Monday, 26 August 2013

Demons of Hells.

Overheard. photo Overheard_zps719b4fe1.gif

When i've been sitting in my usual place, i overheard people talk.

They considered how to fight demons.

They didn't mention the more you know about demons, the more hold they have upon you.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Contemplating Void.

I am sitting and trying to empty mind of unneccessary thoughts and feelings. I called it, more or less accurately, 'Contemplating Void'.

When thoughts or feelings arise, i do not cling to them, nor push them away... i observe and let them fade.

Contemplating Void. photo ContemplatingVoid_zpsd6585862.gif

Contemplating Void, via Chea's Eyes.


I've visited Fenz, seller in the Peltarch's Dock District.

He offers various poisons, tools for silent killing, and more.

Somehow he added me to his list with people allowed to buy such. I take anything this time.

Fenz, black market seller. photo Fenz_zpsf4f3c4c8.gif

Fenz, black market seller (city guards are nearby).

Friday, 23 August 2013

I need less.

Dear Journal, i have nothing but i need less.

None of possession i have is mine, i just guard it for Him. But perhaps i'll give it all away anyway, we'll see. Including You, dear Journal.

I'll keep writing anyway, even if people need it less. They do not have to read it if they wish.

I admit, i didn't mention everything i have, or where i keep it... for it is only reasonable in case of theft.

Chea contemplating void. photo cheacontemplatingvoid_zps833035cb.gif

Chea contemplating void. At this rate she'll be accused of spying.

Even more monsters to kill (Anheim's Tale).

I've dared to fight Hobgoblins (big brutish cousins of goblins), but not alone. We won with tactical thinking, mobility, experience, superior weapons and luck. If their mages disabled us with their 'Stinking Cloud' spells, when their heavy infantry with scythes advanced, someone would see two corpses instead of us perhaps.

Nothing speeds up training so fast as going beyond pain limit. I strike more precisely and harder with Two Handed Sword now.

Now i fought kobolds in swamps near Peltarch. There's promise of income if i won't get poisoned by 'Stirges' (flying large insects). Recovery from poison such as this, is costly or takes lot of time.


I went into swamps and fought... Got what i wanted until i was too wounded and without arcane power to fight two well trained 'Kobold Fanatics' at once. I had to retreat. Two stirges dead as well, i wasn't poisoned.

It was risky (coinwise), but succeeded this time.


Later i've tried fighting Orcs, but i've got beaten bad. Managed to retreat so i live.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Goals (Anheim's Tale).

In the following order:

1. Protect Enlightened Love, at any cost.
2. Fight for peace and freedom, when neccessary.
3. Complete Figher Training in the Tempus's name, mostly Katana Fighting. ((up to lvl 8)).
4. Complete Warrior Monk Training in the Tempus's name. Mostly Dexterity, Running Speed and General Combat Ability. ((up to level 4)).
5. Complete Sorcery Training in the Tempus's name, mostly mage armour spell. ((up to level 2)). ((completed)).
6. Learn how to use Katana and other Exotic Weapons. ((completed)).
7. Complete more advanced Yogi training, with unarmed combat ((up to monk level 8)).

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Two Handed Sword (Anheim's Tale).

I've added Two Handed Sword for my weapon collection, sometimes named Greatsword. It's not the most known weapon for me so far, but against more fragile opponents such as some kinds of goblins it works woders.

It cost me few expensive scrolls, but will last for long.

I read about Ancient Swordsman, or Sword Saint as many prefer, Musashi, from island of Kozakura far to east. He selected fighting styles and weapons for his opponents. He didn't support so called 'battle stance' (of any kind), preferring instead to strike from any position in any conditions, including terrain. Against opponent who relied on his greatsword length, he had chosen even longer sword. To mess with his mind and style i think. It worked for Musashi.

I am not like famous Musashi, who chose sword (in any form) over woman. I am different.

Anheim with Two Handed Sword. photo AnheimwithGreatsword_zpsa5ed3c42.gif

Anheim with Two Handed Sword, his new 'friend'.


Later i've tried Two Handed Sword against weaker goblins. Noticeable improvement, even with my lack of skill. I cut two with one strike more than few times ('Cleaved' them).

I've learned how to 'Cleave' when i had basic monk training in monastery elsewhere. They nicknamed me 'Black Cloak' (which is Enlightened Protective Energy) there, as i've protected them and the dead from being abused. For inspiration, i think. Basic monk training included Martial Arts. Those strange moves i didn't understand before, suddenly became useful when i wielded Two Handed Sword. Just like with Spear and other weapons.

Goblins still are a challenge, but i wish to learn tricks of this new weapon when fighting against them.

I've used and will use other weapons too (Long Bow included). We shall see, dear Journal.


Even later i've met Marthoussca again. She gave me better quality Two Handed Sword, and Holy Water Sprinkler, which is morningstar with hollow end (it sprays holy water at opponents). Very useful against Undead. For second favor, at the same terms.

Supplies from Legion (Anheim's Tale).

I've had a talk with officer Marthoussca Leaffall from Legion.

She suggested i give up on love to help someone, i disagreed preferring to quit Legion instead. After short talk we agreed that we have common enemies, and i got some expensive supplies (Amulet of Natural Armor, few potions, cheap weapon, scrolls, and coin) from her. I owe her favor, but not at cost of Love.

Perhaps i forgot what else she gave me, but i'll organize my equipment soon.

Black Cloak Modifications.

I've modified black cloak at Violetta's Vanity shop. It's lighter and more suited for scouting now. (It has HUNG Mantra engarved on clasp, for fearlessness, less anger, and patience).

It's expensive. I sold Goblin Grog i won, and spent almost all gold i had (i won't touch what's in the bank, it's for enchanting costs).

Cloak like new. photo newcloak_zpsfdf9a5bb.gif

Chea's black cloak after modifications.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Scouting Rawlinswood.

I've left most things at Inn (some are in Cerulean Headquarters too) and went little deeper into Rawlinswood than usual, scouting. Found much more numerous and much better trained goblins. If i didn't use 'Invisibility' spell properly, i would be dead.

I managed to find some stray forces and kill few. Most notable was Goblin Assassin (i found nicely balanced shortsword which i will sell), but also Goblin Archer, Goblin Caster and Goblin Elite, as narfell veterans sometimes label them.

Goblin Assassins hide, waiting for scouts to appear and are attracted to fighting sounds. If i engage myself first, they will suprise me and kill. It's called 'Bait & Shadow' tactics. But i can use Shelgarn's Dagger to lure them out then kill. I hope it will be enough and work, for sometimes they are smarter than expected. These shortswords are not worth the risk for me, but if i wished for more coins i'd take my panther familiar, Nade, to lizardmen caverns near Oscura. Or better yet, help Peltarch against recent Orc troubles.

Deeper Rawlinswood seems easy, but can be deadly.

Scouting Rawlinswood. photo DeeperintoRawlinswood_zpscb0999d2.gif

Chea's stalking countered by Goblin Assassin, but she did survive this time.

Monday, 19 August 2013

In Witch's Footsteps.

She 'inspired' me again, this witch, Frances. I had to buy gambeson like she did after her disgrace and practice bowshooting.

Perhaps that's why i didn't fail ranger training?

Something fascinating she is indeed, at least for some.

Her death resulted in massacre i heard, as Oscura replied with force. I do not think it was coincidence.

I'll need to enchant gambeson later, to reduce spell failure chance to zero, and perhaps add more qualities. It will have to be easy to wear, and lighter preferably, to not hinder gestures, and to not disrupt concentration or energy flow.

Shooting Practice. photo ShootingPractice_zps485affa5.gif

Bowshooting Practice.

Goblin Necromancers.

In Old Norwick ruins, undead haunt. It's also place where goblins send gravediggers to steal bodies for their necromantic experiments. I keep stalking on them and killing.

Their standard issue includes Goblin Grog, and some cheap weapons and armor. They usually have small escort, that i distract with Shelgarn's Persistent Blade (thankfully 'Silent Spell' started to work recently so with Invisibility i can summon it without drawing attention).

I keep walking there invisible and as quiet as i can, at random hours, to suprise them tired. I've heard about Vampires in graveyard nearby, so i have to be especially careful at night.

I am not prepared to battle so many kinds of undead in the Crypts, so i won't go there to satisfy your curiosity, dear Journal.

Unless i have to, and preferably not alone.


P.S. I've noticed that if i am pushed to the limit, it's exhilirating experience. At moments like these, I am closer to 'Vajracitta', or perhaps i think so only.

P.S.S. If i keep going there regularly i'll need to leave message in Norwick, so they can recover my body if i am defeated. I do not wish to be turned into some kind of ghoul or other miserable undead form, because of cruelty and hatred of enemies.

Killed Goblin Necromancer. photo killedgoblingravedigger_zps1f9f132e.gif

Phantasmal Killer spell can kill Goblin Gravedigger.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Quiet Preparations.

Quiet Preparations. photo quietpreparations_zps9709882a.gif

Quiet Preparations.

I've got this basic ranger training. Now i need to learn it better, how to use it to the fullest. I won't neglect advanced magickal training though.

I sat quietly under tree for long time, wrapped in black cloak.

Cultist Threat.

With famous Mrs. Elena Arguyle-Nightsbrooke and Ashena Teroldys, we went to city sewers to avert cultist threat. Sir Allestor Hollins was also with us.

We found cultists with their 'Secret goo experiments' they cultivated. And a dead body, that was delivered to Temple of Selune for proper burial practices (i spoke mantra for better reincarnation for him).

We found and splitted many fairly expensive potions among those participating in this sewer spelunking mission. They were thankfully properly packaged and inspected for contamination. They are good to be used.

Greater Eagle's splendor potion increases charisma, makes spells harder to resist. Greater Owl's wisdom increases wisdom and perception.. it's good for ranger. Other potions also have uses. I can sell them all, but not for so cheap as Hemrod offers in his shop.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Ranger Training completed.

Dear Journal, today i've got it officially completed, my Ranger training.

It consisted mostly of moving and casting silently while invisible. But also of weapons, light armor use, and little of horseback riding.

I already feel more fit for travels.

I've reported this to proper Cerulean Knights officer. Ready for orders.

Chea trying her new Shortbow. With flaming arrows it'll be deadly. photo Cheabowshooting_zps689cde32.gif

Chea trying her new shortbow.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Light cantrip practice.

Chea casting light cantrip. photo Cheacastinglight_zps98da46cf.gif

Chea casting 'light' cantrip.

I've practiced with light cantrip spell. It's more than imagination, it's also directing energies outwards.

I can cast it without gestures too.. It's just little harder and costs more energy to succeed. It's metamagic feat called 'Still Spell' by some. I should learn how to cast silently too ('Silent Spell' metamagic feat).

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Imagination Drinks.

 photo Chea_drinking_zpsd4a4c075.png


I've stocked up on 'Imagination'. In case someone needs them, including me. It's strong sipirtits drink, by the way.

It can be bought at 'Lucky Ferret' in Peltarch. For 8 gold pieces each, at this moment.

My coinpurse is getting light, and i still have to pay for enchanting ritual components and laboratory use.

Imagination Drink. photo imagination_drink_zps9cd618e1.png

Imagination Drink.

Imagination Practice.

I keep practicing my imagination.

This time i sat in half lotus position and imagined candlelight.

With candle anchor it's easier to imagine light.
(I've imagined candle then candleflame with focus on light).

Monday, 12 August 2013

Dwarven Diplomacy.

 photo DwarvenDiplomacy_zpsaadb5a95.png

Drinking with Dwarf.

Dwarven diplomacy is simple, just give them something good to drink and do not get too drunk when they give back their fine ale or spirits.

In my case 'Imagination' drink, then 'White Lotus Extract' to clear the mind after, did the trick. I hope so at least. It was costly, but good experience.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Sinister Rain.

Raining Mermaid. photo RainingMermaid_zps0a1a3d70.png

It's raining outside 'The Dancing Mermaid' inn.

I had terrible reminiscence. Attentus's past. He did kill her, his first love, to save her from fate worse than death. But maybe she still suffers?

Even sky has wept.

Perhaps someday i'll mention something more, dear Journal.

Inside Inn. Checking Journal if it's dry. photo CheckingJournalifitsDry_zpsec47a156.png

Inside inn. Checking Journal if it's dry.

Nightlit Commons.

Nightlit Commons. photo nightlit_commons_zps1d65928e.png

After casting 'light' cantrip on sundial.

I've set alight the commons, with simple cantrip. It's much more pleasant this way.

I love this simple spell but some people do not warn before it's cast. I do try to let them cover their eyes, if they do not wish to be enlightened this way.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Ars Magica.

(this can be chanted, with proper rythm).

I've practiced Ars Magica, or Art of Magic for long, now Liira and Mystra conspired, to get my message heard.

I was not prepared for, but it did come forth.

I was warning words reciting, without prior preparations.

It got me nervous somehow, for people were in danger.

I got taste of witchcraft, and this is not simple matter.

For words can hurt and kill, if someone has such a skill.

Art of Magic and Occult, has killed many before.

Then i understood who was, speaking via my mouth.

It is ancient Attentus lineage Teacher, whose name i cannot disclose.

He invited the beast and hell, and cast around me a spell.

So i had to warn the people, of the incoming troubles.

If they are good and pray, they will survive, be well.

For hell is state of mind, that sometimes externalizes.

Changing the world outside, as they descent with their sins.

But if they are good and pray, that's how they will escape hell and live.

I have warned people, for this was only a trouble.

I expect awakening later, and this is only a start.

I've got more clues and signs, but we'll see how this will unfold.

For i won't mention two spells, that started to go through my self.

Ancient magicks returns, and i will protect the weak.

They should be safe for now, even if some disagree.

For neglection is also a sin, but not so directly i say.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Backpack Size.

My backpack is too heavy, i can't carry many spoils.

I had to reduce immensely and use few things in many creative ways but this is costly.

Last time i've used magic scrolls as toilet paper. The cheaper the better.

Boat Ride.

Dear Journal,

Thoughts clashed in my mind as i tried to relax after fight, when river boat glided over water.

After some time we've arrived to Peltarch, the Jewel of Icelace.

Can illusion start wind for sail? Perhaps yes. If i mesmerize butterfly to cause butterfly effect perhaps it can... thankfully Mystra did not give me access to such abuses...

Mesmer is enchanting illusion, that for example can put people in trance.

I wish to learn Nuomenal Mesmerization somehow. Liberating Mesmer to be more precise. To help.

At this rate i'll help people to face their delusions. To part with them.

-- Yours, Chea Allin.

Boat Ride. photo boat_zpsec4a1abc.jpg

Boat Ride.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Illusions and Allusions.

Illusion Magick is about covering hidden moves with larger ones.

They can be gestures, words or combinations of such.

Allusions can hint something or distract from something that mage or his friend is doing, so observer has no idea how it's done.

Sometimes few words have so many hidden meanings that you can only smile and relax without understanding how they work, how much work of how many people is involved.

You can be suprised what you can see on the stage, and how it can help someone understand cause and effect, to help them.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Adventure for spoils.

Some adventurers gathered. We went into hobgoblin territory. We fought goblins, undead, and umber hulk.

Summoning Shelgarn's blade. photo shelgarnsdaggersummoning_zps27748c0c.jpg Shelgarn's dagger summoned. photo shelgarnsdaggersummoned_zpsd0ee5807.jpg

Summoning Shelgarn's Persistent Blade.

Fighting umber hulk. photo fightingumberhulk_zpsa56210e2.jpg

Fighting Umber Hulk.

It went well so we decided to enter bugbear cave there. I meditated in half lotus position, preparing mind for spellcasting.

Preparing for bugbear cave exploration. photo caveentrance_zpsef8f3878.jpg

Preparations at bugbear cave entrance.

We fought many strong bugbears supported by their mages and warlocks and their kin.

Fighting bugbear mystic. photo fightingbugbearmystic_zps7b59f687.png

Fighting Bugbear Mystic.

On way back we were ambushed by large force but we survived somehow. No one died, so we won.

Within walls we've divided spoils of victory.

Dividing spoils. photo spoils_zps190eff4c.png

Dividing spoils of victory.

Longevity Potion.

A while ago i've learned how to make something called Longevity Potion, from my inner arcane teacher, Attentus. In many cases, it's not even potion despite name.

He inspired me. I've found the clue, then developed the details i won't disclose here.

I hope it will work better than his own, faulty. He still lived more than average human, but not without dramatic end (and tragic to some). His body crumbled to dust aging quickly in few days. He had mind and experience of old man, but body of young person till his death. He was wise and stupid at the same time. Giving so much for so little isn't very wise in my mind.

I've made modifications that will allow me to have children too.

Illusions and Delusions.

I should add this, dear journal.

Illusion leave shadow (shadow is inner dragon, dragon is symbol of fear, defeating dragon means conquering fear), in form of delusions that haunt.

It takes time to purify them, but one can learn much from them too.

Dear reader, do not abuse illusion, for it has consequences.

Aunt Witch.

I've met Jonni Aelthasson (son of Aelthas Benthur and Lycka Zomasdottir) in Peltarch.

I've noticed he grew enough to wear armor and wield weapon.

He has still to find his way.

After short and slightly humorous talk, i've told him to seek aunt Chea if he needs arcane aid. Then i've shown him my way, of illusory visualization.

With raised left hand (inner part upwards) i've visualized white lotus flower above it, spinning clockwise and sending energy outwards. For purifying energies.

I've revealed to him that it was prestidigitation cantrip (in which i am quite skilled, depending on challenge).

It's simple cantrip to practice: just imagine it, then project it by imagining how other can perceive it via Mind connection. For example that they imagine it on their own. Arcane Gestures (or Mudras) and/or Arcane Words help, as long as they make sense internally. The more sense, the better.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Wrong Summon (Cirden's Tale).

I've accompanied Eilonna Moonshadow on her crafting trip. It would be perfect if not for mistake i made.

I didn't pray to Fenmarel Mestarine this way for long so i forgot consequences of wrong summoning prayer choice. In midst of wood (thankfully in a river), fire elemental arrived. Lot of smoke little fire until it left river. Then i've unsummoned him.

Shame. Next time i'll use barkskin for protection during melee.

Wrong Summon. photo WrongSummon_zps96154ded.jpg

Wrong Summon.

Gnarl's Machismo.

I've met Gnarl in Peltarch, he was wounded, headed for the Temple of The Triad for healing.

He said: 'Manticores', and after a while of somewhat nice talk sent me away. Some kind of Machismo.

I'll stay away from him for now and see how it goes.

Gnarl Wounded. photo GnarlWounded_zpsacb02bd1.png

Gnarl Wounded.

Loving Eyes.

Dear journal, i've (magically) inscribed Loving Eyes Mantra here for anyone who wishes to read.

OM MANI PEME HUNG photo Om_Mani_Peme_Hung_by_dcbpoop_zps6c7d9dcb.jpg

Loving Eyes Matra. It's read: OM MANI PEME HUNG .

Lone Hunting.

I've ventured into Rawlinswood past Norwick for spoils.

It wasn't so hard but still dangerous knowing magicks of this land.

I was invisible and Shelgarn's dagger did the work with my occasional intervention. Goblins, Undead, and Hobgoblins were no match for me, until i've met opposing force with large Scythe wielding 'Reaper'.

I preferred to retreat despite urge to kill. Such thoughts accumulate and result in desperate reactions, but this time i left anyway speaking HUNG Mantra for Fearlessness instead. 'All sounds are Mantras and thoughts Wisdom.' (But not all Wisdom is Enlightening, i had to mention.)

At least i've got Goblin Gravedigger who dabbled with necromancy.

Then i've seen hawk and killed it with single ice dagger spell, took meat and skin, then went within wall limit to cook it. Druids despise those who waste such, and i do not wish for Cirden being upset at me. I've cooked bird meat on rocks (on tree leaves), for people put strange things in pot, i won't mention details.

Cooking within Norwick Outer Wall. photo Cooking_zps099477d0.png

Cooking within Norwick Walls.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Playing with wounds.

I've met old acquaintance, Rasuil, in Peltarch Commons. He was sitting under his favourite tree, and dressing arm wound.

'Been busy?' i asked.

'Aye, suppose ye could say that.'

'It can be seen.'

Conversation lasted a while, he didn't wish to mention what happened, just that during sleep he managed to worsen state of his wound. According to exhausted Ras, sleep has been exercise in itself.

Then two women arrived and started to care, fearing Talona's (godess of Disease) involvement. Some names of people who can help were said, including that of famous healer, Lady Elena Arguyle-Nightsbrooke, Cleric of Ilmater.

It was nice and beneficial until Willow, who claimed to be healer trying to do best, started to experiment too much with mixing healing drugs. Sedatives and something to stay awake. I mentioned that misuse of such can cause harm, observed her cast beneficial spells (contrary to medicines she proposed), then left after short arguing.

Ranger Training.

Ranger Training with Cerulean Knights and Far Scouts units of Peltarch goes steady (just few more months to complete or less, if i live).

I am thinking again about Flame Weapon spell to make Flaming Arrows. It'll help to save spells against weaker enemies. It must be this Witch, Frances Darkhaven, whose journal i've found a while back. Disgraced Oscuran Noble Witch with Bow, Fire and Steel. She was like this.

Adventuring Outfit.

Chea's Adventuring Outfit. photo AdventuringOutfit_zps12edcba5.png

Adventure's beginning.

I've restored my old (grey) adventuring outfit to working condition. It was tried with sir Gian Arness i've met in Temple of Selune.

We've fought giants, killed three or four then retreated. He has proven his worth so we could.

(later i'll fix some things like removing gold threads from it).

 photo CheasOutfitFixed_zps0e18fc86.png

Chea's Adventuring Outfit Fixed.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Wolf Found (Cirden's Tale).

Wolf found. photo cirden_wolffound_zps6cb38ccc.png

Grael Found.

After few hours of searching Grael found me, while i was resting outside swamp area. He seemed to be well recovered.

Fighting Lizards (Cirden's Tale).

Cirden fighting Lizards. photo cirden_fight_1_zpsed86f756.jpg

Glorious beginning.

Cirden fighting Lizards. photo cirden_fight_2_zps616cdaea.jpg

Greal running away after bad wound, covering his escape.

We (my wolf companion Greal, and I) were fighting Lizards this morning (and other swamp critters). It was stormy, so we went with nature's aid. I called lightning twice and drew scimitar with shield, they replied with their own magicks and steel. Killed some then retreated.

I'll need to find him (Greal) soon.