Thursday, 17 August 2017

Arcane Teachings.

Dear Journal,

In his previous life, my Master Attentus was interrested in the Enlightened Energies as i am.

For long time he had a very few of the clues, he had only basic and scarce amounts of that wisdom, he was a simple man with many 'untied' pearls of wisdom.

i was lucky to make a mind-contact with him at young age, yet he develops still after reincarnation, even if the world he's reborn in is different.

i still have a mind-contact with him, i still learn in a secret, inner way - mostly from him, but not only.

He's far wiser than me now, as he started earlier - even considering that his wisdom in previous life didn't mature very far.

Wisdom accumulation can accelerate very fast when one cares.

... but more about what is a lesson, and how these can be conveyed.

Dear Journal,

Lessons can be acquired from books, from observation, from practice, from thinking, or from an experienced teacher.

i had insight that lesson is a mind-contact between student & teacher, where student, teacher & act of conveying lesson are parts of the same whole, a moment of contact, of union.

Karma, the Law of Cause & Effect determines when lessons can occur and from whom, and in what form.

My master - therefore i as well - are now in a part of a powerful mind-stream, transmission flows from Enlightened Being well versed in the Arcane, flowing from being to being, finally reaching my Master, then me.

It's also called inspiration - transmission of methods from teacher to student - i also inspire other beings in a lesser, more subconscious way i think.

We are all a part of the Noble Lineage of Transmission, where our Nobility is of purely spiritual nature.

i am proud of being a part of that Lineage & School.

i am very grateful for these lessons, i regret seek my independence at first in an immature way, by considering myself no longer his student.

Now i think that true maturity involves gratitude for teaching, adressing former master with that title of 'Master', with a title of respect even after growing independent.

Attentus was wiser in that respect in his former life, he kept introducing himself as: 'Attentus, apprentice of Versutus', and calling Versutus Master without a single lapse in his life.

When i started calling him 'former master', he let me ... so i could grow more mature and reach current stage as is now.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, apprentice of Attentus.

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