Thursday, 31 October 2013

Preparing for meditation.

Preparing for meditation. photo preparing_for_meditation_zpse752c57f.png

Preparing for Meditation.

Dear Journal,

Perhaps i'll visit monastery for some time to practice meditation.

Not Monk's way, but Yogi's.. for i do not wish to resign from Love and Sex.

-- Yours, Chea Allin.


Return. photo temple_triad_zps0aaeea46.png

Return (in the Temple of Triad of Peltarch).

Dear Journal,

i've returned to the land of living in shorter time than expected.

Gnarl and Romulus found my body and possession and brought back at the Temple of Triad in Peltarch.

i'll gather myself soon, for i've lost some memories, abilities and experiences... and 1000 gold pieces (cost of return in the temple).

i'll meditate.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, Witch.

Fugue Plane.

 photo chea_in_fugue_zpsfd851d80.png

Fugue Plane (after death).

I've stupidly went on patrol to the sewers alone. Invisibility spell failed unexpectedly, and was surrounded by cultists and their grey goo. Paralyzed and dead, ended up here in fugue plane... i understood after a while of a hazy dream.

I do not know when i leave this place and into which direction (either back on Toril, or to Realms Beyond).

-- Chea Allin, Dead Witch.

Ambush in Peltarch sewers. photo peltarch_sewers_zps89fcfb34.png

Ambush in Peltarch sewers (before death).

Beyond Energy Barrier (Anheim's Tale).

i've dared to venture past energy barrier and face new challenges.

Undead were easy. Zombies very tough, so two handed sword was weapon for them. Against skeleton, holy water sprinkler did it's due.

Then scavenger infested battlefield... Too easy opponents for skilled fighter, even if they sneak and backstab. They tried to parry, but strong attack is also a skill. I know few acrobatic tumble maneuvers so i could disengage with ease, thus i had maneuverability advantage.

Maneuverability, external weapons, unarmed martial arts, and more. Thus carrion crawlers and carrion swarms were also very easy to get rid of.

I'll work on parrying, it's not perfect but still can be useful.

Demon spawn in under tunnels almost killed me, when two of them cut my way out, and thrid blocked way in. I've escaped somehow. I had 'the' discipline to resist their energy point attacks aimed to make my arms weaker. Perhaps Chea is winning. I'll see if she is well...

With proper team we could even kill few or more, i think.

Way back was easy, even if i was injured.


i've met chea near Shady Varr's merchant wagon, she is well.

She bought 'Necklace of Fireballs' in meantime.


 photo waitingforsomethingtodo_zps3e48ff43.jpg

Chea waiting for orders.

Dear Journal,

I am waiting for something to do again, and for salary.

Neither orders nor payment arrive, i have just 1st star title and some legal rights and responsibilities.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, Cerulean Star 1st.

Four Winds Monastery & Hin Fist Adepts (Anheim's Tale).

 photo hinfistadepts_zpsc6a5a84b.jpg

Hin Fist Adepts & Temple of Hope in Silver Valley.

i've visited 'Silver Valley' and met hin fist monks (right sized folk), who were very quiet.

'Temple of Hope' was open but Four Winds Monastery (part of the 'Temple of Hope') closed.

'Emerald Circle' (Arcane group, also part of 'Temple of Hope') was closed too.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Snake Spirit Calling (Cirden's Tale).

Snake Spirit Calling. photo snakespiritcalling_zps7bcea456.jpg

Cirden Calling Snake Spirit.

Astral War (Anheim's Tale).

I've had lucid dream, and insight..

It seems i'll have to participate in Astral War, which is no less dangerous than real one.

It seems that Lucid Dreaming is key to Astral Travels.

I'll try to resist, for i do not wish to travel Astrally. Unless i have to.

Artistic Properties.

Dear Journal,

A while ago i've acquired few Artistic valuables.

Now i took Dragon Figurine from my Backpack, and Fine Paints from one of my boxes in the Cerulean HQ chests, to admire.

Perhaps something will come from it, for i have ideas.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, admirer of Art.

Fine Paints. photo finepaints_zpsb8afb399.jpg

Fine Paints (with brushes, for speech is more than words. You can tell something using Art, for example: Image, as well).

Dragon Figurine. photo dragonfigurine_zps4c670304.jpg

Dragon Figurine.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Swamp woes.

Swamp Woes. photo swamps_water_zpsfd04d2aa.jpg

Chea knee-deep in swamp water.

Dear Journal,

Another swamp trip in Tiamat's service.

Again armour wet, i had to dry it by fireplace at the 'Dancing Mermaid'.

My friend from Peltarch Defenders, Adelie De'Lanieth thinks that swamps are romantic, and perhaps they are.

I can tatter myself a little when it protects the Child.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, tattered servant to Tiamat.

P.S. Next time i should wear Tiamat's Holy Symbol on neck if neccessary.

After Loot Sale. photo afterlootsale_zps431f71e2.jpg

After 'loot' sale.

 photo firstbankofnarfell_zps01fb474b.jpg

'First Bank of Narfell' in Peltarch.

Is it pointless to conquer? (Anheim's Tale).

I think it is... afterall it returns to owners sooner or later, or they regret.

'Expansive solutions' lack.

Sometimes i think people think i am too weak. Sometimes too strong. And they want to destroy me and all my values just 'because'.

If they attack weak they regret.

If they attack because i am too strong, i can weaken myself by fighting them.

If i die, they regret, for no one will protect Enlightened Love.

On the Way to Four Winds Monastery & Dojo (Anheim's Tale).

 photo meditation_druid_glenn_zps9c80247b.jpg

Anheim meditating for Peace at Druids' Glenn.

I saw signs of Tempus awakening, thus coming war. Ravens and Dead Animals.

I've decided to travel to Silver Valley and visit Four Winds Monastery and try to train with hin monks at their dojo. For peace.

On the way i've meditated at Druids Glenn. For peace, and dead animals.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Service to Tiamat.

Dear Journal,

I was killing kobolds again, this time in service to Tiamat.

They are dragonkin, but they are lazy and weak. So they deserve to be killed in Her name, as Tiamat is evil deity.

I've skinned a rat, and offered remains in fire, so she won't be as busy as before when protecting the Child.

-- Yours, Chea Allin.


Dear Journal,

Soon i'll have to give service to Tiamat, to protect the Child. I have Her holy symbol.

-- Yours, Chea Allin.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Feud Crows, or Ars Magica part second.

Dear Journal,

i had insight and spoke rhyming again:


I saw the signs from before,

Feud Crows and Ravens return,

They will feed on dead,

And aim to start feud of old,

Ancient Spirit, Man Hanged,

Has sent out their cloud,

To instill feud thoughts in people,

So they will stupidly defend,

Against imagined enemy,

Who was told the same,

They will meet and kill,

For someone abused Art Skills,

But if people ignore,

Feud Crows will be delayed,

Killing a Crow is a Curse,

Spirit has to be killed instead,

He dwells in the land to North,

In barrow, in Ancient Northmen Town.

Those who dare such trip,

Should be wary of their thoughts,

And of emotions they have,

for hell is state of Mind,

That sometimes externalizes,

If somoene does not calm and kills.


-- Yours, Chea Allin.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Mala found.

Dear Journal,

I've found Mala in my Backpack.

Either i forgot or didn't see it there for some time.

Or someone put it there somehow.

-- Yours, Chea Allin.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Letter to Cirden.

Dancing Mermaid Inn. photo DancingMermaid_zpsb9cd5dd4.jpg

Chea preparing to write letter to Cirden Ev'riana, her friend from Yuirwood.

'Dear Cirden,

I didn't hear from You for so long. Are You hiding somewhere in a cave or woods?

I understand and respect your Fenmarel Nature somehow, but even Lone Wolf like You or Him should appear among people once a while.

-- Your Friend, Chea Allin'.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

My Death or Departure.

Dear Journal,

I foresee my death.

Too little friends here in Narfell, every new adventurer either gets bought by my enemies or leaves somehow.

I start to understand what Attentus meant by his words: 'To be Veteran means to have all friends dead or gone'.

I should depart. Perhaps i will.

-- Yours, Chea Allin.

Conserving Spells.

Dear Journal,

It's often good idea to conserve spells, relying on team, and to use simpler weapons against lesser opponents.

This way, spell reserve can be useful against more dangerous opponents and to secure way back through enemy territory. Never know when it's needed.

That's one of reasons of why i need to learn 'Flame Weapon' spell. To support team with it, and with flaming arrows... and not to be useless on the way to destination.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, Cerulean Star 1st.

P.S. If i conserve spells, our team can push further into enemy territory, before the need for camp and meditation for spells arises.

P.S.S. It takes strong character to keep such reserve during fight... Even if i won't use spells and simple weapons, i can be still very useful guarding team fighting so they are not flanked. Usually my role is to scout and provide extra firepower when neccessary.

Helmet to Enchant.

Outfit with 'Black Helmet'. photo blackhelmet_zpsc15a8753.jpg

Chea in 'Black Outfit'. With Silver Helmet dyed Black.

Dear Journal,

It's time to start using this silver helmet i've found, in preparation for enchantment.

I've dyed it black to reduce chance of being seen during night, and started chanting awareness chants.

It'll be called 'Black Visor of Awareness' when it's done.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, enchanter apprentice.

P.S. Enchantment won't be finalized until i learn 'Clairaudience and Clairvoyance' and 'Owl's Wisdom' spells.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Demons under Jiyyd.

 photo demonspawn_zpsc9c77c96.jpg

Chea scouting under Jiyyd Tower.

Dear Journal,

We (i, Rasuil and Vash't) have helped young adventurers, who ventured behind 'The Energy Barrier' to test their skills on Jiyyd battlefield full of 'Undead', and wealth-hungry 'Scavengers'. Probably in the name of Tempus. Then we have ventured further to the tunnels below Jiyyd, to scout and fight 'Demon Spawn' until our spells ran out. It was success, no one died. And i've killed one of the 'Demon Spawns' with 'Phantasmal Killer' spell.

Then we've met Gnarl with some kind of gnome mage. Nothing special except for mention of 'Djinn' who sent his team to the transitory plane of death, 'Fugue', from which they had returned due to courtesy of being he called 'Angel'.

And soon after i've left the team and returned to Peltarch.

-- Yours, Chea Allin.

Fighting Demon Spawn. photo demonspawn2_zps4c096007.jpg

Fighting 'Demon Spawns'.

P.S. Jiyyd was pious farming town, northeast of Norwick, but during recent war with N'Jast it was taken over by Demons. Some adventurers used Old Narfell war artifact. They seriously weakened enemy, but brought Demons into this plane of existence, who destroyed this town and and haunt it to this day.

Sensory Vajracitta.

Dear Journal,

I had insight.

That with 'Sensory Vajracitta', sixth, seventh and even eight sense awakens (perhaps more?).

This way beings radiate happiness, give others 'joy of senses'.

If i dress properly in addition, men will love.

(We do not want to give joy of senses and scare, for it would augment bad experience that way).

I'll try to develop this properly, and share.

-- Yours, Chea Allin.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Way of Silvanus.

Lector Natura. photo lector-natura_zps62796f47.jpg

Lector Natura.

Dear Journal,

I've met young ranger, Delawen, whom i took for little reconaissance and training. Perhaps i'll hire her later.

Then i stumbled in Peltarch Commons upon someone who called himself 'Cleric of Silvanus, Oakfather'. He revealed his name when asked, it's 'Lector'.

It's not very wise to mess with 'Silvanus' if you plan to travel in woods, so i've decided to respect him. When asked about details, Lector told me to plant trees and respect nature as a step in the right direction. Asked for more, he used analogy to finding apple tree, biting a little then planting seeds nearby. He did not accept coin for this teaching, keeping to his old, trusted, planting ways.

Then Delawen appeared nearly dead, he healed her. After few pleasantries, i left wishing him to not to die, in good spirit... at least not too soon, i should add, for eternal life is worse than reincarnation in my opinion.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, Cerulean Scout.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Kobolds Cave.

Kobolds Cave. photo kobold-cave_zps2f5695b6.jpg

Chea and Nade stalking Kobolds in their Cave.

Dear Journal,

We (Nade and i) have dared Kobolds Cave. There was one kobold assassin, or 'Silencer' as they are called commonly. Nade found him (she can sniff), wounded, and forced to flee. Rest of them were easy picks.


Restoration Scroll,
Entropic Shield Scroll,
Paralytic Crossbow Bolt,
Cure Light Wounds Balm,
2xLight Crossbow,
and few more little valuables.

Should be worth some coin.

-- Yours, Chea Allin.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Chea in her 'Black Outfit'. photo chea-black-outfit_zpsa8f7390e.jpg

Chea in her 'Black Outfit' in the 'Dancing Mermaid Inn'.

Dear Journal,

Something told me to buy 'Improved Dark Studded Leather', 'Potion of See Invisibility' and 'Potion of Speed' ('Haste' spell equivalent, cast at 5th experience level).

It's very expensive, cost me over 1000 gold pieces. And weighs a lot.

I'll put equipment that is unneccessary for now, to our chest in Cerulean HQ. Hopefully it won't be taken.

I'll practice 'still' and 'silent' spellcasting. Can't do both at once though.

Without gestures there's no risk for spell failure in armour, but at increased energy cost (i can't cast 'Phantasmal Killer' spell this way, yet).

Without words, i cannot be heard while spellcasting, so it works fine with invisibility.

-- Yours, Chea Allin.

Ghosts in Black Outfit. photo black-outfit-ghosts_zpsbffa6f10.jpg

'Ghosts' in 'Black Outfits'.

P.S. At Cerulean HQ i've found 'Cloud Leather', very light and bardishly useful. I'll use it for a while, and in worst case of being lost, i'll replace it with new one for her owner: Cerulean Star, Kamilah.

Mere look at this leather armour makes me muse on what they do at this 'Bardic College' at Nights. And i do not mean this 'Vampiric Attack' that happened fairly recently.

Chea in Kamilah's Cloud Leather. photo CloudLeather_zps210e9101.jpg

Chea in Kamilah's 'Cloud Leather', in 'Cerulean HQ' / 'Storage Room'.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

More about Poisons.

Dear Journal,

I've checked Nade and she seemed fine, for poison's sympoms passed. We went to swamp and she got bitten by 'Stirge' again, and poison returned despite protective spells i cast on her. We returned immediately and i fed her with more such herbs that helped her before.

I'll let her rest for a while, until i find her truly cured.

This reminds me somehow about Attentus, and his first true love, Ruri Hasegawa. At some point she contracted something that was considered magical poison at first and crippled them immensely. She suffered, he tried to help but was next to helpless.

He went to terrible lengths to save her, but in the end he was caught in demonic plot and had to kill her to save her from being turned into terrible creature that would suffers for eternity, or he thought such way. He wished for early death after this but was denied such by her wish. I'll write more later if i can. I'll only mention that she ended as 'keeper of the afterlife' as she said to him when she appeared to him once after her death.

He suffered till end of his years, but there was someone who lessened this pain.

-- Yours, Chea Allin.

Vajrasattva, Diamond Mind.

Dear Journal,


I've found a clues that perhaps will lead me to understanding and attaining 'Vajracitta'.

'Vajrasattva' means 'Diamond Mind', but also 'Diamond Being', and perhaps there's also something called 'Enlightened Being, Diamond Promise'. We'll see.

Another perhaps is such that 'Vajrasattva' is also powerful cleansing activity of all 'Enlightened Beings', and perhaps more.

Perhaps 'Vajracitta' truly means Mind's 'Diamond Stance'.

-- Yours, Chea Allin.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

'We should Trust our Minds'.

Ettins and Psionic Entity Dungeon. photo ettin_dung_zps6994ddbc.jpg

Ettins and Psionic Entity Dungeon.

Dear Journal,

I've met unassuming man, Dermin. He's friend of Gnarl or it seems so. We exchanged pleasantries and wishes.

Three of us went to fight Ettins and met some Psionic Entities on the way. Greatest challenge was Ettin Shaman though.

I've shown Dermin how i (though not alone) solved 'one hand clapping' koan riddle.

Dermin said then that if we encounter another of such (Ettin Shaman), we should 'Trust our Minds'.

It's nice to meet such people here, in Narfell.

-- Yours, Chea Allin.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Weakening Poison.

Dear Journal,

I went with my panther familiar, Nade, to patrol kobold swamps area next to Peltarch.

She was bitten by 'Stirge' (large flying insect) and poisoned. I've fed her some medicine herbs and let go after we finished. Hope she'll be well soon.

-- Yours, Chea Allin.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Attentus's 'Reincarnation'.

 photo attentus-clone_zps28034488.jpg

Attentus's Clone, 'reincarnated' in Ferelden.

Dear Journal,

How reincarnation works? I do not know, but i had insights.

Perhaps Attentus lost his old body but his awareness was released and inspired many beings in many different worlds. I know he still speaks to me sometimes. Sometimes this way, othertimes other way.

-- Yours, Chea Allin.