Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Void Shard Secured (Frances' Tale).


... we've gathered in Peltarch Commons, we went 'Witch and the Seer' Tavern to talk about Mor'Salen proceedings.

on our way there we met a few of Blood Warriors & Blood Priest of Garagos, blocking our progress.

they attempted to trick us into letting them into Peltarch, under a excuse of Diplomacy.

they stated their interrest with 'Order of Divine Shield' of Peltarch, of Temple of the Triad.

then they attacked, fishing for Casus Belli (Reason for War) apparently, spies probably as well.

in Tavern's private parts we've found Captain Varus sitting with blood on his stomach & body, we tended to his wounds.

our intel was that the source of information for our foes was the Ancient Demon, manipulating Blood Warriors & Priests,

perhaps spies among us, as well.

another part of intel was that Mor'Salen is a Staff,

i've learned that we have one of Shards as well ... it was a Void Shard this time.

we've had to proceed to Mintas Temple HQ on feet, because Teleportation with a Shard is the Risk.

our way back might be Recall, the Word of Power.

as our Enemies & Risks escalate, we draw attention of their enemies as well ... Celestial beings in this the case.

we were advised about Secrecy need as well.

we went our way, we did fight against bloody swords & spells of the Hells.

a Miracle occured to us near Jiyyd's Plains.

a Vision of Ilmater, of old man Protecting us,

taking the blows,

... someone was Praying for us, for our Cause as well.

we were a Bless,

our skins grew thick as with Spells, of Stone-Skin kind.

in Heroes' Bluff, near the Ferry,

we fought them more,

as they Massacred,

fellow Gnomes & Hin.

then Mintas Forest & more of a fight.

Demons set up a trap, to get the Shard,

under a guise of Illusion.

... we ran past, not engaging in fight,

reaching a safe wards area just in time,

as Garagossan forces was nearing,

to cut out our advance,

Demons did follow as well.

safely past wards, we commenced to enter Mintas Temple HQ,

... went past Wards, Training Area & Shrine,

then we've met Shallyah who greeted us once again.

after short talk we were admitted to an Altar of Red Knight,

where Shard was accepted & teleported we don't know where, by Red Knight, herself.

for ignorance can be a Protection as well.

we were debriefed, thanked, rewarded with the potions again,

then we Teleported to 'Witch & the Seer', with a Word of Recall if i got it well.

we did rest for a while, exchanged few words, split the spoils & left the place.

well made ironwood shields sold well,

got over 3600 gold pieces & many of a expensive a Potion, as well.

-- Frances, a Witch & Adventuress of Darkhavens.


a Trick.

First Blood.

First a Win.

Witch & the Seer, exteriors.



About Demon.


Secrecy Talk.


Walk South.

Second Blood.

Second a Win.

Ilmater's 'a' Bless.

the Slaughter, a Massacre,

of Gnomes & Hin.


Jiyyd 'a' Win.


Mintas Forest.

a Skirmish in Mintas Woods.

Mintas Bridge.

Another of Mintas' 'a' Skirmish.


Demons Revealed.

... Past Wards it's Safe.

Mintas Temple HQ.

Mintas Temple's Inner Wards.

Mintas Temple's a Shrine to Red Knight.

Shallyah, Greeting.


... Shard taken.

a Debrief.


After Word, of Recall.

Recovery & Rewards.