Friday, 23 June 2017

Organizing Equipment (Frances' Tale).

... i have so many things.

i've organized things i carry for ease of access.

... Aside from worn items & backpack, i have a magical quiver on my back (can hold thousands of arrows, it's easy to find proper arrows too) & a belt on my waist with curative potions.

... i carry a few of weapons & shield around my body as well.

i've done some crafting & tanning, burned some labels to put on bags & boxes in my backpack for quick access.

... Now it's easier than ever to carry equipment & find what's needed when it's needed.

-- Frances Darkhaven, a Crafty Adventuress of a Noble Oscuran Origin, an Archer-Witch of Siamorphe & Kossuth.

Easily Reached:

the Worn equipment.

a Magickal Quiver with Arrows & a Belt with Curative Potions & Balms.

Weapons & Shield carried around.

In Backpack:

Boxes, a bag & a scrollcase.

Potions & Berries - Curatives.

Potions & Crystal - Miscellanneous Effects.

Empty Crystals of the three Qualities, ready to store spells.

Crystals of Time.

Gems & Diamond Dust.

For enchanting items & for sale.


For fuelling Crafter's Forge & for trade.

Miscellanneous Equipment, part 1st.

Miscellanneous Equipment, part 2nd.

Miscellanneous Equipment, part 3rd.

Edible Food, Drinks, Spices, Herbs, Drinking & Eating Tools.

a Scrollcase.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

TAROT Tools.

TAROT Cards.

Dear Journal,

A while ago i did paint my own divination deck. Now i did exchange it for more classical, TAROT deck of cards.

This TAROT deck of cards uses symbols of Swords, Wands, Pentacles & Chalices in Minor Arcana Cards, there are also Major Arcana as well.

These symbols are occasionally named differently, for wands can be named scepters, pentacles can be named discs or coins, ... etc.

i happen to have all of these symbols contained in the ritual tools in a certain form or another.

Swords - Athamé : it's a symbol of masculine (it's long) correspondence, of thoughts & of the air element. Useful for directing magickal & psychic energies, for casting circles (drawing protecting or invoking pentagrams on ground), for a rite of union & for other purposes as well. It's a version of sword, just shorter, more practical in the small-spaced ritual quarters. When neccessary, i can arrange for a real sword as well.

Wands - Wand of Curing : it's a symbol of masculine (it's long) correspondence, of feelings & of the fire element. Especially useful for curing body & mind, but can be used for other purposes as well.

Pentacles - Well made Silver Pentacle : it's a symbol of feminine (it's round) correspondence, of thoughts & of the earth element. Useful for protecting - especially mind - against magickal attacks, for other uses as well. It's said it can impart silver moon's wisdom on a wearer, it's connection with godess can aid in manifesting (realizing) spells as well.

Chalices - Well made Silver Chalice : it's a symbol of feminine (it's upper part & base are round), of feelings & of the water element. Useful for a rite of union, as well as for scrying - when filled with a water - that acts as a mirror. It has other uses as well.

TAROT Deck of Cards - It's a symbol of Spirit & Space (it brings elements together, joining them), can be used for divination - fortunetelling method, differing from scrying that it relies on asking higher (or lower) powers. Indivdual cards or series of these are powerful ritual casting tools as well.

All of these tools can be used in composing a witch's altar, or used individually, together, or with other ritual components such as candles, herbs, crystals or incense.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, a Witch & a Seeker of Enlightened Energies.





Friday, 2 June 2017

Shu Li (Character Description).

(page under construction).


Character Description:

Starting age: 24.

With flowing, long, blue-black hair, black eyes & a pale skin, this young woman has far-eastern looks & accent.

Wearing Black Studded Leathers & carrying a Black Quarterstaff, she walks quietly, with a steady grace, as if 'kissing earth with her feet'.

On her neck she wears a small iron symbol of Mystra's Blue Star with an unusual White Early-First-Quarter Waxing Moon in the background.

Character Concept:

Her first name, 'Shu' means 'Pure'.

Her surname 'Li' means 'Black'.

Coming from far-eastern continent of Shou Lung, a Mage-Priestess caste member, a worshipper of Magickal Arts of Light & Shadow, a member of a sect believing in self-realization & self-ascension.

Sect is a movement of religious protest, many of great religions started as heresy & sects at first, were often persecuted.

She's gentle, strong, independent, cold, pragmatic, philosophical & seductive woman.

Her sect believed in Deva called Lady of Mysteries (known in West as Godess Mystra), it's goals are union with deva & awakening enlightened qualities within that ascended form to help countless beings.

They came to existence by illumination of few priests, who challenged traditional customs & devas with unorthodox & dangerous ideology. Not only by praising magick, but also by wielding power of light & shadow, by having mystical, supernatural access to the forbidden lore - ranging from dangerous spells, to dark secrets of Emperor's Court. Two of sect's mottos were that 'Moon's wisdom knows both of light and of darkness', 'Where's light, there's also shadow'.

Unconventional & non-traditional methods of her sect proved suspicious & very effective during recent years - this caused sudden rise in power and caused jealousy & fear within Shou Emperor's bureacracy.

A part of Emperor's bureacracy decreed sect illegal, school's training facilities were burnt and members massacred with only a few of survivors escaping - with the mission to keep school's secrets & lessons alive.

Shu Li fled west, knowing her home is no longer safe for her.

She swore to not use metal armour as a symbol of respect both to warriors who properly use metal armours, as well as a symbol of respect to magicians who cannot use it and cast spells. She wears black studded leathers, fights with black staff & longbow - using method called 'Zen Archery'. She uses magick - as an art-tool for combat, as well as an art-tool for other tasks.