Monday, 21 August 2017

Value of Coins (Isendir's Tale).

We elves are usually moved by Arts, Beauty & Gentleness, by Higher Ideals.

Yet i've spent too much in shadows, in adventuring & wars, however.

As a mercenary i've learned that death has a price, signed by contract with employer.

As a rogue i learned that gold has power, it can be used to influence, to buy luxuries, to buy tools, to increase chances of survival.

As an adventurer i learned that with gold, one can even return from death.

Adventuring needs cost - weapons, armour, trinkets - and especially rogue's tools.

Potions, Scrolls, Bribes, Trap kits - these are our tools of trade - often very expensive.

Ah, Poisons & Magical Arrows as well - and much more.

If contract is lucrative enough, it's worth to invest.

Some call me greedy, i think i am ... even if a shy introvert.

i won't deny it - gold is very important to me, both as a mercenary and rogue i've learned this well.

i've learned to count coin in my purse well, both incomes & expenses.

Yet, i am elf still - and more easily trust other elves than other races.

i follow Corellon Larethian, this brings me hope.

i occasionally find kindness in other races, yet they are change & pass away so quickly - can't get too attached.

i still try to keep track of whom to help, whom to repay.

is there honour among riff-raff?

it's mostly sentiments & flowers.

-- Isendir, an adventurer, archer, scout & a shady-world-mercenary of Corellon Larethian.

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