Saturday, 9 April 2016

Archmage's Demise.

a Briefing.

Dear Journal,

... something happened, we were approached by Elvadriel's familiar, who sought us in Peltarch.

After travelling south we learned that she was contacted by a certain Archmage's men ... there was a possibility of establishing relations between mages of Narfell & of another land.

A group of us went travelling into snowy mountains, facing threats of Snow Goblins, Ice Trolls & Winter Wolves.

We've reached a mountain community, but mage's tower was closed to us ... to enter we would need to be admitted by nearby Yogi of the Mountains.

Without asking questions we embarked on the way.

After finding a 'right-sized' Yogi of the Mountains, i've offered him 108 gold pieces so he can afford drinks, food, lights & clothing ... traditional gift for such.

Instead of inviting us to his home, he provided a censer with incense, it's purpose in opening Archmage's Tower for us.

Then a few of us heard bell-sounds coming from the the town.

We've returned hastily to face assault by no goblins, but armed & armored men.

It's when a 'Hold Person' spells proved a useful assistance against attacking archers, we did defeat the raiders as well.

There was explosion in tower, men & women slaughtered, treasures stolen, kids taken into slavery.

We did liberate the kids, treasures seemingly as well ... taking with to Norwick.

After sharing the spoils i got a new Sorcerer's Robe, a Curing Wand & a Belt for the Cerulean Knights' Chests.

-- Your, Chea Allin, an Adventuress of lands near & far.

P.S. ... if Archmage lives still, he'll probably contact us later.

Snow Goblins.

a Settlement.

an Archmage.

a Yogi of the Mountains.



a Rest.

... a new set of Robes.

... a Wand of Curing.

... a Gambler's Belt,

... for Cerulean Chests.