Sunday, 20 August 2017

Magick, High & Low.

Dear Journal,

There's Magick, High & Low.

High Magick is the Spiritual Pursuit, it's goal is getting closer to Gods, acquiring their Genius & at least a part of their Power.

High Magick is the long-time goal, one should care about basic needs first, i think.

Low Magick is more practical, focuses on aspects such as Protection, Love, Wealth, or other basic needs.

High & Low Magick has something in common, as certain practices of High have uses in Low.

i've looked into High Magick practices recently and found out what are basic, beginning steps into it.

High Magick training includes:
- Divine Meditations, Divine Mantras, Visualizations, God-form Assumptions,
- Relaxation, Concentration, Self-Exploration, Regression & Breathing Exercises,
- Purification of the Soul,
- Initiation Ceremonies,
- Theory & Practice about the Elements, mostly balancing of Inner Elements,
- Theory of Planets, Moons & Zodiac, Zodiacal Hierarchies,
- Magickal Signs,
- Tree of Life, Related Divine Names & Soul,
- Dark Tree of Life,
- Ancient Languages,
- Spiritual Rites,
- Gods' Adorations & other Prayers,
- Body Awareness Exercises,
- Mind Awareness Exercises,
- Speech Awareness Exercises,
- Extra Sensory Perception Exercises & Psychic Development,
- Celestial Forms Assumptions,
- Astrology, the Aspects & Natal Chart Drawing,
- Interpreting Horoscope,
- Alchemy,
- Elementals,
- Magickal Amulets, Tools & Symbols,
- Planes of Existence,
- Precious Stones & Minerals,
- Divination & Skrying,
- Geomancy,
- Ritual Images & Diagrams,
- Spiritual Entities,
- Perfumes & Incenses,
- Plants & Herbs, Plant & Nature Spirits,
- Mysteries,
- Oracles,
- Gematria,
- The TAROT,
- Divine Holy Texts,
- Eastern Teachings,
- Spiritual Symbols,
- Auras,
- Development of Will,
- probably much more.

High Magick is the long-time goal, one should care about basic needs first, but i've started my way on it as well.

i won't proceed with High Magick too fast however, as it's dangerous to my sanity - among other threats.

One has to build a solid foundations for more advanced practices as one proceeds.

This involves memorizing a lot of text, as well as lengthy rituals, meditations & other practices.

i won't reach for more advanced lessons before i am ready, Dear Journal.

i won't even read too advanced theories without preparing first, as it affects one's psyche & activates one in Astral, attracting unwanted forces.

-- Yours, Chea Allin, apprentice of Attentus.

((Chea's High Magick is based on the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn's High Magick)).

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