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Frances Darkhaven (Character Description).

Frances Darkhaven.

Name: Frances, of Darkhavens (noble Oscuran family).
Age: 23 (she returned from fugue as young looking as she was at moment of death).
Gender: Female.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral.
Race: Human.
Class: Sorcerer (9) / Fighter (2).

Familiar: Panther (a large black cat).

Deity: She forgot in fugue, perhaps Kossuth (god of Fire and Flames). Now she also learns about Siamorphe, god of Nobility (Siamorphe is female demigodess, but Frances follows her male aspect, whose name she has to learn yet). She's also interrested in Mystra (Godess of Magic), Tempus (Warriors' God) & Red Knight (Lady of Strategy & Tactics).

Home Town: Oscura since birth, she occasionally resides elsewhere, mostly in Peltarch.

Description: Red haired, black dressed young woman. Noble traits clearly visible in her demeanor, but her outfit is 'barely looking' as she would say ... with an exception of a shiny ring she wears proudly on a middle finger of her left hand. She has Siamorphe's and Kossuth mons embroided on her barely fine robe. Her allies call her sometimes 'Noble Flame'. She has one certain 'noble' trait in her that is well known in the area, a peculiar smirk of a mage... sharp and somewhat disillusioned, as if performed by someone wiser now and tired with his arcane conquests.

Strength: 14 (strong), +1 with her gauntlets, higher with a spell,
Dexterity: 16 (very agile), +1 with her ring, +1 with her archery gloves, higher with a spell,
Constitution: 12 (fragile but persistent),
Intelligence: 13 (smart),
Wisdom: 11 (experienced), +2 with her amulet,
Charisma: 14 (noble), +1 with her ring, higher with a spell.

Saving Throws:

Fortitude: 7,
Reflex: 6, higher with a spell,
Will: 6 (up to +3 with items),

Up to +6 vs fear with items,
+1 vs fire with her cape.

Saving throws vs Spells have Spellcraft bonus.

Damage Resistance:

DR 5/- vs fire with her cape.

Other statistics:

* +8/+3 (unarmed or dagger),
* +9/+4 (longsword or a hobgoblin scimitar),
* +12/+7 (with her the well made darkwood longbow),
* +1 or +2 for ranged with a Cat's Grace spell,
* +1 or +2 for melee with a Bull Strength spell,
* -5 with the Expertise feat on,
* unarmed combat provokes attacks of opportunity from enemies,
* ranged combat in a melee range provokes attacks of opportunity from enemies.
* her gauntlets of ogre power might increase melee attack by +1, with a spell.

* 1d3+2 unarmed,
* 1d4+3 with a dagger,
* 1d8+2 with longsword,
* 1d6+4 with a hobgoblin scimitar and high critical hits as well,
* 1d8+2 with longbow,
* +1 or +2 with a Bull Strength spell for melee damage,
* +1 or +2 ranged damage with Bull Strength spell & with her darkwood longbow,
* +1 ranged damage with her Static Arrows,
* +1d4+4 with Flame Weapon on a blade, other melee weapon, monk gloves or ammo,
* damage is dealt for each of succesful hits, possibly few times in a round.
* her gauntlets of ogre power might increase melee damage by +1, with a spell.

Armor Class:
* 10 base,
* +4 for her Dexterity,
* +2 with her boots,
* +1 with her leathers,
* +2 with her shield,
* +4 with Mage Armour spell,
* +1 or +2 with Cat's Grace spell,
* +4 with Haste spell,
* +5 with the Expertise feat on (cannot be used with ranged weapons),
* +3 with a Barkskin potion (or +2 if there's Mage Armour on as well).

Languages Known:

Damaran (language of Narfell natives).
Learning Elven.

Spells Known:


Detect Magic,
Read Magic,
Ray of Frost [DC 12; +1, +2 or +3 with Eagle's Splendour spell].

1st level:

Magic Missle.
Mage Armor.
Endure Elements,
Protection from Alignment.

2nd level:

Cat's Grace.
Flame Weapon.
Eagle's Splendor.
Bull Strength.

3rd level:

Dispel Magic.
Fireball [DC 15; +1, +2 or +3 with Eagle's Splendour spell].

4th level:

Shadow Conjuration.
Bestow Curse; SRD: link; [DC 16; +1, +2 or +3 with Eagle's Splendour spell].

Weapons & Armour:

Masterwork Darkwood Longbow,

The Very Rare commodity,
Worth a fortune of 20 000 gold pieces from Norwick's Crafter's Union.

a well-made Longsword.

Worth a small fortune.

a Scabbard.

'Cruel Cut of the Warchief', a Hobgoblin-made Scimitar.

Worth a small fortune.

a Thin-bladed dagger.

a trophy.

an Ironwood Large Shield.

Probably worth a few of thousands of gold pieces,

... perhaps even more.

Light Leathers of Fearlessness.

Probably worth a few or several of thousands of gold pieces.


Cape of the Blaze.

Probably worth a small fortune.

Wizard's Belt.

Frances' Archery Gloves.

Gauntlets of Ogre's Power.

Gloves of Concentration.

Gloves of Discipline.

'Mind' Amulet.

... worth a fortune probably,

... but can't be traded anyway.

Amulet of Metaspell Influence.

Fey Perfume.

Ring of Dragonslaying,

Worth a small fortune,

... perhaps even more.

Ring of Nimble Shadows,

Worth few of thousands of gold pieces,

... perhaps even more.

Lesser Ring of Scholars.

Heavy Plated Greaves.

a Clothing,

'Barely looking' for a Noble.

a Wand of Fiery Walls (32 charges).

not sure of worth,

... probably a few of thousands of gold pieces.

'Victor' Ring.

Enchanter's Ring.

Flame's Essences,

Magical Crystals.

a Brooch of Shielding.

a Box with:

spare clothing,
climbing rope,
2 x rags for hygiene,
gold ring,
riverboat ticket,
bird's feather,
a mirror.

a Box with:

silverware (eating utensils),
wooden cup,
wooden bowl,
3x belladonna,
essence of raven.

Other Equipment & Tools:

a Box of coal for trade,
Tanning tools,
Drinks (perhaps she has them still),
Oil Flask x3,
Iron Skinning Knife,
Censer of Commanding Water Eleementals [10 charges, 1 charge per summon],
Censer of Commaniding Air Elementals [1 summon per day],
Centipede Venom, Mild,
Coinpurse with coins (small and light to carry).

* at bank: 10 gp (at least 10 gp has to remain in bank),
* in purse: about 1000 gp.


78 x Static Arrows [+1dmg electrical],
95 x Arrow +1 [+1 dmg piercing],
99 x Wailing Arrows [+1d6 dmg cold, on hit fear dc 14 50% / 2 rounds],
99 x Lightning Arrows [ +1d6 dmg electrical].


3 x Cure Critical Wounds [Caster Level: 7],
10 x Cure Serious Wounds [Caster Level: 5],
6 x Cure Moderate Wounds [Caster Level: 3],
95 x Cure Light Wounds [Caster Level: 2],

3 x Moon Mother's Milk (Ghostly Visage) [Caster Level: 3],
2 x Potion of Bull's Strength [Caster Level: 3],
1 x Potion of Protection from Elements [Caster Level: 3],
1 x Potion of Resist Elements [Caster Level: 3],
1 x Potion of Ghostly Visage [Caster Level: 3],
4 x Potion of Clarity [Caster Level: 3],
3 x Finest Damaran Invisability Wine [Caster Level: 3],
1 x Potion of Lesser Restoration [Caster Level: 3],
5 x Potion of Antidote [Caster Level: 5],
1 x Potion of Bless [Caster Level: 2],
1 x Pint of Darkness! [Caster Level: 3],
3 x Potion of Barkskin [Caster Level: 3],
1 x Potion of Spell Resistance [Caster Level: 9],
1 x Potion of Remove Curse [Caster Level: 5],
1 x Potion of Lesser Mind Blank [Caster Level: 9],
2 x Liquid Shadow (Shadow Shield) [Caster Level: 13],
2 x Hajbern's Potion of Immolation (Fireball) [Caster Level: 10],
20 x Potion of Sandskin (Barkskin) [Caster Level: 6],
20 x Bronzing Gel (Aura of Glory) [Caster Level: 7],
16 x Isis' Blessing (Protection from Elements) [Caster Level: 3],
Other Consumables:
- 1 x Barkskin Spell Crystal,
- 1 x Sin Berries 3 [Cure Serious Wounds: Caster Level: 10].
- 2 x Sin Berries 1 [Cure Light Wounds: Caster Level: 5]


1 x Entropic Shield [Caster Level: 5],
2 x Sleep [Caster Level: 2],
6 x Summon Creature I [Caster Level: 2],
1 x Hold Person [Caster Level: 3],
3 x Scare [Caster Level: 2],
2 x Endure Elements [Caster Level: 2],
1 x Grease [Caster Level: 2],
2 x Color Spray [Caster Level: 2],
2 x True Strike [Caster Level: 5],
2 x Shelgarn's Persistent Blade [Caster Level: 2],
1 x Charm Person [Caster Level: 2],
1 x Clarity [Caster Level: 3].
1 x Knock [Caster Level: 3],
2 x Ironguts [Caster Level: 2],
2 x Magic Weapon [Caster Level: 2],
1 x Clairaudience / Clairvoyance [Caster Level: 5],
1 x Eagle's Splendor [Caster Level: 3],
1 x Animate Dead [Caster Level: 5],
1 x Stone Bones [Caster Level: 3]
1 x Expeditious Retreat [Caster Level: 5],
1 x Balagarn's Iron Horn [Caster Level: 7],
1 x Owl's Wisdom [Caster Level: 3],
1 x Blindness / Deafness [Caster Level: 3],
1 x Invisibility Sphere [Caster Level: 5],
1 x Light [Caster Level: 1],
1 x Combust [Caster Level: 3],
1 x Burning Hands [Caster Level: 2],
1 x Shield [Caster Level: 5],
1 x Remove Fear [Caster Level: 2],
1 x Magic Circle against Alignment [Caster Level: 5].


1 x Ancient Coin,
1 x Ancient Statue,
3 x Glowing Mushrooms (Lumicyllum Cap),
1 x Kobold Arcanist's Amulet (Spellcraft +2),
1 x Glittering Necklace (with a 'Light' spell),
1 x Fey Perfume (Persuade +1; Elf, Half-Elf or Human),
1 x Amulet of Will +2 (+2 Will Save),
1 x Amulet of Natural Armor (+1 AC; Human Only),
1 x Amulet of Natural Armor (+1 AC; Any Race),
1 x Periapt of Wisdom +1 (+1 Wisdom),
1 x Elven Choker (+1 Universal Saving Throw; Elf Only),
1 x Gloves of Concentration (Concentration +3),
1 x Gloves of Discipline (Discipline +3),
1 x Belt of Herbs (Heal +3).

... certain cantrips were replaced by other cantrips, pen-and-paper ones.

Summoned Shadow,

... with Cat's Grace & Mage Armor cast.

... Haste spell is useful in a tight situations.

a Nine 'Crystals of Time'.

Empty Spell Crystals:

19 Rough, 9 Standard & 5 Perfect.


Planned Build:

12th: Sorcerer 10,
13th: Either Rogue 1 or Monk 1,
14th: Either Rogue 2 or Monk 2,
15th: Either Rogue 3 or Monk 3 or Sorcerer 11.