Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Piggu Wolveschant (Character's Description).

(page under construction).

Resting under Tree.

Character Concept:

it's inspired on a very old narfell character 'Piggu the Skald', with some additions.

Large Half-Orc Barbarian, Druid & Bard playing on drum & horn, wearing hard-wolf skin cloak with wolf-maw hood over his chainmail.

Has a fearsome wolf companion.

Fighting with Axe & Shield, or with a Spear.

Not a drinker, but a herb smoker.

Follows Mielikki, she allows him to use Ranger Weapons & Metal Medium Armour without breaking his Druidic Oaths.

Build Notes:

Planning to go up to Druid 6, for a Dire Wolf companion, per character concept.

Then going for Bard levels to catch up - per character concept.

Power-wise, he needs a lot of caster levels so his spells last and have more power.

He's not strictly the warrior character, even if he can fight decently - as any male half-orc of the northern barbarian tribes should be able to.

Stat-wise he'll probably invest everything into strength - this is in-character development.

If i gave him less charisma & more strength at beginning, then caught up with charisma, he would eventually have more of ability points, but this is not good roleplaying, it's not art.

Good roleplaying involves creating an internally-consistent character fitting concept within possible limits, then playing his or her advancement from character's perspective.

P.S. i noticed it's a quite strong build :
- High AC (Chainmail + Shield + Mage Armour + Tumble + Barkskin + Dex),
- High Strength (at level 6 up to 24 with Bulls Strength and Barbarian Rage),
- High AB (Strength + class + sometimes druid wilderness bonus + weapon focus + masterwork weapon in future),
- High Damage (Especially when he buys a Greataxe),
- High saving throws, especially Will - Higher with Druid Spells,
- Animal Companion for extra attack and damage absorption,
- Knockdown Feat,
- Healing Spells,
- Quick running (+10% Barbarian bonus),
- Haste Potions work well both for combat, spellcasting and running,
- Many other tricks - he's quite versatile character, especially when he becomes a blacksmith (weapons, armours, art).



Dwarven Hold Light Battleax'.

Main weapon.

Dwarven Hold Large Shield.

Off-hand, for defense.


A sidearm.


For combat or animal skinning.

Sling, for taunting mostly.

Bullets, for sling.



Fur Tunic.

For a bad weather.

Fur Cloak.

Worn over chainmail or clothing.

Fur Gloves.

For warmth.

Fur Boots.

For walking.

Hand Drum.

For Art.

Elven Longhorn.

For Art.


Equipped items.

Potions & other.

Weapons & Armour.

Miscellanneous items.

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