chea Allin.

Way to Gypsy Camp of Old.

Old Gypsy Camp's 'Remains'.

Spider Woods.

In Cats' Cave.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Shame of a Fight ... (Lomy's Tale).

Shame of a Fight...

Dear Journal,

killed three goblins,

killed first two with a bow,

thrid one was skilled or lucky, i was not.

tried to run but he followed, when stuck in a bush had to fight.

killed him barely.

now i sit by a nightfire wounded.

-- Lomy, one of worst fighters ever.

Wounded at nightfire.

False Friends (Lomy's Tale).

Dear Journal,

Friends are false, they can't give anything True, no Love from them,
They wear masks of friendship, but want to take advantage,
Time is out there to be killed or kill,
a Sword will cut at their Stupid Ways.

-- 'Lomy', a Masked bard with a Sword.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Deal with Paladin (Anheim's Tale).

Meeting with Silvanius Chalice, Paladin of Torm.

i talked with Paladin after a fight with goblins & wolves.

he wanted to help, i let him and paid a little.

he sold me 'Knock' scroll and more.

-- Anheim.

Terrain Obstacle (Anheim's Tale).

a Terrain Obstacle in Howling Woods.

there's a spot in Howling Woods where goblins have troubles getting past a Terrain Obstacle & nearby bushes.

it's a place where their ranged attackers - spellyappers - have to be removed first, then rest is trivial to kill.

i think however, that someday they will burn this place or destroy somehow.

or develop other attack route, if they ever get smart enough.

what stops them most probably is presence of their tent camp.

or they'll train or hire more ranged attackers.

-- Anheim, a Warrior, a Tactician, a Strategist.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

X-Bow & Recovery (Anheim's Tale).

Recovering from wounds, checking X-Bow from Oscura.

i've decided i won't stay in Oscura uninvited for long, just yet.

went to Norwick to test crossbow (also called 'x-bow'), against weaker targets than Kuo-Toa Crackshots, as a training and local protection effort & source of 'income'.

x-bow works fine, but fires slowly.

got wounded, recovering & preparing against goblins.

-- Anheim.

Too Strong Opposition (Anheim's Tale).

Too Strong Opposition, Kuo-Toa Crackshots.

went to Kuo Toa Cavern, had to retreat very early.

Kuo Toa Crackshots is too much for me at this moment, even worse that one was barely visible.

earlier killed few of Kuo-Toa Workers & Soldiers, i am not sure how many of which type.

-- Anheim, in Training.

Equipment (Anheim's Tale).

Equipment, part of.

in Oscura.

i've looked at my equipment.

replaced shortbow & arrows with Oscuran light crossbow & bolts.

bought shuriken.

bought skull helmet & crow's beak helmet.

both might be useful at Oscuran masked parties & ceremonies, not only in a fight.

-- Anheim.

Equipment, second part of more.