Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Cold Circle (Anheim's Tale).


Today many adventurers answered call of druids for help, i was one of them.

Planes converge, demons pour from outer realms - druids' lives are used to fuel the dark magicks.

We were invited to the Coldstone Druid Circle's Sanctuary, in the Coldstone Mountains, where we discussed things.

They follow Auril, yet we formed a temporary alliance against demons - with Rawlinswoods Circle, with Coldsone Circle & with Shadowglen's Circle.

There's Demon-Lich of Terror called Rhigor, whom we must stop, way to do this is finding it's phylactery, destroying it then killing the Lich's undead body.

We called Celestial being named Eponymus, who answered our question about phylactery's location - he told us that 'Rhigor's soul resides in a fortress we know well. A fortress where angel fell and archon died'. We guessed it's the 'Tian Sumere' citadel.

Meanwhile Coldstone Circle is being attacked - just like Rawlins Circle was, wards are being weakened, central power source drained. They expect attacking forces coming as well.

We formed basic plans - we'll search for the phylactery, we'll defend Druidic Circle Sanctuaries - both of Coldstones & of the Shadowglen, we'll kill the Demon-Lich.

Shadowglen Circle, consisting of bugbears & other furies-following creatures needs our help against necromancers that dwell in deep rawlins, in an abadonned Elven Camp.

Once they receive our support against necromancers, they will add their forces to support the Coldstone Circle's forces.

Using powerful nature magick, we were sent to Peltarch by druids of the Coldstones.

-- Anheim.






Center of Circle's Power.

Hargakku, Bugbear Druid.

Eponymus, Celestial.


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