Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Demons of the Swamps (Lomy's Tale).


Dear Journal,

i've hunted for a song material, for a real combat.

Found a dwarf who agreed to show me his tricks, in echange for a praise-song. Then elven guardswoman joined, without revealing her name.

We went swamps to hunt kobolds, but met the fiendish Tanar'ri of the Abyss.

Almost dying, we retreated to heal our wounds - but i feel drained still ... as if a part of my soul was sucked into Abyss.

Elven guard's sword-arm & divine powers was what kept us alive.

Stayed a while in commons to compose a song, to share it with a dwarf ... and met another, a strong & full-plated human woman.

It seems that demons dwell in the swamps for a quite while, she encountered them before. She also did reveal elven guard's name - it's 'Mint'.

When we talked about Shadowy Cloaked Form that fought us under a magical darkness spell, she mentioned that we were touched by the 'Shroud of Orcusgate'.

'... out of Abyss, did they come?
Now the Swamps are their home.

... mighty dwarf, still held a line,
We survived, it's divine.

... elven lady, unknown name,
with her sword they were a-slain.'

We were lucky to keep our lives & return, i should add.

-- Yours, 'Lomy' Lomyriomendur Nain, a drained elven bard.

a Demonic Appearance.

a Strange Spell.

'Shroud of Orcusgate'.



Friday, 11 November 2016

A Nightmare Encounter (Lomy's Tale).

'Lomy', a Smokin' Nacht-Elf.

Dear Journal,

Dis nacht' was a hot 'spirience.

Finally went outside the Inn to chill 'n' smoke, then to explore a bit.

Nothin' unusual, 'cept a horse - a dark horse flaming at night, a Nightmare, a truly.

Fed it, praised, petted, promised to sing 'a' song ... probably no one at inn will believe anyway.

A Nacht-Hors,
A Nightmare,
Flaming Hot,
So Bizzare.

Look Nacht-Hors,
In the eye?
Can You look?
It's the way.

Met by Druids',
By Nacht-Elf,
Lomy's Yours,
In the end.

Hopefully this a horse will meet me again, i am curious of what's brewing anyway.

We long-livin' Elves can be patient, i should add.

-- Yours, 'Lomy', a Nacht-Elf, a Bard, a Ranger of Erevan Ilsere.

P.S. Would forget to mention that finally i did master a 'Charm Person' magickal trick, as well as 'Daze' & 'Cure Light Wounds' treats.

P.S.S. Discovered a talent for enchantment school of bardic magick in myself, should pursue it more as i progress as well - i'll strive for learning as many 'charm', 'hold' & 'dominate' spells as i can, i think.

A Nightmare.

Sitting, Chilling.

Friday, 4 November 2016

Leather Armour Enchantment (Frances' Tale).


i've made steps toward enchanting a light padded leather armour, to not hinder in casting anymore - as well as for strenghtening my will & fearlessness in combat.

i've reserved & paid for the enchanting laboratory room in Oscura's Library part.

-- Frances of Darkhavens, a Witch & Adventuress of the Oscuran Noble Origin.