Monday, 27 May 2013


Fireplace. photo fireplace_zpse4e51425.jpg

Preparing Mind for Enchantment Ritual.

I am enchanting. Purifying mind, purifying life.

Meditating, speaking Mantras.

Collecting ingredients, but staying aware and conscious of world.

Then i will go to lab and do something. Empower...

But it won't stop there... My whole life feels like initiation.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Fortress In Realm of Death.

I went to Realm of Death again, 50 steps downwards, leaving trail of Loving Eyes Mantras behind.

Then i walked around in the path of Form Tri 108, feeding hungry ghosts as i progressed, so they guard each place. This way i laid foundation for fortress in the Realm of Death. I left gestalt against sticky and other curses there.

It will be Stupa.

It will be guarded.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Arcane Duel.

One night i was in hell.

Then people appeared, and duel began. I spoke Mantra for fight. Then it happened automatically. They bombarded me with delusions, i responded with Nullify Mantra. They repeated, again, again and again. I had to create Nullifying Gestalt to combat them. Fight was over.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Realm of Death.

It occured to me instantly.

I talked with someone, then i knew, gradually, that i have to go to Realm of Death to help them, to cleanse them from taint.

I walked downwards through 7 gates, leaving Loving Eyes Mantras for hungry ghosts to make them allies and help. I left wards and called Mandalas for help to not make any mistake.

It was slow silent walk downwards, world started to be little more deathlike each step.

At 7th gate i stopped found the clue, and cleansed taint.

Silent walk up was easy, i called Death Guard to close gates behind, regenerating wards and feeding hungry ghosts with Loving Eyes Mantras. Then i called Mandalas to share accomplishment, spoils, experience, to secure what was gained, to not make any mistake.

It's over and not.