Monday, 21 August 2017

Mind Forms (Isendir's Tale).

My recent failure at resisting stun spells, followed by being shot to death by archers was still vivid in my mind.

Then i've shared this concern with a meditating monk in Peltarch, he offered to teach me 'Mind Forms' that will strengthen my Will.

We meditated together for a while, it was a pleasant experience.

He told me to practice regularly, to speak during meditation affirmations such as:
- 'i won't falter',
- 'my mind is a tower of iron will',
- 'this spell won't have power over me',
- 'elven reverie denies enchantment's hold',
- ...

He taught me to build an anchor to this practice, to visualize myself absorbing these lights of affirmations ... so i can call on these in combat by visualizing myself surrounded by protective light barrier, by speaking in mind one of these affirmations as spells head to me.

His name is Anheim, i owe him a debt of gratitude.

He seemed to be a nice man, i've told him that i'll practice regularly until i master it enough - and that i'll help him when he needs.

i hope we'll talk in future again, he brought me calmness & wisdom.

-- Isendir, an adventurer & a mercenary in training.

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  1. (EN) i won't lobby for a Psionic PRC for Isendir - it's how i am roleplaying him taking Iron Will feat at next level. ;)

    Isendir's will save is weak, it would be too bold to say that he has will of iron. it's just slightly ironed, strenghtened by mind forms & meditations, as well as by elven reverie which is close to meditation as well. Elves fall into reverie instead of sleeping.

    NWN doesn't have psionic class, this would require haks, and narfell has no-haks policy to make game more open to newcomers mostly. Narfell needs constant influx of new players, so there are any in game to interact with, and extra downloads would hinder & discourage too many.

    Beside, character concept for Isendir is strictly fighter-mercenary-rogue, psionic doesn't fit at all.