Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Lucky Ferret, an Inn in Peltarch (Frances' Tale).

Claire, a Bartrender.

It is that there's 'Lucky Ferret Inn' in the Peltarch's Docks area. Black Sails, a guild of pirates owns this inn in Peltarch, as well as a place in Oscura.

'Lucky Ferret' has backrooms, entrance to these costs 25 gold pieces. These backrooms have prostitutes, gambling hall, 'special goods shop' as well as the 'fighting pit' in which occasional fighting contests and bets are made.

Bought a three of 'Static Arrows' quivers today, 99 arrows each. These arrows are fairly cheap for me, and are enchanted with electricity that discharges after hitting the target. i still won't use them against lesser foes, not worth.

-- Frances, an Adventuress & a Witch of Darkhavens.

Gambling Hall.

Special goods' seller.

Fighting Pit.

Static Arrows.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Ash (Lomy's Tale).

A Well-Made Ash Longbow.

Dear Journal,

Fiendish spirit that guides me seems to come and go on his whim - sometimes i have extra powers of muscles, spirit and mind, surging through - another times i don't.

... it's exhilirating when he's here, but when he leaves i lack.

It's quite chaotic, as one could expect of the power coming from the Abyss.

On another note - i did trade my conjuration gems for a well made ash longbow.

Gems would be used only one time each, and a bow should last.

It's a well made bow, with a strong pull, and quite light to carry as well.

It's strong pull comes useful especially when a spirit is with me, other times i can still use it - but the shot's power is lesser by a significiant amount.

It's crafter and seller's name is 'Z', it took him about two weeks to complete.

My wailing arrows now have a proper device to propel them to their targets!

-- Yours, Lomy - an Adventurer and a Bard with a flighty demon spirit.


Two weeks later - a deal.

Wailing Arrows.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Evil Servitude (Lomy's Tale).

Legend Lore.

Dear Journal,

Involved myself into a research & journey, into the Abyssal Fortress 'Tian Sumere', a fortress for Orcus himself should his ploys in Abyss fail.

Master of Peltarch's Bard College, Nathen Wingates did a Legend Lore spell & insights of wisdom overcame him.

He explained what he learned to us, i listened with envy to his great lore & storytelling skill.

He told us & vividly explained a plane of blood & fire, of undead & demons, of shadow-black raining from it's 'sky'.

There was a demon in a guise of a human mage called Kharsus who sought counsil of Glyphimhor, Lord of Orcusgate.

Their plan is to use Menhir Stones as a way to collapse the planes, to meld Abyss with Prime Material we live on ... then to start invasion.

They captured a powerful mage Maria, entrapped her so she can't defend the Menhir Stones across Narfell.

They captured a number of local druids & drain their energy to fuel the Plane-Collapsing Rites.

We went to investigate further & scry, saw a vision of demons plotting - then they detected us and attacked. Their lord told them to spare me, i avoided the fight.

During the fight i had a vision of demon asking for my loyalty for rewards of power & riches, i agreed in my Mind and bowed a little.

'i wish to serve you, to advance in your ranks, and earn proper rewards that way'.

i felt surge of fiendish energy going through my mind & body, was infused with evil spirit that shall guide me from now on, increasing my abilities as well.

My task is to befriend and infiltrate bards involved, i couldn't refuse the task.

Then fight stopped, we split the loot ... got magical 'Wailing Arrows', a few of powerful one-use spell-items as well.

After splitting the loot with others, i thanked them for an opportunity to gather the song-material - have to play sweet dumb to earn their trust.

Later when they talked about Bardic College, i asked about fee to participate in lessons - got in there for free. Master Nate got me key, assigned elf-hin bardess Atel as my Mentor - she will show me things as soon as i am ready & she has time.

Then i went to inn, for a night's reverie.

-- Yours, 'Lomy', an Elven Bard with a fiendish spirit.

P.S. i made a small sing-song, it's for Bards to hear.

'Orcusgate - flame and shadows,
The dark fortress of despair,
Of the demons and the undead,
Hesistate? You'll be slain.

Master Bard took the challenge,
To research demons ploys,
Abyss demons plan revenge,
If they win, all will be lost.

Who oppose are captured,
Who oppose are drained,
Their prison as a warning,
Their souls fuel spells.

Demons' plot is to collapse,
Abyss-Prime planes with,
Open gates for invasion,
Calling hellish demons in.

Our spirit shall not falter,
We'll oppose demon plans,
Demons have to be stopped,
They must stay out of our land.

Menhir stones we must defend,
It's from where fiends will pour,
We must travel to the Abyss,
To rescue the stolen souls.

Know yourself, then know enemy,
Then prepare our plans,
We must fight with good strategy,
We must fight till they are gone.'






Treasures Found.

Abilities Increased,
... as infused with a Fiendish Spirit.

Peltarch Theatre's Key.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Dragonslayer's Leather Armour (Frances' Tale).

An enchantment,
... final moments.

... i did it.

After i am not sure of how long time of rite-casting, my enchanted leather armour is done.

It's worthy of a dragonslayer, for it protects the mind, especially against fear ... and Dragons are symbols of fear, have fear auras.

It also helps in spell-casting, without hindering at all.

One could argue that such a light leather won't protect against Greater Dragon's mighty claws nor breath ... but let's consider - there are also lesser drakes, as well as Dragons' minions - against these, this leather adds a layer of protection as well.

-- Frances, a Witch of Oscuran Noble Origin, a Dragonslayer, an Adventuress.

Enchanted Leathers.

Frances in her Leathers.

(( Enchantment request to Narfell's Staff - DM Team - made by blog's author; enchantment roll succeeded, so item was made on first try ... it still cost 2200 gp, enchanting components' costs as well as a part of Frances' life force - 6000 1e xp. )).

Character name: Frances Darkhaven.
Character receiving item: Frances Darkhaven.
50-50 XP Hit: N/A.
Caster Level: 8.
Enchanting Facility: a Laboratory Room in Oscuran Library.
Spells Used: Resistance, Light, Cat's Grace.
Materials Used: Padded Armour, Oil Flask, Light Scroll, Resistance Scroll, Cat's Grace Scroll, Dragon Eye Gem.

Item Level: 7.
Next Enchantment: ?

A Light Leather of Fearlessness.

Arcane Failure Chance -5%.
Saving Throw: Will +1.
Saving Throw: vs. Fear +3.
Free cantrip (0-level spell).

Costs: 2200 gp, 6000 1e xp.

Description: A black leather armour with a red lining, enchanted to not hinder casting & to enhance wearer's willpower, especially against fear.

After reserving time in laboratory & paying the fee, Frances prepares for a ritual of empowerment.

She visualizes (visualization in this context is a form of imagination) a dragon protector form, a symbol of magic & will, of protection, of understood fear & of fearlessness.

She makes a wish of using leather armour for noble deeds of protecting her friends, allies, future family & lover(s), as well as Friendly Dragons, Cats, Owls & associated spirits.

She purifies her Light Padded Leather Armour by draining unneccessary energies from it, casts a 'Light' cantrip spell to invoke the lights of magick, burns prepared scrolls then forms ashes into a cone before her, then spends energy.

She meditates, deeply visualizing her spirit teacher, a dragon, as she intends to impart it's properties to a padded leather armour & it's wearer(s), speaking mantras (spells) that imbue item with dharmic (arcane) blessings.

She adds a little of the oil to the scrolls-ash cone, crushes a gem & mixes that as well.

She smears scroll-ashes, gem-dust & oil into armour, spreading the mixture evenly.

Mantras she uses are: Agility Mantra, Protection Mantra.

Spells she uses are: 'Cat's Grace' for casting without a hindrance, for casting nimbly in this armour, Resistance for will, fearlessness & protection, Light for invoking a spell-power.

Form she meditates on is called a Dragon Protector. He appears before her and send energy rays around that build up into powerfield (mandala).

Frances oversees energies as they flow, speaking mantras as neccessary and correcting errors as they arise. After a proper amount of time, when all energy points are opened and joined with energy channels, she uses forms that give appropriate properties on each of them, then closes enchantment, finishing.

She offers them to her teacher in her mind and is allowed to use them.

Armour is ready.

She cleans laboratory, showers, dresses, wears her newly-enchanted armour and goes to take her familiar for a walk outside the cave-town.

She will check the item in real combat.