Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Papers on Stalvan, part 2nd (Haito's Tale).


in Duskwood's Darkshire,

i was given a task of collecting more papers on Stalvan, in the Rotting Orchard this time.

fought against worgen monsters, got cursed on the way - that curse thankfully didn't last too long.

papers recovered, i've returned to Darkshire.

-- Haito, an Adventurer Monk.





Town of Darkshire.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Without Sake (Haito's Tale).

Without Sake.

i've sat in a tavern near fireplace, without sake or tea this time.

i cared not to think of the past, i remember little.

-- Haito, a Monk without Sake.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Past Journeys (Haito's Tale).


there was a time when i was considered one of the Samurai of the Great Crab Clan,
of Great Hida Family, in another land.

i donned Heavy Armor & Guarded Great Wall of our Realm against Oni, Bakemono & other Forces of Dark Lord known as Fu-Leng.

my wife stayed at home, then greeted me as i've returned from our Duty.

now i am outcast, Ronin & Monk in a land far away from home.

-- Haito, a Monk.

'Scarlet Raven', a Tavern.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Papers on Stalvan (Haito's Tale).

The Legend.

in the search of my nightsaber companion, 'Fang', i've ventured into Duskwood's Darkshire's vincinty.

fearful people took me as a fool, that sometimes i can be... especially after 'the banishment'.

they hired me to investigate the Legend of Stalvan.

sitting on Fang, we've proceed slowly & quietly as he walked onward, avoiding spiders & other forest's critters.

few worgen were almost effortlessly beat with 'fists of fury' method, remaining three kept being asleep as i've stolen the papers.

then we've ran away back into the town.

-- Haito, a Windwalker Ronin.


Darkshire's Town Hall.





Flying (Attentus' Tale).

Wyrmrest Temple.

After the dark glows of Neltharion's Maw, flying was somewhat refreshing.

Experienced sights of Wyrmrest Temple & surroundings.

Preferring to stay away from the City of Dalaran, for now at least.

-- Attentus, apprentice of Versutus.

The Dragon Wastes.

Ruins of Shandaral.