Monday, 24 December 2012

I miss my Arcane Stupidity Teacher.

I miss my Arcane Stupidity Teacher. Perthaps he works different way now.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012



Attentus (reincarnated).

I had a vision of Attentus, my arcane teacher reincarnated in another world. He awakened and said few very weird words...

"It's very serious issue to be a dragon. Hoping for the best but expecting the worst. It's life".

then, with more vigor he added to some unseen presence:

"Do not mettle with the affairs of the Dragons. For you taste best with ketchup, and do not ask what ketchup is".

Sunday, 2 December 2012

On Trial.

Herald D'Cameron, who was Norwick's law adjucator was short, blunt and to the point. He asked me:

- Is the defendant, Chea of Peltarch, here with us today?

I answered "Yes."

With nod he accused me and asked many questions:

"Good then. I'll read the acusation against you. You were caught casting offensive magic in town towards a man named Kasim. A holding spell. When guards approached the situation and took all involved for questioning you casted an invisabilty spell and fled."

- Do you remember these events?

- Yes.

- Is there anything you wish to add to the facts at this point?

- This man started casting first on nearby travellers. I've tried to defend them by casting nonlethal spell on offender, then guards sided with the offender.

- Are you aware of Norwick's laws regarding the situation?

I touched amulet of Godess of Arcane Power i wore for this occasion and answered:

- I am not sure about Norwick's Law, i was guided by Godess Law against abuse of magic.

Then he read aloud laws which explained that "Casting of Offensive Magic in Town", "Invisibility in Town" and "Resisting or Fleeing Arrest" were all punishable offenses.

- Is it also Godess's law to flee from authority?

- Escaping 'authority' is not Godess's Law.

Trial spectators were arriving at this point, including Abuser, Kasim El Shah himself and woman who was attacked by him with spell..

Herald mumbled something about Platarch's respect to Norwick then noticed Abuser and asked me:

- Anyway.... You said this man was casting on nearby travellers. Can you tell wich spells were those?

- Perhaps I did notice which spell it was, but if i did i did forget. But the 'man' showed up on Trial. Perhaps he will speak the truth. I have strange memory.

Kasim suddenly rose, saying "politely"

- If it pleases the court, then I, Kasim el Shah, shall present a testimony to clear up the incident.

Judge allowed him to talk:

- My name is Kasim el Shah, minor noble and mage from Calimport.

- My relation to the facts is that I was there the entire time, and the victim of the accused spellcasting.

- The incident began when a barbarian woman of some kind was threatening me in Norwick near the central fire. Fully expecting her to be violent, as barbarians tend to be, I swiftly cast a harmless "Charm Person" spell, seeking to avoid a confrontation completely.

- At this point the accused cast a "Hold Person" spell at me, which failed. I ignored it and started speaking to the barbarian girl, as the spell succeeded in invading her simple mind, however the voices of others and her own simple mind led to her being confused and irate, instead of being charmed into being peaceful and leaving me alone as I planned.

He mentioned my "incompetence" and went on:

- At that point, the militia arrives, the accused casts an invisibility spell and runs for it, whilst I submit to the local militia and pay the fine prescribed for me.

D'Cameron turned to me, and bluntly asked:

- Despite your strange memory, would you say that Kasim's are precise?

I waited a moment before answering as woman attacked by Abuser coughed and had to say something quietly to herself.

- It did look like Charm Person spell, which is offensive, as it attacks Mind with lasting consequences. I tried to protect that woman with nonlethal, non Mind-invasive Hold Person spell, which does not involve change of Mind state, and potentially insanity. This is Moon Godess's Law to protect people from this kind of harm.

- Perhaps he felt threatened, but he abusively attacked with magic instead of leaving quietly. Abuse of Magic has consequences. Perhaps next time he will use voice and call guards instead of attacking.

Kasim rose again and adjucator allowed him to talk

- For the record, seeing as this... unchained sorceress... has a certain misunderstanding of magic. Hold Person is a mind-affecting spell just as Charm Person is, they are not different as she claims.

- Furthermore I feel the need to emphasise the fact that I had only cast a single spell, then merely stood there speaking whilst the accused constantly cast spells at me as I calmly spoke.

then he sat with a smile, and i had to answer somehow.

- Yes, I broke law to protect someone from Mind assault. It's least amount of force i could use to prevent troubles.

There was rumour among the audience, i overheard something about the "cause and effect" and "consequences".

Guard delivered mesage that was quickly read by D'Cameron. Then he read the verdict. I was guilty of all three offenses and was to be fined. Then audience exhanged pleasantries. Case was over.

I paid fine in few days, then reported to Magistrate Borodin.

"I sorted this hay somehow. Was on Trial, paid fine so they can feed their horses now."

I support chivalry afterall. Somehow.