Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Evil Influence.

Dear Journal,

i've met a dwarf in Peltarch Commons, a dwarf who wore scary skull on his head, and death-coil robes over his body.

He claimed to be incarnation of 'Old Lord Skull', of dead god Myrkul.

Selune does fight against undeath, but i decided to 'pull his tongue' and question him before acting. Perhaps he was just insane.

i know reincarnation happens that way that indestructible mind reincarnates in one body, and inspires other beings to become similar ... by tales, objects of art, texts ... so there's one main incarnation, and more of confused beings in whom old being reincarnated as well - to a certain degree.

The Skull-Dwarf agreed with this theory, and mentioned something about others like him, about 'Church of the Reaper' rising soon.

His goal is to regain his divinity, to 'recover his lost divine essence'.

i asked him how he aims to do this? he replies that there are two ways. One is that the rival incarnations have to either worship him, or that he will devour their souls.

He seemed in need of mortals to speak, to praise him so his power grows.

i'll report this to the Cerulean Offices ... we might be interrested in this dwarf & his misdeeds.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, a Cerulean Star 2nd.


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