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Chakras - Energy Centers.

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There are energy centers within a human body, clusters in head - in brain, in throat, and down the spine as well.

Each of these energy centers are called 'Chakra', which can be literally translated as 'Wheel'. This symbolism tells us a great deal. The wheel is circular in shape and turns upon it's axis. Each chakra is also described as lotus, 'Padma'. The lotus, much like a lily, is an extremely beautiful flower with many petals. The chakra is similar to both the wheel and the lotus as it revolves around the centre and unfolds its individual vortices.

The human being produces a complex and specialised energy field, a living network of subtle energies. The chakras are significant centres within this living network. The channels which make up this network are often likened to rivers. Like rivers, these lines of energy may be blocked by obstruction, drained empty, full and nourishing. Where many rivers meet, a confluence is formed. It is a powerful pooling of energies, a whirling vortex of force. This is a chakra: the confluence where life energies meet. It is the wheel of life.

During meditation, often with proper breathing, mantras & visualization, these energy centers - as well as energy channels - open like a flower & are purified - life-energy can flow smoothly, one becomes well-balanced & harmonized; One can feel this energy circulating one's own body, can tap on it for martial arts, martial combat, healing, acupuncture, massage or spellcasting - and probably for other ways as well.

I am not so strictly a medicinewoman, i don't know much about human anatomy - so i do not know finer details of energy centers & it's flow - i have only a basic knowledge; Perhaps will deepen it as my life continues.

There are seven major chakras.

1. Muladhara Chakra - located at the base of the spine. It's name comes from words 'mula', meaning root and 'adhara' meaning base or support. Here we have first clue to the function of this centre. It provides our sense of rootedness and grounding in the world. As a tree cannot stand strong without deep roots, so we cannot grow without a strong connection to the outside world through the first chakra. Muladhara chakra is attributed to the colour red and element of earth.

2. Svadisthana Chakra - it is located at the coccyx in the lower abdomen adjacent to the base chakra. The sacral chakra is clearly connected with the sexual and reproductive life. When open this chakra permits deep interrelationship and connection. When this centre is closed, feelings and sexuality remain disconnected. Svadisthana chakra is attributed to the colour orange and element of water.

3. Manipura Chakra - it's located in solar plexus, and likened to personal sun; It is a personal furnace & a storehouse of life energies; It represents the sense of self and place in the world. Manipura Chakra is attributed to the colour yellow and elemental fire.

4. Anahata Chakra - located in middle of the body, where heart is - it's also called 'heart chakra'; attributed to Compassion and Unconditional Love, colour of green, and to element of air.

5. Vishuddi Chakra - located where's throat, it's also called 'throat chakra'. Clearly, the throat chakra is connected to the functions of speech and the ability to communicate. Empty words should not be mistaken for communication. The first four chakras move through the elements of earth, water, fire and air. This fifth element - 'Akasa' - symbolises the mystery that is life itself, spirituality & space. This chakra is attributed to the colour of blue, to the colour of the sky.

6. Ajna Chakra - the 'thrid eye chakra', located on the forehead; it's the 'eye of mind'; Ajna implies both 'to know' and 'to command'. It's both perceiving & thinking that this chakra is responsible for. It's assigned none of elements, and a colour of indigo. Mantra for opening & purifying this chakra is: 'OM'.

7. Sahasrara Chakra - the chakra at the top of the head is called the crown. Crown chakra is important for spirituality, for enlightenment. the crown chakra is attributed the colour violet and none of elements.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, a Witch & a Seeker of Enlightened Energies.

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  1. (EN) information about chakras is mostly quoted from a book 'Chakras, a beginner's guide' by Naomi Ozaniec.