Saturday, 12 August 2017

Goblin Hold. (Isendir's Tale).


Search for my treacherous brother Lomy proceeds, so far no success.

He's quite elusive, i've found traces of him in Peltarch's Bardic College & in the other places - but then he left before i could catch with him.

Charting local territory might prove useful in this & other pursuit.

i've met another newly-arrived elf in Peltarch Commons - by name of B'eldur - who also wanted to explore.

We've scouted Lizardmen Caves past the kobold swamps, then went south.

In Norwick another adventurer joined our efforts - a human warrior named Raymundo, or Ray for short.

We went south then east into goblin-controlled territory where we met tougher opposition of their goblin casters, goblin archers, goblin grenadiers & quite though goblin elite melee warriors - aside from lesser goblins.

Then we proceeded into a cave, we guessed it is 'Goblin Hold' that local rumours spoke about.

There we met goblin assassins, goblin archers, goblin casters, goblin grenadiers & a lot of lesser goblins ... but also beetles, spiders & angry enslaved umber hulk.

Trapped lootbags proved empty, and i've failed opening one of these - was poisoned in the result.

Herb-treatment proved partially succesful at stopping poison's effects, i barely could continue.

We ventured deeper and found a treasure room ridden with many lesser goblins, we dispatched them to hells they deserve.

B'eldur found thieves' tools that i've used to open the chest and found some impressive treasures & potions.

We've attempted to fight back our way out through goblin coal mine, meeting their warriors & slaves who mined there.

Barely awake, i carried treasures and fought. After about 15 minutes of travelling in this condition we fell into an ambush, i was stunned with a spell, unable to move - as goblin archers shot me to death.

Others of our party were busy drinking potions to save themselves, were too wounded themselves to come for help.

My confused consciousness awakened in the fugue plane, where time flew strangely quickly. Then something reached for my mind & soul, enticing to go back.

i've followed the lead of light & found myself in the Chauntea's Temple, where priestess Ylallin administered healing.

i was in Pain & Confused, yet felt some strange strength coming from the experience of visiting spiritual plane of death.

i've insisted on distributing loot, so i could retire to an inn after that.

We rolled bone dice, i was second.

Chose plate greaves, boots for combat. Need some dye-ing & cover-work, so Peltarch officials won't hunt me for wearing these.

After a short visit at inn, i've taken boat north to Peltarch where i've sold useless part of loot.

Found that 'raise dead' spell's costs (1000 gold pieces in total for a single cast that brought me back on a border between life & death, the following treatment to stabilize & heal me was included in that cost as well) were split among B'eldur & myself, and what i sold covered my part.

Beside gold turning equal, i've found myself in possession of valuable boots for combat, trap kits to set-up, thieves' tools for shady activities, some scrolls and a lot of stronger potions. Other adventurers of our party also found a lot, i've observed them as they took.

i've had a practice in handling traps & locks, in archery, dodging & melee. i've visited plane of death, fugue, i grew stronger with overall experience.

i grew more valuable as an adventurer, learned to be careful & avoid even weaker of spells - especially during ambushes.

i need rest, then will continue searching for my brother, Lomy.

-- Isendir, an Elven Adventurer-Mercenary of Corellon, in search for his brother-trickster.

Deeper into a goblin territory.

Tougher Goblins.

Inside the 'Goblin Hold',

Weakest of Goblin Forts.

Enslaved Hulk.

Goblin Trasure Room.

Greaves for Combat.

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