Monday, 24 December 2012

I miss my Arcane Stupidity Teacher.

I miss my Arcane Stupidity Teacher. Perthaps he works different way now.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012



Attentus (reincarnated).

I had a vision of Attentus, my arcane teacher reincarnated in another world. He awakened and said few very weird words...

"It's very serious issue to be a dragon. Hoping for the best but expecting the worst. It's life".

then, with more vigor he added to some unseen presence:

"Do not mettle with the affairs of the Dragons. For you taste best with ketchup, and do not ask what ketchup is".

Sunday, 2 December 2012

On Trial.

Herald D'Cameron, who was Norwick's law adjucator was short, blunt and to the point. He asked me:

- Is the defendant, Chea of Peltarch, here with us today?

I answered "Yes."

With nod he accused me and asked many questions:

"Good then. I'll read the acusation against you. You were caught casting offensive magic in town towards a man named Kasim. A holding spell. When guards approached the situation and took all involved for questioning you casted an invisabilty spell and fled."

- Do you remember these events?

- Yes.

- Is there anything you wish to add to the facts at this point?

- This man started casting first on nearby travellers. I've tried to defend them by casting nonlethal spell on offender, then guards sided with the offender.

- Are you aware of Norwick's laws regarding the situation?

I touched amulet of Godess of Arcane Power i wore for this occasion and answered:

- I am not sure about Norwick's Law, i was guided by Godess Law against abuse of magic.

Then he read aloud laws which explained that "Casting of Offensive Magic in Town", "Invisibility in Town" and "Resisting or Fleeing Arrest" were all punishable offenses.

- Is it also Godess's law to flee from authority?

- Escaping 'authority' is not Godess's Law.

Trial spectators were arriving at this point, including Abuser, Kasim El Shah himself and woman who was attacked by him with spell..

Herald mumbled something about Platarch's respect to Norwick then noticed Abuser and asked me:

- Anyway.... You said this man was casting on nearby travellers. Can you tell wich spells were those?

- Perhaps I did notice which spell it was, but if i did i did forget. But the 'man' showed up on Trial. Perhaps he will speak the truth. I have strange memory.

Kasim suddenly rose, saying "politely"

- If it pleases the court, then I, Kasim el Shah, shall present a testimony to clear up the incident.

Judge allowed him to talk:

- My name is Kasim el Shah, minor noble and mage from Calimport.

- My relation to the facts is that I was there the entire time, and the victim of the accused spellcasting.

- The incident began when a barbarian woman of some kind was threatening me in Norwick near the central fire. Fully expecting her to be violent, as barbarians tend to be, I swiftly cast a harmless "Charm Person" spell, seeking to avoid a confrontation completely.

- At this point the accused cast a "Hold Person" spell at me, which failed. I ignored it and started speaking to the barbarian girl, as the spell succeeded in invading her simple mind, however the voices of others and her own simple mind led to her being confused and irate, instead of being charmed into being peaceful and leaving me alone as I planned.

He mentioned my "incompetence" and went on:

- At that point, the militia arrives, the accused casts an invisibility spell and runs for it, whilst I submit to the local militia and pay the fine prescribed for me.

D'Cameron turned to me, and bluntly asked:

- Despite your strange memory, would you say that Kasim's are precise?

I waited a moment before answering as woman attacked by Abuser coughed and had to say something quietly to herself.

- It did look like Charm Person spell, which is offensive, as it attacks Mind with lasting consequences. I tried to protect that woman with nonlethal, non Mind-invasive Hold Person spell, which does not involve change of Mind state, and potentially insanity. This is Moon Godess's Law to protect people from this kind of harm.

- Perhaps he felt threatened, but he abusively attacked with magic instead of leaving quietly. Abuse of Magic has consequences. Perhaps next time he will use voice and call guards instead of attacking.

Kasim rose again and adjucator allowed him to talk

- For the record, seeing as this... unchained sorceress... has a certain misunderstanding of magic. Hold Person is a mind-affecting spell just as Charm Person is, they are not different as she claims.

- Furthermore I feel the need to emphasise the fact that I had only cast a single spell, then merely stood there speaking whilst the accused constantly cast spells at me as I calmly spoke.

then he sat with a smile, and i had to answer somehow.

- Yes, I broke law to protect someone from Mind assault. It's least amount of force i could use to prevent troubles.

There was rumour among the audience, i overheard something about the "cause and effect" and "consequences".

Guard delivered mesage that was quickly read by D'Cameron. Then he read the verdict. I was guilty of all three offenses and was to be fined. Then audience exhanged pleasantries. Case was over.

I paid fine in few days, then reported to Magistrate Borodin.

"I sorted this hay somehow. Was on Trial, paid fine so they can feed their horses now."

I support chivalry afterall. Somehow.

Friday, 30 November 2012

On Love and Fearlessness.

Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between you and i. Sometimes minds are close, emotions are shared and fears of others can be felt.

When one of us is fearless, he or she protects other one from fear just by being close, giving emotional security.

Thus, fearless being radiates aura of courage and love dispels fears.

Monday, 19 November 2012


Magistrate (Peltarch Law Representative) Borodin contacted me recently.

I have to go south to Norwick for Trial. I left everything valuable in safe place and went as ordered.

Saturday, 17 November 2012


I saw wolf fighting man again. I admit, he has sense of humour...

It started fairly innocently, he was given a task to help to defeat mad dogs that attacked outpost he just visited. With haste.

He was not alone in the fight.

It was exhausting and draining fight, but he seemed to have ability to recover his energy quickly as he hit them with his fists of fury.

His flying kicks generally beat these fanatical monsters, but not without his blood and sweat.

Then he did something strange. He smacked at nearest pig's behind, with his staff...

Then at the snout...

... and somehow gained ability to fly. He scouted the battlefield, the battle was nearly over.

He was needed elsewhere.

Thursday, 15 November 2012


I was sitting in Peltarch commons, with quiet Elf and flirty Half Orc bard nearby when magic happened.

We heard birdsong.

Then Leaves landed on sundial and clouded up, then shifted subtly.. I've cast detect magic cantrip and felt nature magic somehow..

"It's great sign", I had to say. "Nature magic, I hope it's Life. And Longevity."

Letters appeared spelled out in common tongue. They shifted slowly, and sloppily at first, growing more clear and rapid.

"I A M W E L L H E R E"

They shifted like bowl of water now, as if waiting.

I couldn't resist urge, so I reached for the Leaves with both open hands as if to gather them like dripping water, then I offered this experience to Godess of Arcane Power, to Godess of Fiery Love, and to Godess of Moon and Beauty.

Elf asked: "Who are You" ?

Swirling letters appeared again:

"J E R R I C K"

"I A M W E L L H E R E"

Half orc commented: "those swirling leaves are total mystery to me"

The leaves left Elf, and swirled about once more, to dance around me. then they pillared into the sky.

"Nice. I have loving attention. And everyone appreciates this. So do I." I had to say.

Then i got a sense of well being, like a warm breeze on a cool day. Somehow I collapsed lightly on grass, with arms spread. I smiled at the Leaves a little. I saw magic everywhere these days...

"I A M M O U N T A I N"

He must have been smoking something good... And it had the side effects. I didn't omit to mention this aloud.

Elf asked: "Is Jerrick dead?"

Leaves answered: "I L I V E"

Yes, he lived and is well here. and had power over leaves.

"A N D M O R E"

It felt too well to stand up. I felt the sense of a kind presence as heavy sigh ran through the commons, scattering leaves, blowing hair, but leaving Elf's cat unscathed. I felt magic everywhere, but it left me... Half orc said it would make a wonderful song. It was gone, Cut off very aburptly. Nature magic just moved on.

Jerrick, the druid was somewhere else, much better there it seemed.

I felt well, somehow, for i experienced kind presence. Somehow. Slightly magically, not sure how, Somehow. It was well even if he was gone. Somehow. Elf thought it was cryptic message but it was not, he was somewhere, he just moved on, but we could still experience his presence via nature magic.

Street Art of Sweeping Leaves left us. Artistically. But we felt the presence somehow. It was not so bad. Somehow. Half orc started to strum his yarting and compose song, then rushed away somewhere.

So Jerrick was not dead, wherever he was. He showed this to us. He was mountain. We saw the signs. Leaves told us this. Somehow.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Man Fighting Wolves.

My mind went to Astral Sphere again. I've noticed man who looked like a monk dressed in leather, fighting grey wolves. His fighting style was unique and impressive. I think i have karmic connection with this man.

When i told this to my dwarf friend, Gnarl, it seemed to him that i will "have travel in future".

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Abuser's Name.

I learned calishite abuser of magic's name, as he made public speech in Peltarch. Kasim El Shah. He wasn't greeted warmly by public.

Sunday, 11 November 2012


Staff of Xavier mesmerizes me. Sometimes it seems to whisper strange words, other times it's arcane fire burns in my dreams.

"Ah, so the Firestaff has
  called yet another band

Something whispers to me that it is mage attribute, augmenting access to Firestaff (military riddle system of command words). These are ancient power words used by old nation to command Power, Elements, Form and Class/Alignment (Role and Position) of beings under command of Firestaff.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Astral Space.

My mind travels in astral space. It happens too often, somehow i feel drawn to it. But I can use my abilities there to help others.

My imagination and emotions give me power in this world. Things I see are mostly about dragons, people's fears and ambitions. There are plenty of demons to defeat.

I have insight in our future and can sow seeds of it with wishes, mantras, affirmations, visualizations, spells, prayers and rituals.

This is not best time for meditation, but i can use all my knowledge gained via insight as result of meditation. It would be just too much to continue at this point with meditation.

Saturday, 3 November 2012


Dear Journal, i am writing my goals to remind myself of them in case i forget:

1. Find love when time is right (we know exact date).
2. Research Dragonry and strenghten control over Esoteric Dragon.
3. Research and learn Clairaudience/Clairvoyance, officially learn how to read Tarot cards. (completed and partially completed)
4. Research and learn Flame Weapon (for enchanting arrows and more), Owl's Wisdom and Improved Invisibility. Even if i lose access to lesser version of Invisibility spell. It's more efficient this way. (completed)
5. Complete Ranger Training. (completed, but memories got lost in fugue plane).
6. Continue with Sorcery, advanced Training (partial progress).
7. Learn Abuser of Magic's name. (completed, but there are many more such and such things to do).
8. Develop Dragonfly Aspect, somehow.
9. Complete Yogini training at Monastery as soon as possible ((Monk level(s) in game)).
10. Learn 'Firebrand' Spell as soon as possible.


((time passed since first version of this entry in Chea's Journal. she has higher experience level in game now.))


I have met Abuser, Calishite Noble.

I've noticed him abuse magic in Norwick, barbarian town to south of our beloved city of Peltarch, the Jewel of the Icelace. He started casting spells on innocents with little provocation, i tried to defend victims for which i was almost arrested by local law. I had to turn invisible and run.

Later when we have met in Peltarch, he was abusive (with words) toward me, and said "no" when told to not abuse magic. Perhaps he would not speak at all if he knew that i am part of Knights of the Cerulean Stars, city's military response to magical threats. Officially.

When told that "it's law" regarding "do not abuse", he said: "I'll do as I please, of course. I.. deal.. with the laws here. But that's all."

He refused to say his name when asked for it, but i got his description memorized and written. There will be official report and warning, for this irresponsible man means trouble.

Character Description.

Chea Allin.

Name: Chea Allin.
Age: Looks 30, but claims to be older. Looks young due to 'Augmented Longevity Potion'.
Gender: Female.
Alignment: True Neutral.
Race: Human.
Class: Sorcerer (10) (officially a witch).

Deity: follows Godess of Moon, Beauty (Selune) for this moment. sympathizes with Godess of Arcane Power (Mystra, her aspect Mystryl), Godess of Love (Sune), Godess of Dragons (Tiamat). she's at odds with godess of pain (Loviatar). she is learning about Savras (The All-Seeing, He of the Third Eye, Lord of Divination. Divination is this school of magic which specializes in obtaining information). she took interrest in Aerdrie Faenya, Valkyrie as she sees Her Aspect she called 'Freya'.

Home Town: Peltarch (Sympathizes with Oscura, at odds with Norwick).


Although proficient with Magical Arts and various other Mental and Spiritual disciplines, she remains fairly modest and humane. Her eyes shine like diamonds, for they shed no tears. On her left wrists she wears beads of blue coral. On her hip she carries silver stiletto.

Companions & other Summonables:

Nade, a Black Panther familiar.

Ability Scores:

Strength: 8 (weak), +1 with her Cerulean Knights' Gloves,
Dexterity: 10 (average grace), higher with a spell,
Constitution: 14 (all-weathered),
Intelligence: 10 (above average),
Wisdom: 12 (unwise), +1 with her Ringl,
Charisma: 20 (extremely high), +1 with one of her Cloaks, +1 with her Athamé, +1 with one of her Robes.

Saving Throws:

Fortitude: +5,
Reflex: +3, higher with a spell,
Will: +8, with certain items higher vs fear.

Saving throws vs Spells have Spellcraft bonus.

Other statistics:

Base Attack: +5.

With proper items, she has spell resistance of up to 14 (low, but still useful against many weak spellcasters).


Concentration 23
Spellcraft 13
Lore 7
Bluff 6
Intimidate 6 (knows theory, doesn't use)
Persuade 6
Taunt 6
Move Silently 14
Hide -4 (+6 with black cloak)
Search 6 (-2 without Silver Loving Eyes Ring).
Spot 7 (-6 without Silver Loving Eyes Ring, +10 with Clairaudience/Clairvoyance spell).
Ride -3
Discipline 3
Heal 5

(Any skill level depends on buff spells, such as 'Cat's Grace' and on equipment).


Sorcerer Feats
Greater Spell Focus: Illusion
Still Spell
Armor Proficiency: Light

Known Languages:


Known Spells:

0th level (Cantrips) - 6+1/day:
Detect Magic
Mage Hand
Read Magic

1st level - 8/day:
Mage Armor
Shelgarn's Persistent Blade

Expeditious Retreat
Endure Elements

2nd level - 7+2/day:
Ghostly Visage

Cat's Grace
See Invisibility
Lesser Dispel.

3rd level - 7/day:
Hold Person [DC 18; up to DC 19 with items]
Find Traps

4th level - 6/day:
Phantasmal Killer [DC 23; up to DC 24 with items]
Improved Invisibility

5th level - 4/day:
Firebrand [DC 20; up to DC 21 with items].


Peltarch Bank: 12510 gold coins (minimum 10 of gold pieces must stay at the bank).

Coinpurse: about 700 gold coins (small & easy to carry).



Blue beads used for counting mantras.

Weight: 0.3 lbs.

Seeker's Key (Also known as 'Ring of the Fey'Ri' .... it changes qualities depending on the place that Chea is in, perhaps more).

Photobucket (Part 1/3 of the Seeker's Set of Silent Attention)

Made of beautiful green metal, nice to touch and emanating pleasant feline aura of awareness, it is said that this ring was made to help Seeker (of arcane treasures) survive in dangerous places.

Weight: 0.1

Bonus spell slot: Sorcerer Level 0
Skill Bonus: Move Silently +6
Skill Bonus: Search +4
Skill bonus: Set Trap +2

Seeker's Boots.

(Part 2/3 of Seeker's Set of Silent Attention)

Made of Warm, soft and durable winter wolf leather, these boots allow to both feel the ground one's walking on, and be comfortable enough (even in harsh weather conditions), to not hinder wearer's focus.

It is said that they were made to help seeker (of arcane treasures) to reach distant and dangerous places safely and comfortably.

Weight: 0.4

Improved Saving Throws: Cold +1
Skill Bonus: Move Silently +6
Skill Bonus: Concentration +6
Weight Reduction: 80% of Weight

Seeker's Belt.

(Part 3/3 of Seeker's Set of Silent Attention)

High quality belt, made of strong and durable leather it has engraved seed (syllable), that transforms anger into fearlessness, on metal clasp.

It is said that this belt was made to help Seeker (of arcane treasures) to tread silently and fearlessly in dangerous places where hidden arcane treasures might be found.

Weight: 1.0

Improved Saving Throws: Fear +3
Skill Bonus: Move Silently +6

Archer's Belt.

Having felt the sting of Sundabar's archers in too many raids, the orcs from the spine of the world were thrilled when King Obould Many-Arrows suggested that his shamans should create a belt to protect the most worthy and cunning warriors of the tribe. The contests to decide who gets each belt are now considered the highest form of entertainment in orc society.

Weight: 1.0

Damage Resistance: Piercing Resist 5 / -

Silver Loving Eyes Ring.

(This was property of Attentus, left for apprentices in the Cerulean Knights Chest. Chea enchanted it to be as it is now.)

High quality silver ring engraved with compassion Mantra. It enhances wearer's compassion, wisdom, empathy, and the ability to perceive others' feelings, thoughts and auras, sometimes only by looking in their direction.

Weight: 0.1

Enhancement Bonus: Wisdom +1
Skill Bonus: Search +2
Skill Bonus: Spot +6

Staff of Xavier.

(Reclaimed from Mad Wizard's Laboratory)

The skull atop this plain wooden staff watches you, its burning eyes having the disconcerning feeling of following you wherever you stand.
At the command of the wield and the activation phrase of "Look into my eye!" The staff shoots forth a powerful spell that can make a friend of the most slavering rabid foe.
Something Xavier needed on a near daily basis.....

((Spellcraft check DC 60 may reveal something else))

Weight: 4.0

Armor Bonus: +1 (AC Deflection Modifier)
Improved Saving Throw: Disease +1
Improved Saving Throw: Fire +1
Only useable by: Sorcerer or Wizard
Use: Charm Monster (10) 5 Charges/Use
Charges: 40.

Gloves of Spellcraft.

(This is property of Attentus, left for apprentices in the Cerulean Knights Chest)

In an effort to help stave off the expansion of the Mulhorand Theocracy, several Red Wizards of Thay worked together to create these gloves to assist the Magocracy that controls Unther. While the gloves assist mages in recognizing some of the powerful spells being cast, the superior numbers of the Mulhorand mages still gives them the advantage.

Weight: 1.0

Only useable by: Sorcerer, Wizard, Druid, Cleric
Skill Bonus: Spellcraft +3

Gloves of Power.

 Standard issue Defender Gloves.

Weight: 1.0,

Enhancement Bonus: Strength +1,
Skill Bonus: Discipline +4.

Cerulean Amulet.

Made for the Knights of the Cerulean Stars, this amulet bear their mark and is a common sight in the City of Peltarch.

Ownership of this amulet is strictly controlled, and should any but a Cerulean be found with it, repercussions will be swift.

Weight: 0.5

Skill Bonus: Spellcraft +2
Spell Resistance: 12

Robe of Scintillating Colors.

The wearer can cause the Robe of Scintillating Colors to become a shifting pattern of incredible hues, color after color cascading from the upper part of the robe to the hem in sparkling rainbows of dazzling light. The colors daze those near wearer, conceal wearer, and illuminate the surroundings.

The first of such robes was said to have been made by a Halruaan Liira-worshipper named Persephenon. As unusual Halruaan, Persephenon showed talent for sorcery rather than wizardry. This social stigma, combined with his pursuits of the Joybringer's path and his flamboyant personality, put Persephenon at odds with his contemporaries.

Despite these obstacles, Persephenon was appointed captain of a skyship. He made his robe as a tribute to Liira, in order to paint rainbows across the sky as he flew.

This undignified behavior ultimately lost Persephenon his capitancy and later led to his exile from Halruaa. Welcomed in Luirien by the less-ridgid halfling culture, Persephenon enjoyed a happy life and copies of his robes have similarly enjoyed a favored place among the hin bards.

Weight: 1.0

Light Low (10) Purple.
Use: Daze (1) Unlimited Uses / Day.
Use: Displacement (9) 1 Use / Day.

(in NWN1 Computer Game, Displacement spell is implemented as Concealment for a while; Narfell uses Creativity in many ways).


This garment is made of elaborate silk embroidery with mystran motives. The garment has seven stars spread across it's chest and pants and resembles closely the colours of the Lady of Mysteries.

While of unknown procedence, it is clear that these garments belonged to a faithful of Mystra.

Weight: 1.0

Bonus Spell Slot: Sorcerer Level 3.
Bonus Spell Slot: Wizard Level 3.
Light: Normal (15m) Blue.
Skill Bonus: Lore +5.
Skill Bonus: Spellcraft +5.

Snakeskin Sorcerer's Robe ( She-Serpent Yoga's Ceremonial Robe ).

Made from the hide of a single great snake, these robes have been enchanted to enhance the powers of those of sorcerous inclination. The nature of these snakeskin robes makes it seems very unwise to alter the garb in any manner, for to do so may well risk the magic with which it is imbued.

Weight: 1.0

Bonus Spell Slot: Sorcerer Level 2.
Enhancement Bonus: Charisma +1

Greater Battle Robe.

Sick to death hearing about the prowess of mages like Elminster, Blackstaff, and the Red Wizards of Thay; Klaphen Fortier, a powerful, but relatively unknown wizard, created these robes to bolster young spellcasters across the realms. His hope was that youthful and unscrupulous mages might be encouraged to challenge more powerful wizards in hopes of making a name for themselves. Rumor has it that Klaphen died in an accident of spectacular proportions, when 56 lightning bolts and numerous large meteors struck his tower.

Weight: 1.0

Armor Bonus vs. Evil: +2 (AC Armor Modifier)
Light Low (10 m) Purple
Only Useable By: Sorcerer, Wizard
Skill Bonus: Concentration +3
Skill Bonus: Spellcraft +3
Spell Resistance: 14

Black Cloak.

Chea's black cloak. photo blackcloak_zps0fe3995e.gif High Quality Black Cloak, empowered with qualities of protecting beings from being seen and from their fear.

Weight: 2.4

Improved Saving Throws: Fear +3
Skill Bonus: Hide +6

Cloak of Night's Appeal.

Chirade wore this black cloak spangled with dark stars during his confrontation with the Peltarch Investigation Team. It is a very aesthetic cloak, which enhances it's wearer's presence and appeal.

Chea recovered it from the mad elf and put it to better use.

Weight: 3.0

Enhancement Bonus: Charisma +1
Skill Bonus: Concentration +2

Censer of Controlling Air Elementals.

This small golden incense burner is etched with a smooth, flowing script spelling out prayers to Akadi. When used, it will summon an air elemental to serve the user.

Weight: 0.5

Use: Summon Air Elemental 1 Use/Day.

Ring of Scholars.

Scholars and sages across the known world covet these rings and their cousins, the famed Rings of Insight. The Scholar's Ring introduces an innovation to the original design, adding a light source for hands-free reading in the dark of a basement library, or in a dungeon.

Weight: 0.1

White Light (15m).
Skill Bonus: Lore +5

Purple Kimono.

- to be enchanted yet. -

Purple Kimono, with small black/red lotus attribute embroided on left bicep. Usually worn with black belt and gloves.

Made of soft and strong silk, to be enchanted with properties that enhance arcane spellcasting and concentration.

Weight: 1.0

Fine Paints.

These paints are made of the finest ingredients, and are promised not to fade for at least a decade...

Weight: 0.5


A mat of hard-packed, sewn straw; covered with a rush, it's edges hemmed with cloth. Used as flooring material, cushions, or mattresses.

Weight: 0.5

Divination Deck (Tarot Cards).

This deck of cards is appears to be designed for some kind of game of chance. The cards are ornately decorated and made of unusually thick paper.

Weight: 0.5

Athamé of Light.

 A high quality stiletto made of silver & engraved with mantras & spells that help wielder direct & use arcane energies.

Enhancement Bonus: Charisma +1,
Skill Bonus: Concentration +2,
Skill Bonus: Spellcraft +6.

Silver Pentacle.

 The Pentacle is the most famous symbol of Witchcraft. It is a picture of a pentagram - five-armed star in a circle, each of the arms correspond to one of elements or spirit (top arm). It's said it holds Protecting Powers, that are imparted upon wearer.

Weight: 0.5

Spell Resistance: 16

Wand of Curing.

A wand blessed with curative spells. Holding onto one of these could be all the difference between life - and death...

Weight: 1.0

Use: Cure Moderate Wounds (3) 5 Charges/Use
Charges: 30.

Masterworked Silver Chalice.

This cup seems to be made of silver. Its elaborated design has been chiseled with skill in the precious metal.

(Chea intends to use this a silver chalice for scrying; when filled ... water's surface can be used as a scrying mirror).

Weight: 0.5

Other notable attributes:

Chea's Holy Symbol of Selune.
Holy Symbol of Mystra (Holy Symbol of Godess of Arcane Power)
Holy Symbol of Sune (Holy Symbol of Godess of Fiery Love)
Diamond Dagger Tattoo (Purba, for cutting away disturbing feelings)
Eye of Madness (different kind of wisdom)
Dandy's Monocle (It can increase vision somewhat [search +2, spot +1]).
Holy Symbol of Tiamat (Holy Symbol of Dragon Mother Godess)
Peltarch Defender Badge (She is part of Peltarch Military)
Dragon Figurine (Symbol of Conquered Fear)
Trident (Symbol of awakened energies)
White Lotus (Symbol of purity and feminity)
Black Lotus (Symbol of protective qualities of woman)
Mirror (Mind's mirror that reflects the world)
Lasso of Snake (For catching harmful influences)
Birds Feather (for writing)

Potions, Mixtures, etc.:

2 x Potion of Greater Eagle's Splendour.
1 x Potion of Spell Resistance.
2 x Potion of True Seeing.
1 x Potion of Lesser Mind Blank.

2 x Potion of Heal.
5 x Potion of Cure Critical Wounds.
7 x Potion of Cure Serious Wounds.
18 x Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds.
2 x Cure Moderate Wounds (Balm).

9 x Potions of Camouflage.
5 x Potion of Speed.
4 x Frothing Mongoose (Neutralizes Poisons).
3 x Potion of Lesser Restoration.
3 x Barkskin Potion.
2 x Invisibility Potion.
1 x Elven Meade (Wine that clears Mind as with a 'Clarity' spell).
1 x Potion of Bull's Strength.
1 x Cloning Concoction.

1 x Oil Flask (for starting fires, etc).


1 x Vampiric Touch,
2 x See Invisibility,
1 x Cloudkill,
1 x Chain Lightning,
1 x Circle of Death,
2 x Summon Creature I,
3 x Clarity,
4 x Dispel Magic,
1 x Tasha's Hideous Laughter.
4 x Ultravision,
2 x Light,
1 x Eagle's Splendor,
3 x Shield,
4 x Darkness,
3 x Cloud of Bewilderment,
1 x Protection from Elements,
1 x Remove Curse,
1 x Protection from Alignmen,
1 x Endure Elements.

Spell Crystals (can store 'defensive' spells, after use are lost).

6 x Rough Spell Crystal. (can store up to 1st level spell).
4 x Spell Crystal (can store up to 3rd level spell).
3 x Perfect Spell Crystal (can store up to 5th level spell).

... Scrolls & Spell Crystals.

Other single-use & multiple-use equipment:

1 x Healing Kit.


Box of semi-precious Gems (for enchanting and in emergency, for sale),
Low quality, worn Ancient Statue, made of Brass. (for research, and if neccessary, a gift).


Masterwork Quarterstaff, Black (finely made and well masterworked, carried in honor of Khelben 'Blackstaff' Arunsun, Attentus' role model).
Masterwork Light Cherry Crossbow,
A Dagger,
Bolts, including of special sort.

Drinks & food:

1 x Frost Wine,
1 x Lemonade,
1 x Long Tooth (Beer),
1 x Lotus Wine (bought in Oscura),
2 x Gnomish Spring Water,
1 x 'Imagination' drink,
1 x Tea,
1 x Garlic,
(she has silverware, chop sticks, wooden bowl and cups of course, in her backpacks).

Other adventuring tools & neccessities:

1 x Tinderbox,
1 x Animal Musk (amulet with animal scent [animal empathy +1]),
1 x Fey Perfume (amulet that contains sweet scent and stink of fey races. [persuade +1]),
1 x Medicinal Charm (amulet with minor healing powers),
1 x Torch,
1 x Book of Summons (choices for 'Summon Creature' spells),
2 x Medicine Bag (healing herbs for single use),
1 x Rags (for hygiene),
1 x Heal Kit (healing herbs for many uses),

... and more ...

but Hers (to Guard).


- Chea Allin@Sunstrider.