Sunday, 30 June 2013


I've met Aelthas.

His version is that he just did his duty, beat offenders breaking law and removed them from City of Peltarch, albeit temporarily.

I'll keep talking with her if she wishes. We'll see where it will lead. I know Aelthas has (many) moments when he controls his Anger. He has great sense of humour often.

Oscuran Library.

Oscuran Library. photo OscuranLibrary_zpscecb2cf6.jpg

Oscuran Library

I found 'love' in open space of Peltarch Commons.

Elidur Ginen, famous elven bard was flirting with me, then i noticed colors us three wore. Mystic Fire, Wind and Earth. Fire and Wind liberates, Earth protects. I've foretold that we'll liberate and protect someone.

He was partial for freedom fighting, as always.

We went to Oscuran Library, holy place for me. I warned guards, they browsed books. I told this bard few things about me and we returned while he joked in best style.

Then back in Peltarch Commons i told him:


She Observes
With her Eye
How you play
with Your Mind.

I told him that 'Nitescence' is rare word for 'glow'. He told me his own poem about stick, it had form but i was slightly disgusted and left.

Her Elven Tribute.

I've paid her Elven Tribute, 108 gold coins (they are small and light to carry) after i've met Eilonna Moonshadow, for my sins.

Then she directed me to someone that needs help, after suicide attempt.

I did find her at the dwarven inn in the Dwarven Hold, 'Tuck Me Inn'.

We talked long it was good. Aelthas, my boss at temple of Selune needs his ass kicked for his anger (without anger), for he is such great werewolf sometimes that he harms people.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Second Arcane Duel.

I paid karmic debt, sending energy to those who earned it.

Then someone wanted more and started power fight.

I invoked form of energy nodes around him and sent wish to encase his astral image in diamond form to contain his lust for energy and power.

Fight is over and not.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013


 photo chea_zazen_zps2c6703ef.jpg


I meditated next to altar of Moonmaiden, known also as Selune in zazen position (i work in this Temple as scribe, to help. for long time).

Then rain has fallen.


Dear journal, this island was great.. I've found new friends. But i've decided to travel more and finish some things in Peltarch first.

Yours, Chea.

Wolf skinning (Anheim's Tale).

 photo wolfskinning_zpsd0355435.jpg

Skinning dead wolf alpha.

I've hunted goblins and met stray wolf pack with one of them (goblin). They were slow, probably tired or hurt, or perhaps hungry.

Their fur was unusable and too little meat to eat. It was inedible too. Goblins mistreat every being they are in contact with.

I've did it. Tried to use all resources to don't allow his death go to waste. I will do better someday.

But not, next time i'll collect scraps of ill fur and treat and sew them somehow to make new cloak.

Citizen Papers (Anheim's Tale).

I am thinking about moving to Norwick, at least for some time.

Need to gather coins.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Wait (Anheim's Tale).

 photo wait_zps9b5b8b29.jpg


I waited for long time, this time on walls, nothing happened.

At moments like this i think i am wasting my life needlessly.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Norwick Town Defense (Anheim's Tale).

 photo Norwick_Attack_zpsac7a05db.png

Norwick Town Defense.

Bugbears attacked, group of us fought them off easily. I was probably least experienced there so i had to practice running and bowshooting.

After short while attack stopped, some people exchanged coarse jokes about dead monsters. I cursed at the corpse, they attacked again.

Then i went pale, somehow.. and mentioned with gravely pale face:

'Nothing cleans as much as short visit in Realm of Death'

'Were you bit by undead?'

'No, you can call it aura from this battlefield... or something strange'

Then mages attacked with archers.. had to back off from line of sight, then returned. It's so humilitating. But she was not there so i preferred to live to keep fighting for her.

With sun's dawn attack was done, i didn't wait for praises or rewards, just went away.


 photo flirt_zps74276322.png


Later i met Trish again. She wore nice cloak, i complimented. Then goblin snuck on her and me.

She killed it, and i watched.

'Seems he is alone' i said.


'but it's often delusion.'

'this is thrid time one comes alone'

'I spoke mantras during fight'

'Oh? what was it?'

'for wisdom, fearlessness, and compassion.. without exclusive pride.'

i noticed goblin and killed it with arrow.

'hmm.. good one.' she said.


last one appeared then, i almost hit her with arrow while shooting at it.

'sneeky bugger'

'careful. i have poor aim.'

'it happens.'

Then i left, flirt was over. For the best.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Armor Treatment (Cirden's Tale)

I keep treating my wooden armor with blood, oils, herbs, dust and iron shards to keep it hard and inflammable.

It's important to maitain equipment, as my father told me some time ago.

While Druidic Oath forbids to use metal weapons and armor (except for some), this treatment is within limits, he mentioned. At least to some extent.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Message from Attentus.

I heard message from Attentus, my former Master.

'I am not part of Spellweaver anymore, neither are you, Chea'.

Goals (Cirden's Tale)

1. Find Chalice of Yuirwood.
2. Protect Snake Spirit of Oscura.
3. Complete Bard Training, and not only basics (Yarting, Poetry, Dance, Song, Mime, Acting, Stage Magics).
4. Small Tribute to Godess of Wealth, Waukeen.
5. Learn 'Charm Person', 'Mage Armour', 'Identify', 'Cat's Grace' and 'Eagle's Splendor' Bard's Spells.
6. Get item enchanted thanks to which 2nd circle bard spells can be cast.

(in this order of priority).

Vanity Plates (Cirden's Tale).

i bought new helm, then dyed it to look better.

 photo cirden_vanity_zps66c3efb4.jpg

Vanity Plates shop in Peltarch.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Cirden Ev'riana (Character's description).

 photo CIRDEN_zps561d060f.png

Cirden Ev'riana.
(image i found on web)

 photo CirdenInOscura_zpscf32dc7f.jpg

Cirden in Oscura.

Name: Cirden Ev'riana
Gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Race: Wild Elf
Eyes: Black
Hair: Light Grey
Height: 175 cm (5'8")
Weight: 65 kg (135 lbs)
Class: Druid(6) / Ranger(1)

Deity: follows Lone Wolf, Elven god, Fenmarel Mestarine.

Home Town: Oscura.


At first glance quiet, withdrawn elf who does not tolerate any offense to his person, yet still polite and respectful to those who deserve.

Ability Scores

Strength: 16 (strong type of muscles)
Dexterity: 10 (average)
Constitution: 14 (fit for combat and travel)
Intelligence: 10 (average)
Wisdom: 16 (wise)
Charisma: 10 (average)

Saving Throws:

Fortitude: +9
Reflex: +2
Will: +8


Animal Empathy 10
Concentration 11
Discipline 3
Heal 3
Hide 2
Listen 5
Lore 8
Spellcraft 10
Spot 9


Animal Companion
Armor proficiencies (Light, Medium, Heavy)
Dual Wield
Extend Spell
Favored Enemy: (Drow) Elves
Hardiness vs Enchantment
Immunity to Sleep
Keen Sense
Low-light Vision
Nature Sense
Resist Nature Lure
Shield Proficiency
Skill Affinity (Listen, Search, Spot)
Trackless step
Weapon proficiency (Druidic, Elven, Martial, Simple)
Wild Shape (2xday)
Woodland Stride

Known Languages:



Coinpurse: about 750 gold coins.


Cirden's Bluewood Armour.

A large wooden shield.

A Stag Helmet.


Balanced Scimitar.

Oaken Staff.

... and more ...

See also, if You wish: Wolf - shadow.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Silence Mantra (Anheim's Tale).

I met someone and we hunted goblins.

But i'll protect her by not Mentioning her in this journal, dear journal.


(another day) Someone asked if i have second mouth that keeps it quiet. I do not, nor want to have such. It started with talk about thrid eye.

Friday, 7 June 2013


Colors have meaning.

Black is Protection (full power, in all forms, including emotional security), Red is fire (in all forms, also fire of love), but also Warning, Blue is full of power, Green is calm, eco and military, White is pure, Yellow is wealth (both inner and material, in all forms), Silver is like Moon, Brown is like earth.

Pilgrimage (Anheim's Tale).

I met someone with symbols of Tempus, Lord of Battle.

After short talk (i mentioned that some call me witcher) we decided to go on pilgrimage to local temple of his god, that for this moment i also follow.

We were escorted by crying god's servant, who also gave us healing potions. They all were used in following battle. I told him about Shroud of Ilmater, that can cure any illness... for he mentioned that his abbey in scardale suffers from afflictions.

We passed Legion Tower, military organization of that fights for Freedom. I mentioned that i am legion recruit.

At temple we offered weapons, wine and food. I prayed to Tempus and red knight under His guidance.

He called me 'Black Cloak', just like i was called in temple when i served there as grave guard. He didn't answer if it was just a guess.

Then we decided and went to fight goblins for the glory of Tempus, Lord of Battle.

On our way we met gnolls, too strong for us to kill, so we ran past (to return later).

During our way to Rawlinswood, we had to stop.. for he had visions. After guarding him for a while i decided to leave him and continue. I killed alpha wolf. Then he appeared and forced me to aid him in Tempus's name. We fought goblins and wolves, discussing tactics, speaking Mantras and prayers as neccessary (speech is more than words, and prayer is speech with God), until i sensed an ambush. We retreated (fought our way to safety). Crows and ravens will feast on them.


(next day) I met Mars, follower of Tempus from last day again.

We exchanged greetings, then we shot at archery targets for warmup, he seemed really good with weapons.

Then mentioned that we should kill goblins.. and corpse beetles in Tempus's name (but not neccessarily at once).

We went where corpse beetles and wolves feast. I used Armor signs on us in Tempus name. First failed, two next succeed. I was bitten by snake (hopefully not lethal poison), he fell in battle but was tough enough when i outran them and shot with bow. He managed to rise and aid me to kill last. It was disorienting, we went in wrong direction, risking our sorry asses...

Then we returned... On way back he asked me if he can heal me, but i sensed we had to leave quick, so said 'later' to him. On way back there was one more beetle to kill, then we saw Norwick town gate.

I did not need his healing, in Tempus name. I prefer inn.


(another day) I met Mars, follower of Tempus again. Is it destiny?

He was sitting in zazen, or perhaps kneeling, at random shrine, praying, perhaps transforming energies.

I went to kill few goblins and wolves, he followed then suddenly had to go.

I fought for a while then returned. Is he okay?


(another day) Another adventurers i've met.

This time it was wizard, woman who spoke a little too quick.

After short talk group of four of us went to patrol Nars Pass, infested by Gnolls, large dog men with axes.

One of us was experienced warrior, perhaps knight... but all of us managed to add something and aid. He would not live without us, or it seemed so. At some point i had to run away to return later, with dancing knife on, after gnoll was stuck in a shrub.

 photo samschasm_zpsf41c3e85.jpg

Marching Line.


1. Scale Mail, sold for 10 gold pieces (too bad that rest at inn costs 2 gold pieces).
2. 3x Potions of Mage Armor.
3. Ghostly Visage potion.

No wounds.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Personal War? (Anheim's Tale).

Dear journal,

I am fighting war here, for her.

I need more weapons, it's Agile Method.

Zen moment (Anheim's Tale).

A dream occured, lucid dream.

"Fire & Metal, Light & Shadow".

It is a pattern.

 photo zazen_night_zps6b300ef7.jpg

Zen Moment.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Willow (Anheim's Tale).

Willow, it's the name of this woodish woman. I did not trust her at all at first. Then i overheard conversation, something that told me to give her a chance:

"I like to always have spells prepared to help others from becoming helpless - Freedom, Remove Paralysis, Remove Fear and such. Always some healing too, of course."

I had to say:

"I admit i do not trust strangers. But perhaps this time i was mistaken"

"Some strangers are trustworthy. Some aren't" said Shesarai, a woman i met just before.

"A stranger is really just a person you haven't gotten to know yet, anyway." Willow added.

"My name is Anheim" I spoke with hesistation.

"I'm Willow!"

She mentioned something about favorite spells she has for fun, irregardless of situation.

"So what brings you here, Anheim?"

"To help. I fight those who use anger and terror. With weapons fists and signs."

"'key. I'm a priestess, myself! Well, sort of. I like to think of myself more as an explorer and helping hand of those that travel. I'm not much for fighting except you've got to learn how to survive if you want to see far-away places."

"... and i am not in shape."

"Practice makes perfect, as they say! Although this place sure is dangerous, as soon as you step outside the towns."

"I know something about this. When i dreamed outside town gate it was little harsh... but i won't cry so much next time." I glanced towards said gate.

"But ther's lots to see and experience too, on the bright side."

"Yes, i agree."

Then Trish appeared.

"Miss Trish, i misjudged this woman perhaps"

She went along showing only a greeting nod. Perhaps she did not want to disturb our little talk.

"Can't really judge someone until you know them, i'd say. But i've definitely met people I don't really feel like getting to know, because of how they act."

"Yes, i can be rude. But i do not want and hope to drink tea with you someday."

"Oh, i don't find you very rude at all, compared to some others i've met" She smiled cheerily.

"I hope so. Perhaps i am just cautious".

"Cautious is fine. Some might even say that's the smart approach, but i never had it in me. I'm too curious to be cautious!"

Rest of talk was nice but trivial, if somewhat repetitive.. i went away after a while. Overall good evening.

More monsters to kill (Anheim's tale).

I am hunting corpse beetles in outskirts of rawlins. They pose better challenge but come in smaller groups.

Just have to avoid poisonous snakes and wolf packs.

At this rate i am going to die soon. Without team i stand no chance. No support only expectations. Just mentioning.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Howling Woods (Anheim's tale).

I woke up early today, strange is it not?

Checked material possessions for boat ticket, and found, few boat rides to Norwick.

"very well... i'll get back in shape someday... If i live."

Boat ride was not too long, i passed quickly farm boy who spat and cursed as i went.

"To gate, to howling woods..." i thought... then this woman in colors of wood appeared, i wasn't able to be suprised or show it.

Norwick gate, outskirts of Rawlins, few goblin kills then deeper.. into Howling Woods, name well deserved. I heard them when they ran toward me, wolves. Used magic tricks to protect myself and kill alpha with aid of dancing knife sign.

So bad shape... i didn't clear whole area before i had to retreat. From wounds.

I returned. Will sleep outside gate for in Norwick they do not love me. Thankfully i have ability for lucid dreaming, i'll start fire and do rest.

... goodnight dear journal.

Lucid Dream.

Anheim (Character's description).


Name: Anheim.
Gender: Male.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral.
Race: Human.
Classes: Monk (10).

Deity: follows God of War and Fighters (Tempus) for this moment, sympathizes with Godess of Arcane Power (Mystra), Godess of Tactics and Strategy (Red Knight), and crying god (Ilmater), Elven deity of Protection and War (he knows only these aspects of Corellon Larethian), He started following Eldath (godess of Peace) recently, so his war is to stop wars and Tyrants who would wage such on larger scale (mostly followers of Bane and Garagos).

Home Town: Peltarch (sympathizes with Norwick and Oscura).


Quiet and aware person, his mannerism shows fair amount of discipline and focus. Not unattractive, confident.

Initial Concept:

- protector,
- dextrous unarmed fighter,
- a sentry: lookout / light escort, for scouts,
- martial artist,
- a strategist,
- lucid dreamer & astral fighter if possible.
- yogin without vows prohibiting love & sex.

classes: monk.

Background Story:

Anheim's past is unknown to him past age of 8.

He remembers being raised in a Monastery where he learned basics of meditation, lucid dreaming, arcane magics, unarmed & armed combat.

He served there as a grave Guard.

He was called 'Black Cloak', perhaps for Inspiration.

Later he met Chea Allin and they are more than friends, she gave him few arcane lessons to practice.

In Narfell he was enlisted as a Legion Recruit.

He fought for a while with random weapons & common style, then meditated, cast all that hinders away & started training anew.


* Common.
* Elven (started to learn).
* (... perhaps more ...)


Many Crossbow Bolts, including one almost empty quiver of Bolts of Lightning.
Spare Arrows for other Adventurers,



(this cloak is useful during desert trips or in certain hot caves, allowing wearer to not die to overheating too easily).

(this cloak is useful during iceland trips or in certain cold caves, allowing wearer to not die to freezing too easily).

Exquisite Snow Globe - Aurillite Aid.

Potions & Natural Medicines:

- 110 x Cure Light Wounds [Caster Level: 2],
- 8 x Cure Moderate Wounds [Caster Level: 3],
- 2 x Cure Serious Wounds [Caster Level: 5],
- 4 x Sin Berries (1) (grant Cure Light Wounds at 5th caster level, one use only, can be used on others),
- 1 x Bull's Strength [Caster Level: 3],
- 3 x Invisibility [Caster Level: 3],
- 2 x Bark Skin [Caster Level: 3],
- 1 x Lesser Restoration [Caster Level: 3],
- 2 x Ghost Visage [Caster Level: 3],
- 2 x Resist Elements [Caster Level: 3],
- 1 x Potion of Leadership [Aura of Glory, Caster Level: 7],
- 5 x Remove Fear [Caster Level: 2],
- 3 x Potion of Lore [Identify, Caster Level: 3],
- 1 x Ultravision [Caster Level: 3].

Potions & Other.

Other Equipment:

1 x Gnomish Spring Water.
1 x Dwarven Brew - Coffin Nail.
1 x Tinderbox.
1 x Candle, Tallow.
1 x Wooden Bowl.
1 x Wooden Cup.
1 x Chop Sticks.
1 x Gnomish Silverware.
1 x Torch.
1 x Veteran Outfit (modified & dyed black).
1 x Plain Clothes (modified & dyed black/blue).
1 x Plain Clothes (undyed).
1 x Rags (for hygiene).
1 x Climbing Rope.
1 x Birds Feather (for writing).
1 x Ring of Glowing.
1 x Rough Spell Crystal (can store up to 1st level 'defensive' spell).
3 x Oil Flask.
1 x Garlic.
1 x Heal Kit.
3 x Medicine Bag.
1 x Symbol of Bane.
... some food (nuts & apple)
... some Coal.


- about 200 gold pieces in his coinpurse (gp).
- 10010 gp in Peltarch's Bank.