Monday, 7 August 2017

Developing Energy Body.

Dear Journal,

There are many practices that allow one to develop inner energy body into a harmonious whole.

During such a practice energy centers as well as energy channels activate, connect & open, then body's inner structure evolves.

Different practices lead to different results, however, and one should be cautious when joining ways.

i know of four ways of working with inner energies:
- Enlightening Meditation, including Meditation on the Teacher,
- Qi Gong - energetic practice of the Martial Arts,
- Female Serpent Yoga - highly esoteric eastern spiritual way, getting closer to gods,
- Arcane Initiations - something my Master Attentus practiced, the High Magick Way, which goal is spiritual growth & union with gods.

There are probably many more of the spiritual practices that work with energies, but i try to keep the number modest.

i know that the more ways one practices, the more complex whole process gets - it's easy to make mess in one's nervous, breathing & energetic systems - something undesired, dangerous. The less ways one pursues, the safer & faster whole process is.

In my case, i am joining arcane ways with enlightened energies, so my inner structure is enlightening - but i have 'arcane slip', some more of the unusual channels opened - that allow me to progress in the arcane ways further.

i focus on Enlightening Meditation, with a little of Female Serpent Yoga & Arcane Initiations - and i know that Anheim has Meditations & Qi Gong practices.

i also heard an important lesson that these ways should not be mixed - when i do meditate, i only meditate; when i practice Female Serpent Yoga, i only practice Female Serpent Yoga; etc ...; what works well internally within a certain system, does not have to work well when mixed with another way.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, a Witch & a Seeker of Enlightened Energies.


  1. (EN) 'arcane slip' = (PL) 'uskok magii tajemnej'.
    (EN) 'hermetic slip' = (PL) 'uskok hermetyczny'.


  2. (EN) 'Female Serpent Yoga' can also be named 'She-Serpent Yoga'.

  3. (EN) 'Female Serpent Yoga' is inspired by 'Kundalini Yoga' of Real Life.