Sunday, 24 September 2017

Silver Pentacle's Enchantment.

Dear Journal,

i've enchanted again.

i've used Cerulean HQ's room that acted as a laboratory.

This time it was silver pentacle, that protects against Magick.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, a Witch & a Seeker of Enlightened Energies.

Character name: Chea Allin.
Character receiving item: Chea Allin.
50-50 XP Hit: N/A.
Caster Level: 8.
Enchanting Facility: Cerulean HQ or Mystra's Shrine in the Temple Lighthouse of Peltarch.
Spells Used: Resistance.
Materials Used: Masterworked Silver Pentacle, Moonstone, A little diamond powder.

Item Level: 8.
Next Enchantment: ?

Item name: Silver Pentacle.
Item properties: Spell Resistance 16.
Costs: 2900 gp, 9000 1e xp.


The Pentacle is the most famous symbol of Witchcraft.

It is a picture of a pentagram - five-armed star in a circle, each of the arms correspond to one of elements or spirit (top arm).

It's said it holds Protecting Powers, that are imparted upon wearer.

After reserving time in laboratory & paying the fee, Chea prepares for a ritual of empowerment.

She visualizes (visualization in this context is a form of imagination) a dragon form, a symbol of protection & magick - when tamed.

She purifies her Masterworked Silver Pentacle by draining unneccessary energies from it, crushes the moonstone, mixes powders with oil - then spends energy.

She meditates, deeply visualizing her spirit teacher, a dragon, as she intends to impart it's properties to her pentacle pendant & it's wearer(s), speaking mantras (spells) that imbue item with dharmic (arcane) blessings.

She smears the gem-powder & oil into pentacle pendant, spreading the mixture evenly.

Mantra she uses is the Resistance Mantra.

Spell she uses is 'Resistance' for imparting protection into the pentacle pendant.

Form she meditates on is called a Dragon-Protector. He appears before her and send energy rays around that build up into powerfield (mandala).

Chea oversees energies as they flow, speaking mantras as neccessary and correcting errors as they arise. After a proper amount of time, when all energy points are opened and joined with energy channels, she uses forms that give appropriate properties on each of them, then closes enchantment, finishing.

She offers them to her teacher in her mind and is allowed to use them.

Pentacle pendant is ready.

She cleans laboratory, showers, dresses, wears her newly-enchanted pentacle pendant to take her familiar for a walk outside the town.

She will check the item in real combat.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Dwarven Plate & Worgs (Amyliomendur's Tale).


i bought a dwarven plate armour from an adventuring dwarf, for 1000 gold pieces.

Plate armours of lesser quality are usually sold for 2500-3000 gold pieces, so this was quite a deal.

i estimate it's value to be of about 4000 gold pieces.

Costs of corrections (size & other) at Violetta's were neglient, mostly because of it's modular construction.

Dwarves are one of best Armoursmiths across the lands, but elves are in many ways finer.

Then we we went westwards on a combat adventure.

One place seemed to be a witness some recent deaths, was full of blood.

Whatever it was, we found only Orcs, Worgs & Wolves.

Armour was battle-tested, turned out a fine protection in practice as well.

i keep.

-- Amyliomendur Nain, a Longsword Weaponmaster in Training.


Orcs & Wolves.

Dwarven Full Plate Armour.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Elves & Dwarves (Isendir's Tale).


Elves & Dwarves are formiddable teams, but too rarely they do agree.

This time i did travel with a dwarf, for a while with two dwarves.

One of dwarves was hired by a Witch of the Lake, Maria, to clear the surroundings of her tower from enemies.

She did bewitch him with 'good magic', i warned him that they often both bless & curse at the same time.

We fought Undead, Demonic Terrors, Goblins, Hobgoblins & an Umber Hulk.

We burned Demonic Terrors' bodies as well.

Found some scrolls & potions, picked up a Rose as well.

-- Isendir Nain, an Adventurer.



a Hobgoblin.


a Rose.