Thursday, 27 July 2017

Hidden Meanings & Secrets.

Dear Journal,

Thoughts about Enlightened Energies, Hidden Secrets, Magick, Mysteries & Hidden Meanings occured to me.

Many of Enlightening lessons are lost, but there are 'treasure seekers' who search for objects of art, for textbooks with lessons, for other clues about such mysteries.

i am such 'Seeker' as well and know that hidden treasures can be found anywhere - these can be discovered in a textbook found in a deep cave, in a beautiful poem or a paint, in a misty pond surrounded by candles. Once someone uncovers deeper meaning of something this can open eyes & mind, can lead to revelations, to deeper understanding of Wisdom, to being closer to Enlightenment a little.

Enlightenment is a mind state, it's reached by cultivating Wisdom & Compassion, there are other ways that help as well.

i am a Witch & a Seeker as well, i wrote a poem about ones such as i:

'Quiet & light, this young witch is;
In hidden meanings - she finds revelation'.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, a Witch & a Seeker of Enlightened Energies.

Ancient Statue,
Is it a clue?

What secrets it holds?
Can it open eyes?

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  1. (EN) Chea's poem is drawn from DeviantART:
    > [ ].

    All credits to a Buddhist Woman i Love.

    Follow that link, if You wish for a polish version, as well.